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  1. I am off out to a dinner party, cant be arsed tonight with replying to this. See you all in the morning, have fun, in Peel.....................
  2. And there it is. The Boat in the Morning attitude. Quicker than I thought someone would use it but there you go. This BITM mentality and the Crabby attitude is why the island has slid into the pile of crap it is in now.
  3. P Its not a "Lovely Town" Lots of low life in the pubs on an evening and can you imagine going shopping there as a treat? - I cant, what can you imagine shopping there for a nice day out? ? For what? Crisps? Maybe Crab baps but that hardly makes a town decent. Have you ever been to somewhere like Penzance? North Berwick or Ripon? Peel is like most of the islands towns, its fallen well below the worst shitholes in Northern England. See Blackburn, Oldham, Stoke etc etc because of lack of investment due to crabby attitudes. Yes, I do have a downer on the island, I really find it distasteful to live here anymore and I say that sadly because it was once a place with the chance to modernise and make itself a decent place to live, it failed and I really don't see a way back. It missed that chance by just spending a fortune on building up an unsustainable civil service and has politicians, that because of their independent nature, wont make controversial policy changes for fear of not being re elected. This has been made 10 times worse by the advent of social media too. We survive because of the VAT agreement which seems still to be massively in our favour. We cant raise taxes to pay for stuff and we are now borrowed up to the hilt with the MU (MEA) Half a billion and the recent 400 million "green" loan that was mostly spent on non green stuff before it was called that. I have stated this a while ago but I am only here because I make good money*, as soon as I have got enough I am off along with my family. *Nobles hospital being the tipping point and main decider in that decision late in life. Nobles is not fit for purpose but that's a whole other thread. 🙂
  4. I have just worked out who you are, or more accurately narrowed it down to one of 4 people. Go on then, which one are you? 🙂
  5. Our inner town terraces and ex boarding houses are at end of useful life. Trouble is that they are still valued by some as worth fortunes. The only way to sort this would be for government to buy out whole streets and re develop. This happens in other countries because they can see the social benefit and the betterment of areas which then encourages private money investment which has a snowball effect. It wont happen here because the Manx don't like to see anyone getting money from government that they cant get. The usual Crabby attitude that has held the island back since the beginning of time........................
  6. To be fair I am not sure that is true. If I bought a house in Peel I would not spend any money there, not because I was skint, it would be because its Peel. A shithole with a beach that is a shithole..... 🙂
  7. Since Allinson makes Corbyn look right wing it will be a total disaster to have someone of that persuasion at "Enterprise" This is a department which was set up to help private business but has developed into a gov money funded way for the civil service to steal ideas and put private businesses out of work by playing at being businessmen at our expense. You could not make it up, for example see the new, recently took over IOM Employers federation, it was run and self funded by the construction industry. It was took over on the quiet by government and now seems to do nothing other than run courses that encourage cuddles and talking, not doing, all round. A few of my mates used to be well into the IOM Employers federation, not now, its just another gov department that the first thing it did was setup in more expensive offices nearer the centre of Douglas. It offers courses on stuff that your average builder cant even pronounce, never mind spell. From what I hear only the staff go to these "events" I cant imagine it is self funded anymore as it seems to have a lot of "Officers" including a "CEO".................
  8. What is Ashford's standard of education?
  9. The way I see it is this:- New Ministers should not be tasked with "sorting out" the DOI for example. They should direct new policy, for random example say, the island has a plan to outlaw all vehicles other than fully electric by 20xx That is what a government is supposed to do. Not go to a department as a minister and try to micro manage. None of them are capable of managing a department. The DOI has a turnover of over £100 million. Do any of the new candidates have big business experience? NO. So stop them trying to be big men/ woman and give the departments direction on policy. DOI again as an example, stop the destruction of the Taxi trade by Bus Vannin and their Taxi buses, that would be a good start for a minister.
  10. Rubbish I bought my first house in the 80s and was paying 15% interest. Difference was it was a do-er-upper at £30k. Try finding one like that now............................ ETA The very same house was sold a couple of years ago for £325k
  11. Trouble is there is no proper demand for FTB houses. They are now just too expensive. This is the first worlds big problem. Us baby boomers had it very easy, our children will not and no amount of not buying a phone or going out to party will make it better. Its a word wide Ponzi scheme that ends in the next couple of decades................... BTW - This is not IOM exclusive, its all over the first world.
  12. There is one thing the island does not do and that is widen roads or build new ones to take the extra traffic. Is this a good thing? Or are we stuck with massively more traffic and the same capacity? The roads today must be at least twice as full of cars as they were in the 80's. To continue to pay for a bigger and bigger civil service we need more residents so the roads are only going to get busier, that is the reality. To be honest, the queues at Quarterbridge and the like at rush hour are not really that bad and another 350 houses will not make much difference. You only have to look at a commuter drive near any of the main Northern England towns where it can take 1.5 hours to commute 20 miles to see we have a long way to go till we get saturation. I say build it and lots more like it. If we get to about 125,000 residents a lot more businesses become viable and we can at last move to the 21st century. 🙂
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