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  1. I would put money on Longworth being behind this. Mate of mine says the buses are forever knocking their wing mirrors off on lamp posts that are positioned like the one in the picture a bit further down the road. We are supposed to be making the island accessible for all. Okay its about 40 years behind any decent society but at least we now have laws This quite clearly does not allow the safe passage of wheelchairs, never mind problems for partially sighted and should be removed ASAP
  2. I see those types all the time too but I don't think they are late more likely they are very small in the trouser snake department and try and make up by driving like fools that they think will impresses the ladies..............
  3. Its not a secret door now................
  4. If they are building a new grandstand why not move the whole lot toward Nobles Park- i.e. back from where it is, re align the road and then there would be plenty of room for a ramp on the graveyard side? Talking of new grandstands - This MUST be built with a view to using it for other things for when the inevitable happens and the TT is no more.
  5. You give him too much credit, I would not call him a vampire either, he is still a Familliar ........with a long way to go.
  6. I am disappointed at that to be honest, I thought we may have used the time to employ/ train up more staff and build more ITU space. I would rather my taxes went doing that than paying someone £75k to be a "Plant Manager" at Ellerslie DOI and tens of other similar well paid jobs in the CS……………………………. ETA. If we did ever reach full capacity can we ship people off island? Will UK NHS take Covid patients? Or private hospitals in UK?
  7. I don't know if it has already been asked but does anyone know if we have bought more intensive care equipment for Covid patients? Did we have 6 beds at the start? How many have we got available now? Not just sitting there but beds or rooms that could be turned into a Covid ITU quickly? I know when you look at our size even 6 beds is far more than the UK per head of population but as they keep telling us when the deaths here are mentioned you cant compare the 2 islands due to our really small size. Can anybody tell us how many we have now?
  8. Ramsey needs more businesses, I would fit it out as serviced starter offices with a communal canteen/ eating area and the like. Keep the rents low and have short lease terms if required although longer could be granted. Have some sort of incentive like all your rent back if you move out to expand and stay in Ramsey. Just a thought, I have not been inside it for years and don't know how well it would divide into small offices.
  9. I don't think the TT being off would have a bearing on the Travel Lodge being built. Any business that has to count on the 2 weeks of the TT to be viable is not a viable business.
  10. Sounds a bit like the interrogation you get when you take or come over in a van that you have declared is not being used for commercial purposes. I am sure some of them have been trained in North Korea. It really makes you feel like you have done something wrong even when you haven't. A few years ago when I came back from dropping my daughter at uni, they asked what was in the back of the van and I said empty packing boxes which I explained were from the drop at uni halls. Not content with that explanation and the quite obviously thrown in the back look of empty cardboard boxes they turne
  11. Good idea, worth a shot.
  12. Re IOMSPC, How much cheaper do we expect them to be? They already do day returns for next to nothing and off peak with a car is not unreasonable either. You may have to start giving tourists "IOM Vouchers" like Jersey did to their own residents to get anyone over here.
  13. Where would they stay? We have a handful of decent hotels but lots of ex boarding houses that frankly are totally unsuitable as hotels in this day and age. Its one thing selling heritage but that should not include old fashioned rooms with very limited facilities. I think flooding the market would create more long term harm. People would go home and tell friends that the hotels are rubbish and put off any more from coming. Bikers may put up with it but most wont.
  14. Joking aside I could not agree more. What is it with this island that the powers that be think we are somehow unique and don't need sensible rules for driving? On a slightly different note I hope that the new test centre is being built to allow the introduction of emission testing. The amount of knackered engines billowing out black smoke is crazy and REALLY bad for health.
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