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  1. I dont know about Israel, what I see happening there as a holiday experience would be more desirable than coming here to stay in a prom hotel. 🙂
  2. I think you need to change your signature from Irrational to delusional..................
  3. It has missed 2 years of patching and been exposed to 2 winters, It will be far worse than normal to sort out next year. As I said, the DOI should be on it now but cant because they are skint.
  4. Starting at the grandstand. From the grandstand to the bottom of bray hill, look closely, its cracking up, lots of signs of failure and edges of cracks crumbling. Look closely at the very bottom of bray hill, i.e. stop and look, the road is knackered. The lines they painted for the bus lane by the top of bray hill all need removing properly and the road at least having a coat of chippings. Braddan Bridge, like the bottom of bray hill the road is knackered, cracked and crumbling at the edges of cracks. That's just a 2 mile section, its like this on and off all the way round.
  5. Must be a bicycle, there are lots of places around the course that are in a far worse state than I have ever seen them. The lack of patching before last years non event has allowed this past winter to do its worst and we have a terrible surface, cracks and potholes all about the course. It will take a concerted effort next spring to sort as it will have had another year without patching and another winter of damage. The DOI are skint, firefighting. They should be doing the patches now to save more damage but have to put it off until there is no choice.
  6. I was told on good authority, plane off the top 40mm and then lay red tarmac
  7. All the buildings along Loch Prom 100% have it*, it can go as far back as Strand Street along there. *Maybe not in their basements, most have been sealed but certainly outside their basement walls. The Villiers building, I was told but cant confirm, uses the sea in the ground below it to help with air con? eta. The red concrete has an easy fix but I understand its just face saving that is stopping this happening.
  8. It is not the main elephant, the cracks are in "decorative" concrete. The red concrete is a topping if you wish over the much stronger stuff below that is supporting the rails and which is heavily reinforced. This central corridor of rails will be there in another 100 years. THE real elephant in the room is the tarmac, founded on Stoney mountain and recycled hardcore. There is nothing to insulate the road surface from the movement of the ground below. The old prom was all concrete, for a very good reason, the tide comes in and out below the ground like the sea wall was not there in
  9. Not Man In Pub, civil servant no less
  10. I am hearing quite a few stories of no funds available for new projects, even basic stuff. The glamour stuff, even if not needed must be done because they cant be seen to be short of a few quid but when main road bridges are getting botch repairs, we must be in more trouble than they are letting on.
  11. Nope, all the road drains on the island discharge into the nearest watercourses. Some go to sewers but only if no river available
  12. Not quite true, some JK has been know to sit dormant in rainforests for 50-60 years and then, when woken, attack the nearest living thing and deny that WW2 is over......
  13. Giant Hogweed too, lots in the north
  14. Take no notice Derek, you know what the crabs are like here. I honestly believe that the crab attitude that is prevalent on the island holds back a lot of new business started by locals. Your daughter is doing very well, a credit to you and your wife.
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