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  1. A couple of 360s? A mini digger could level it in about 2 hours tops
  2. I would quite happily have a total brake failure on an "out of control" HGV that demolished the pile of crap if the commissioners paid for the new bumper on the truck.... It wont take much to knock that pile of rubble down, i would not expect much damage to my wagon................
  3. And there is the islands problem in one post "Cushy number" That crab attitude has held the island back for generations and it is still a thing. That along with the "Boat in the Morning" attitude and the island is destined to sink in a pool of its own infected green eyed puss. FFS Space X are investing here, let them take the first born of every family for the next year as food if it makes them stay and expand, it would be worth it. Or we can do the normal crabby inbred sh1t and make it hard for them to work here, then try and set up a government department in competition.
  4. Its not exactly rocket science to give Nobles genuine parkers a voucher or something to get out of the car park free? Should it even be free? That's another discussion. Presently I am more concerned at the amount of off island bikers that are trying to kill themselves recently, sometimes successfully last week, on the mountain road at the moment. Went over there today and had 2 near misses plus saw a broken bike at the turnoff to Kirk Michael which had just been up the road on its side. Why do we think this is acceptable? Its a fucking road, not a race track. Where are the plod? Where are the law makers? Is unlimited speed acceptable on a single track, in places, narrow road? Is it? Really? I will put this on record here now. If I ever lose a family member due to an idiot biker riding like a twat over the mountain I will find them.
  5. Which would be a bus that stops to pick up people every hundred yards and takes ages. No, proper park and ride is faster than you could drive to your destination if done properly.
  6. The new house needs to look at this Active Travel policy early doors. It is never going to happen, the island is TOO HILLY. Yes there are electric bikes now but that sort of defeats the object. Out of town parking and Park and ride should be looked at again with dedicated bus lanes to encourage the take up. We need to get the pollution out of the town, including the power station. Get a wind farm built off the West coast ASAP.
  7. I typed this into Google.....This is what came up, not sure if its for a normal road but seems okay
  8. I have a couple of issues with this, the first being that I still think the island is too hilly to get your Average Joe's out and about going to work, never mind the weather. The other more specific thing is the proposed width of Pulrose Road, 6.4 metres is narrow, very very narrow for a 2 way road that has lots of HGVs and buses. Measure it out.
  9. They don't, they have 1 pothole gang now to look after the island whole road network....................................................................Ian Thompson made a lot of good changes in the islands CS. It is a shame he is not involved now, he would stop a lot of the waste.
  10. Well that was a lie as we only have 6 ICU beds. They claim that they can make more (ICU BEDS) and maybe they can but they don't have the staff to man them. The islands hospital is, as I have said before on numerous occasions, not fit for purpose. Just hope you never have to use it for anything that is life threating.
  11. Nope, as mentioned above, stainless steel, SS, is actually NOT stainless. It rusts like hell in a sea washed environment without a very strict cleaning regime which those vents will not get. Any decent engineer knows that, so the question is, who the fuc9 specified SS as a material for decorative vents on the promenade which, I don't think its a secret, gets quite a bit of "Weather"
  12. Shocking and if I understood Manx Radio this morning on their news they said the test area at the grandstand has a constant Police presence to deal with abusive clients? I mean WTF?
  13. I thought is was just me that had noticed this. The damage these weeds are causing to the roads and footpaths is shocking. Even the Veranda on the Mountain Rd is cracking at the edges of the tarmac because of what can only be described as small bushes growing out of the gaps between road and kerb.
  14. This is the kind of stupid sh1t that gets done here, the gov funding competition with private enterprise. Its likely to be a drive through with people brought there free of charge from all over the island via the Bus Vannin Taxi minibus service...........................
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