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  1. I don't think it will take that long. Treasury are turning down virtually all DOI requests for one off project funds. The road to the south isn't getting fixed for example between Fairy Bridge and Mount Murray anytime before petrol cars are outlawed, 2030ish (Partly because of Stu Peters* but more so because they don't have the actual funds) IOMG is broke, why don't they just tell the truth? *I quote "Lack of political support"
  2. This really beggars belief, as far as I am concerned these "Carbon Offset" schemes are only to be used where the operation or process has no other option and is needed by the planet to survive. For example making medicine or say, scientific experiments that will be for the better good but to try out need to produce carbon. CARBON OFFSET SHOULD NEVER BE USED TO GREEN WASH A "SPORT" DEATH FEST ON AN ISLAND THAT HAS, SHOCKINGLY AND NEVER REALLY FULLY EXPLAINED WHY, BOISPHERE STATUS DESPITE BEING REALLY, REALLY NOT GREEN* *See soon to be introduced car tax rules that ignore emissions, see no grants to install heat pumps, see no testing of vehicle emissions, see no published data on air quality, see no incentives to use public transport (Other than poor roads), see no speed limits, see no plans for sustainable electric generation, which is really quite shocking for an island which is VERY WINDY and has HUGE tidal flows. You get the sad picture. Who in their right mind thought this was a good idea? It is not just insensitive it is a bloody piss take, yet again with our hard earned taxpayers money. We need an alternative government, not just new MHKs but an entire new system, this one is beyond fixing.
  3. Un fucking believable...............
  4. The only way to sort the island out imho would be for at least 10, maybe 15 years of a dictatorship. To pick the right dictator would be the key but at least dictators get things done and don't have time wasting meetings all week. I am actually semi serious in the above, someone like a Thatcher, not necessarily right wing but someone who can see the islands problems and do whatever needed to drain the swamp even if it did their own reputation harm.
  5. You are not suggesting that your own "cs" are not telling their political masters the whole truth are you ? 🙂 Wonder where they got that idea fom?
  6. Cannabis, in the way he and his department, must have been smoking it when they came up with this 500,000 visitor fantasy? Yeah man..... just imagine it would be wicked man, lots and lots of people here all smoking and being cool and hugging each other man, its a paradise man, totally dude, yeah man I love you etc etc etc.
  7. Bloody hell, not only are the Manx interbred, their politicians, even those who are not born here are incestuous too............... The plot swamp thickens.............
  8. We can only wish for that much democracy.............................
  9. UK politicians have a Party behind them, the staffing costs are more for admin and replying to minor stuff like a constituent moaning about dog shit on a pavement that our lot seem to revel in. The islands top CS should not need to be fact checked when they tell their minister stuff. That this is being implemented is shocking and a shows that our top CS are liars and cannot be trusted.....
  10. We can only wish for a government with that amount of democracy, we don't have any. We have no idea what we are voting for. It is good for our UK masters as they know nothing will change so they have a quiet easy to control tax haven but it is not good for your average resident here.
  11. If Alf follows through on his promise to put independent board persons in every department to give impartial advice to Department Ministers then things may well get better. Having said that.............. If the CM needs to appoint people to filter bullshit and lies from senior CS to their departmental ministers is a shocking state of events. Does the UK or any other democracy need a group of non elected non CS to filter the truth? to the elected politicians??? This is the main thing said today in my opinion and it is a very sad reflection of the weakness of our elected and the standard of our top CS.
  12. This But - At home in the North of England there would at least be decent roadworks, in that they would be done to a proper engineering standard. Here, on this rock we have, for example a shoddily hand poured bit of a "Ditch"? at the side of the mountain road that is supposed to be a drain. Have a look next time you go that way. They could not even be bothered to cut the tarmac in a straight line before filling the ditch with concrete. Drive over the moors in the North of the UK and where there are roadside ditches they are neat formed concrete, not put in with the back of a shovel like here. NOBODY IN DOI SEEMS TO HAVE A PAIR OF EYES? THERE IS NO OTHER EXPLANATION FOR THE SHIT LOOKING STUFF THEY DO. OR, OR THEY DONT GIVE A FLYING FUCK. The latter may be the truth................
  13. Contractual obligations is Longworths go to bull shit repy to anything. He was asked to provide proof before and I am 100% sure if asked again there would be none. Private enterprise should be doing the cruise ships in any case, its pathetic, yet again from BV
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