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  1. I went along the prom on Saturday. Very noticeable amounts of sand/ debris building up against/ in those kerb drains. Who in their right mind thought they were okay for a road subject to sand and debris on a grand scale? Try cleaning them when they are blocked...........l Saw that cleaning happening on a bridge over the Manchester Ship Canal a few years ago and there was debris being ejected like a multi rocket launcher used in The Crimea recently. Thinking about it, that is about the only situation they are suitable for. As in, no room for proper falls in the drains below on a bridge, so the kerb drains suit and there is unlikely to be much debris going into them on a bridge, as in no leaves, no sand, etc etc. Where do our DOI put them? On a road subject to constant overtopping and wind bourne sand........
  2. The mountain was planned to be closed IIRC 3 days in the middle of the day but because of weather it was only either 1 or 2 days, closed. In any case that fu3ks up a buisiness that uses the mountain for delivery's etc. They have to plan around the planned closures. We get fuc8 all benefit from these type of things, other than a few CS' and MHK'S getting smoke blown up their ass's by the PR guys from Audi, and others that come here.
  3. You dont think shutting the Mountain Road causes costs to business? FFS Crawl back in your inspection pit
  4. People are getting quoted week commencing for big operations at the moment. Is that normal? I have had a couple, not here thank god, and was always quoted as a day, not a week commencing.
  5. Detours, you know, not being able to use their normal route between A and B That costs time and money. Do you see the UK closing the M6 to allow filming? different scale but same principle
  6. I think our VAT fiddle is back to around 2008 levels, not allowing for inflation. When they (The Labour lot) go for that again we are royally fuc8ed Last time we blew the money on infrastructure, Iris, new commissioners houses, hospital etc This time we have blown it on thousands of new CS and resultant pension needs, which cant just be stopped like construction.............
  7. You dont think it is a tad heavy on Managers? A manager for uniforms? A manager for haircuts? A manager for dog attack liaison? Okay I made the last couple up but I would bet there is someone employed there that is as much use as a mullet inspector.
  8. Remember this lot caused several road closures here to make that crap. Costing local business time and money taking detours, for what? That is not an advert for the island, its for an Audi We don't even get paid for it.
  9. The Haven and the Cherry Orchard across the road are rumored to be about to be listed by MNH as classic 20 century buildings that must be saved. They are trying to get it flattened before there is a petition from the Port Erin commissioners to save them both....
  10. Which defeats the health bit of "active whatever" policy Every e bike I have ridden has been a Chinese type and they are basically electric mopeds. When you see a Police car you pretend to pedal................... ETA I have got one and bought 250W stickers from ebay to put in place of the 1000w sticker on the hub. I get more exercise cleaning the thing than I do zipping about town on it.................
  11. And where would you use that speed Stu, even if you were able to control it at your age with your slowed reactions due to your age? FFS Think of the people who have to drive for a living, that have to use the roads to earn a living, nevermind the DOI guys working on the roads. They don't need an OAP with a 180 mph car trying to relive their youth. Seriously, how do you think doing more than 155 mph is a good thing? In fact how do you think doing more than 60 mph on the islands roads is sensible with our type of roads? As in not designed, just old tracks tarmaced over.
  12. As I have said before, the island is TOO HILLY for cycling to become a "thing" Wherever you see lots of bikes it is always a flat country/ town etc. York, Cambridge, Norwich etc etc etc London, round the middle bit there are just no hills like Lord St. Victoria Street, or Summerhill. Roger can quote all he likes about heights on maps near city centres but the fact remains that Douglas is on a cliff face, look at Victoria St/ Prospect Hill and the rest of the island is not much better.
  13. FFS What is wrong with you lot? Don't you have better things to do than argue about a "rouge" bus???????
  14. Which is yet another example of our economy being a Ponzi scheme fed with an overpayment of VAT under the current VAT sharing deal. When Labour get elected in 2024 we are seriously screwed. See the previous time they cut the free VAT money. The island's economy does not work without the VAT deal and when you look at that deal we are getting, it is a VERY GOOD deal, FOR US..... It suits a Conservative gov to have us like this. it's a place to park money from the City for their "donors". Labour dont see it that way.
  15. What I don't get is why when tourism is just 0.3% of our economy, do we spend so much time talking about it and the gov spending money on it? Flogging a dead horse much
  16. I read or watched somewhere that there are batteries being developed that use sodium, IIRC, in place of Lithium I am not a chemist but they both end in ium so it must be a good idea 🙂
  17. From what I am told a lot of local companies don't spend a lot of time on this section. Thinking it's obvious that with them being local, money will stay mostly on the island. Off island companies do tend to pad this bit out and mention things like bed nights, IOM SPCo fares, restaurant spend etc etc. The people doing the scoring can only score with the info they are given in the submissions, so you often get an off island co doing better than a local one for economic impact Sounds a bit crazy but it's true..................
  18. I really hope the enquiry will show up the failings, and the good stuff. I won't hold my breath however.
  19. Hundreds in not thousands in a country with millions still sounds a lot less than 70 people on an island of 80k?
  20. Sounds like the island then (Apart from the clean bit)), I wonder how many they jailed for going to the garage or fleeing domestic abuse during the Covid crisis?
  21. AFAIK The new gaming development on Victoria Rd opp the old prison will have accommodation, on the same site for all the imported staff. Don't see much being spent in the local economy with that model
  22. Trouble is that its not funny anymore Lives and business depend on a functioning government
  23. This is really shocking Everyone kicks off about Manx Radios' £1 mill subvention and this shit fest is getting twice that a year and they don't even broadcast the sounds of the animals waiting to be slaughtered*....... *I have been there, the noise from the animals waiting to be killed would put you off meat for life, it did me and I did love a good steak.
  24. Says the person who could not get into Uni so did a couple of years in the army.....................
  25. Says the person who could not get into Uni so did a couple of years in the army.....................
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