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  1. Be interested in what Dr Glover has to say about the above?
  2. I find it incredible that HQ said one of the reasons they were not implementing a formal lock down or official closure of some establishments today was because of a lack of laws in place to allow this at short notice. WTAF! Could they not have seen this being needed at some point?
  3. Its not a conspiracy, anyone who has dealt with nobles appointments will know what is going on..............................
  4. Its sickening how some MHKs think they can tell private businessess what to do. I am surprised Dandara would waste their time meeting him, must be doing it for the anecdote..........
  5. As long as we have independent candidates with no party it will stay the same. Individuals cant take on the CS. Its that simple.
  6. First time on your site, impressive. I thought you did brick paving and tarmac 😉
  7. From what HQ said in Tynwald today the only person likely to be held to account will be the guy who had the virus. It stinks but we all know no one will be fired above foot solider level.
  8. If you are talking about gov pensions there is no fund, its unfunded. Current pensions are paid from current payments from current staff and the shortfall is made up by general taxation money. The make up bit from general tax is going to get bigger and bigger every year is what I understand.
  9. Its not going to happen but I think it would be great for the island. Residents who fancy a weekend in the highlands can just put the car on the train. There would be umpteen trains a day to all ports so you could just decide at the last minute and turn up. Same in the other direction, a family in Manchester feels like going on the horse trams so they jump in the car and they are here in an hour. 😉
  10. A few years ago I was involved in the start of a new housing estate. It had brick paving on the estate roads. The "Roads For Adoption" or whatever it is called gov spec for public roads said you had to have, IIRC about 100mm of base tarmac then 50mm sand then the brick paving, no thinner than 80mm. I was told that the tarmac layer was added to the spec because brick roads had been sinking badly when developers were just putting sand over rubbish hadcore. Looked good for a couple of years then sunk. I am surprised the prom does not have tarmac under the bricks.
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