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    Yeah, because a woman couldn't possibly think for herself. FFS
  2. We can't have that, can we. You're the King of Make Believe here. Banker needs to take his place with the rest of us serfs.
  3. No, it wasn't meant to be mean "hospitalisations per x number of infected". Only meant to show increase from one time period to another. I couldn't quickly find the article where I'd read the 53% to give details and decided to leave it until today. Apologies if you thought I ignored you yesterday. According to yesterday's data for England, there's been a 73% increase in covid patients since Xmas day. (Shuan Lintern is the health editor at the Sunday Times.)
  4. I knew you'd have a get-out clause at the ready. You're so predictable. Wβš“
  5. Zarley


    I for one think she would have been elected in her own merits. I have to wonder how much of your vitriol comes from basic unconscious misogyny.
  6. @Ramseyboi, are you still intent on going for an illegal NYD beach walk? The Isle of Man Constabulary would like to know.
  7. If the boi actually read the whole Slate article he linked to, it says to wait a half hour after eating, drinking or brushing your teeth due to the possibility of a false positive. I'd be inclined to wait an hour to be on the safe side.
  8. I doubt he's reported it. Won't want to chance adding to the numbers that he's adamant will be on the decline.
  9. Do you mean for tomorrow only or long term? If long term, it will play merry hell with patient transfers and result in paying out for hotel rooms on top of flight cost.
  10. It probably wouldn't help much on its own but added to other mitigations, such as better ventilation, it's only going to help. The more layers of mitigation you have, the better the outcome. Primary school aged kids haven't been vaccinated so I would hope the DESC would be doing all they can otherwise to protect them. Thanks for the study link btw.
  11. One of the symptoms of omicron is a sore throat so it would seem to make sense to go where the infection is present. You wouldn't swab your nose for an STI in your nether regions.
  12. It will help. Surely you've seen this graphic before?
  13. Which then puts further strain on the health service as these people who "had no idea they had it" will still have to be cared for away from other patients, many of whom will be vulnerable. And besides, recent iomg data shows the recent covid patients in hospital were there because of, not "with", covid.
  14. As of two days ago the London covid hospitalisation rate has gone up 53%. The overall increase in the UK seems to be around 40%. There are always going to be people who need to be hospitalised due to covid. Thanks to the vaccine, many don't become that ill. However when you have a large percentage of the population who are infected, you're going to see an increase in vulnerable people also being infected (many despite their best efforts) and ending up in hospital. You're also going to see an increase in the unvaxxed in hospital due to covid. How some people don't see this is beyond me.
  15. I remember that post, now you mention it. Regarding HCWs not being offered the best possible protection, I agree. However if HCWs were wearing better masks than the ones they're handing out to and insisting the public wear, there'd be an (expensive) outcry. Can't have that, can we.
  16. They've had at least a month* to sort out HEPA filters, which can be easily and inexpensively made. They've got no excuse. *way longer than a month - details on how to make inexpensive HEPA filters have been freely available online for a while now.
  17. Call that Dial-a-Ride thingy of which you're so fond.
  18. Why are you sad, Utah? Is it because as a clinically vulnerable person, I try to mitigate my risk and protect myself? You're sad alright. Feck off.
  19. When I had my booster, I wore a (new) surgical mask covered by a (freshly washed) cloth mask. My cloth mask fits very snugly around my face and particularly over my nose, which is important as it means my glasses don't fog. It also adds an extra layer, making it safer for everyone. I was asked to remove it by the nurse who checked my forms until she realised I already had a surgical mask on, whereupon she said I was good to go and probably better protected than she was. Quilp, you perhaps should have put the surgical mask on over your ffp3. Can't see how they can object to that.
  20. Andrew was hardly mentioned in Maxwell's trial, with references to him being limited to his occasional presence on the Lolita Express. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/dec/29/prince-andrew-ghislaine-maxwell-trial
  21. Me too. Everyone knows Randy Andy is physically incapable of producing sweat.
  22. I think he was being mindful of his ability to lose his temper when dealing with jobsworths. Probably did the right thing. πŸ˜‚
  23. I don't find it hard to believe. My SiL got turned away in his VW van when clearing out before a house move. It only had two front seats, no separation between front and back, no windows in the back other than on the back doors and no taller than a conventional car. Smaller height-wise than a Berlingo. Not used for work other than in respect of getting there, but was deemed to be a work van and turned away. (Got it cheap 2nd hand, primarily to transport his bike and other hobby related items) A family friend with a 4x4 with back seats that fold down came to the rescue and were able to load 50% more into the 4x4 than the van. They weren't turned away.
  24. Peace on Manx Forums and Goodwill to all Members. Merry Christmas y'all! πŸŽ„πŸŽ‰
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