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  1. Which is exactly how I feel this evening.
  2. Are you back on-island yet? If so, how did your interrogation conversation go and how long did you hold up the queue in the unventilated corridor with few people wearing masks?
  3. The pointless exercise I referred to was having everyone queue up in an unventilated corridor, with few people wearing masks, to have our vaccination credentials checked to help "keep our island safe" from covid. From a covid standpoint, the exercise couldn't have been much more unsafe.
  4. I was on a full flight from Liverpool on the tenth of this month. As you say, we were stuck in the unventilated corridor and the last people in the queue easily would have been there for twenty minutes. Nearly everyone had removed their masks as they left the plane and the two people checking the landing cards were also maskless. I was one of about three or four who kept our masks on. Pointless exercise.
  5. That wasn't apparent. If your only intent was to troll PK, then surely a post where he didn't actually comment himself but only (partially) quoted from and linked to a newspaper article wasn't really the place to troll with such emotive language if you weren't even commenting on the article. To lay my cards on the table - I am vaccinated and I would like to see the whole world vaccinated to give everyone the best chance of moving forward. That said, I also believe in personal choice. So does the doctor who wrote the article, as do I. As I asked before, did you read the whole article? "Despite this, I find the idea of NHS and care staff being forced to be vaccinated very difficult." I can tell, from your reaction to my post that there’s a lot more evidence of this ‘division’ that I’m not aware of. It’s a heated topic for sure and I’m sure people are getting worked up but to me it feels as if media of every variety has a piece in stirring people up and I’m not a fan. It’s stuff like this that really pulls people apart instead of uniting them. The more and more apart we are, the more vulnerable we become as a people and that’s not a good place to be in An emotive reference to jackboots - an obvious Nazi reference - isn't something that will stir people up and help divide them? And isn't the act of trolling a fellow poster precisely meant to divide? Doubling down? I’m not sure what that is. Betting? Doubling down is to continue to do something in an even more determined way than before; it originally comes from the game of blackjack. The only influence my friend has in this is that our conversation started me thinking more about what’s going on there and the division of the people that caused it I have no skin in this game. It’s her stuff, not mine. I was just the messenger Fair enough. But didn't you consider how being the messenger regarding your friend's perceptions might be received here? When scant details are given, people will rightly or wrongly fill in the blanks for themselves.
  6. Of course why motorists should expect a 'return' on their taxes is another issue - we don't expect it with other types of taxation. No one is demanding that all alcohol duties and so on should be put into services for the drinking community. Is it really a nonsensical analogy? The government runs the police, the courts, and the health and social services - who are the ones who get to mop up after the drinking community. Apologies for the screwed up formatting.
  7. Is that really your take away from the article? Wow. Did you even read the whole thing (click on the link) or are you just doubling down in your unvaccinated mates defence?
  8. Did you miss this earlier comment?
  9. Let's just hope he doesn't spit the dummy and fire up the shredder if there happens to be a woman involved in the testing for feasibility who knows more than he does .
  10. Easy to say when you don't live here and aren't affect by our need for economic recovery or our lack of energy security. Move back here, then we can talk.
  11. No wonder I haven't seen them. I avoid Facebook like the covid.
  12. Didn't know that as I've only seen the photos in this thread. Where are the earlier photos?
  13. From the article: It will simply be applied as a gold-plated sticking plaster over the gangrenous festering open sore that is the DOI and its toxic arrogant and loose-spending management as well as other similarly dysfunctional departments of government with their equally toxic, corrosive, and destructive influence over everything they touch. I wish Mr Fear and Loathing would just tell us what he really thinks! I wholeheartedly agree with him.
  14. Yep, that was my first thought as well. You couldn't necessarily go by the driver's claim of being alone after being in a traumatic event where a head injury was possible. Better safe than sorry and all that. They'd have to get a diver out to check, possibly two, so they may as well attach the lifting straps while they were down there and get it over with, rather than incurring a second call-out charge.
  15. It seems Dom was a bit of a philanderer.
  16. Very true. Don't think China having a military presence here would be anyone's idea of a good time either. And as for the USA... with Trump's continuing stranglehold over the Republican party, any sort of American military base here would be insanity. Come to think of it, it would be insanity not just because of the Trumpublicans, but also because of the general instability of American society these past five or six years. We've got enough on our plate as it is with our close ties to #LiarJohnson and (what allegedly passes for) his government.
  17. While it has been proven that the vaccine doesn't completely stop infection nor onward infection, it certainly does reduce the chances. It has also been shown to greatly reduce the incidence of serious illness and therefore the need for hospitalization. This is extremely important. If you are unfortunate enough to become seriously ill and end up in Nobles due to covid (and you can't know for sure that you won't), it's not just you who suffers. It's also all the other people who are on waiting lists to be seen/treated for serious medical issues. Not to mention the people who care about you who will be distressed and suffer due to your illness or worse, your demise. Unless of course if such people simply do not exist in your life. I don't understand how anti-covid-vaxx people fail to see admit the connection between allowing covid to run unchecked - when there are mitigations such as vaccines available to alleviate the spread and severity of illness - and ever increasing hospital waiting list times. Anti-covid-vaxxers are, in my opinion, very selfish indeed. You're not on this planet alone and your actions affect other people. However I'm not convinced we can or should legislate against selfishness, but I don't think selfishness shouldn't be called out.
  18. They're not just going into full lockdown for twenty days, they're also making it a legal requirement to get vaccinated from the first of February 2022. If I'm not mistaken they'll be the first country to introduce a legal vaccination requirement for the general population. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-59343650
  19. Did you win an award or were you there for the networking?I Genuine question btw, not a piss-take.
  20. WHAT?!?!? 😂😂😂 Have you read the IOM Covid removing restrictions thread????
  21. As we're talking about the DoI, my money's on Crookall being fed the wrong figures.
  22. They've been having a laugh for at least a decade now, starting with the very first crayonista scribbles on a bit of paper headed "prom refurbishment planning".
  23. Very likely a bit of both. I've had a bad feeling about the creation of Manx Care from the beginning but was willing to give it some time. So far that bad feeling hasn't gone away, if anything it's gotten worse and the duplication of management roles is but one reason for my unease.
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