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  1. Sorry for the long post but I am off out and needed to say it all at once 🙂 I have a very simple rule of thumb regarding our islands government's "policy's" I look around the near islands and look around the wider worlds first world countries. Can we find a similar government owned and funded (Forget the arms length bull, its a gov department staffed by civil servants) entity that is doing the same sort of property development ??? NO YOU CAN'T I stand to be corrected but I Can't find a similar funded organisation with the same goals ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD It may not be in competition with the big developers on the island, at the moment, but if it develops as normal gov departments do - expand to justify more staff, more budget and a bigger ego for some higher CS, then it will at some point piss off the developers. As I said earlier in this thread, these brownfield sites, that no one wants to develop, are only not being developed because the gov/ landowners/ manx establishment/ think they are worth far more than they are. The MDC, LOOKS LIKE A WAY OF GETTING CERTAIN LANDOWNERS IN BOTH PUBLIC AND PRIVATE OWNERSHIP FAR MORE MONEY FOR THEIR LAND THAN IT IS ACTUALLY WORTH. Calling @ChrisThomas, Please explain why a "vibrant economy" like the IOM's is needs to resort to government run and bottomless funded departments to develop Brownfield sites? In the UK such sites are either gifted or gifted with funds to develop to the private sector from local authority/ councils and the like. That works and it stops things like the old summerland site sitting like a bomb site for decades, same with the old bus station site, same with the old prison site etc etc etc etc @Chris Thomas, why do you think a bunch of people in the CS with no commercial experience of property development, never mind actual building, will be able to do this better than the likes of Dandara, Hartford, Kell Properties and the like????? Sorry again for the long post, I am off out
  2. We are in more trouble now Max, since the Queen died we will soon have the Elizabethan II Society who will want to preserve all the 1970s bungalows, never mind the Dandara estates.
  3. The bit you quoted is pure CS bullshit, you could not have made my point any better, thanks 🙂
  4. Oh I really think I do.... Watch this space over the next few years. ETA. Not a gov department? Really. Who is buying up property? Who are paying the contractors? I will give you a hint, its us taxpayers
  5. Its the whole area from the nurses home over the school site DHSS buildings and the old carpet place, plenty of room.
  6. I am sorry but why do we need another gov dept to start property development? If the sites could be built on economically, one of the developers here would have done it already. This looks like old manx mafia money owning stuff and wanting too much for its sale, that includes the government itself, overvaluing land. The old Summerland site should be "sold" with a multi million grant enough to sort out the cliff and a promise that the planning dept wont screw it up. Same for the nurses home site. Should have been gifted and let the free market take care of it. Can you imagine how many wannabe property developers in the CS are now sitting well chuffed smoking a cigar thinking they are the new Dandara...............Between 9am and 4:30pm weekdays with their phones turned off at other times, just like the private sector do... The MDC is just wrong, very very wrong. Sadly, it is also a very public show to the wider word that our economy does not work and that it is wholly reliant on VAT overpayments.
  7. Oh I don't know,.............most places I pass, when I walk home from the pub have a wall and no roof or porcelain..............................
  8. MDC are buying up stuff. The whole area around the nurses home is now in their hands with plans for a 100 plus houses........ Which MHK stood with this on their manifesto or when was this debated in Tynwald?
  9. A few Scott buildings and a couple with a nod to Le Corbusier (QB Roundabout and near Groudle pub) other than that, 2 up 2 down cottages in rubble stone are a very poor structure to even contemplate saving.
  10. The exact same thing happened on the other side of the quay You have a developer willing to spend millions but they stuck some kind of preservation order on the old Trafalgar pub. A proper shithole and of no use to anyone and incapable of being made useful because its shape and that half of it is below ground so very damp. I am sure this will have been part of the reason that site has sat doing nothing for a couple of years and looks like a bomb hit it. That call from planning was/ is just as bad at the old Newson's building
  11. Men tend to overestimate the size of something, women are usually more accurate
  12. Taking water from Groudle river has no impact on the islands water supplies. At all, it just goes to the sea like the famous song about the Laxey river
  13. The main thing is to move to the UK and get your NI money out of this shit fest before it is blown. I Give it 6 to 8 years and if you have not left you deserve everything you get, or don't get, as the actual case will be.
  14. Is this called "Spot The Engineering Mistake? There is a series of TV programs on Sky about engineering mistakes, are we trying to feature on it? FFS Where do they think a backed up water level will go? Will it be scared of the trees on the right of the bund? Or are they planning on putting a small digger there in case of flooding? You could not make this sh1t up.
  15. WHO? PARDON? Stop flirting Rox it's getting noticed 🙂
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