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  1. I am and shocked to see that it was a private company but all my questions still stand. Most importantly how half arsed it all looked and for the disruption was it worth it?
  2. Ok Donald, get your ass back to Mar-a Lago ASAP.
  3. Saw a few cars about this weekend just gone, on the rock for, I assume, for the "Festival of Motoring" A few questions spring to mind. As this was a gov organised event how much money have we sunk into it? Which genius decided to pick the same dates for it as the massive, and well established, "Goodwood Revival" car event on the mainland? How much of a return on investment are we supposed to get from this? The types I saw driving around were not your flash, blow a grand on a decent botte of wine and nice meal types, more your Howard and Hilda types who have had the same Jag since they bought it in 1965 second hand and have kept it running, just, since. Does anyone in government think that closing the mountain road for a load of old blokes/ Ladies to have a Jolly is a good idea? Is this event or similar ones planned by gov, themselves the real reason that Derek Flint was not allowed to close roads for his supercar events? Why are government doing events like this? It should be a private sector organised thing that gov facilitate, and if needed to get established, give some funds to. A gov department playing at being "entrepreneurial" and event organisers is very wrong. You only have to look at how half arsed it was organised/ promoted/ to see that. I read today potential MHKs saying the island needs to project itself as a centre for excellence, and needs to encourage entrepreneurs to move here. Yeah right, move here and compete with your own government in business and the government's bottomless pit of our money. Rant over.
  4. If they had any decency it should be Dr Glover, saved a lot of lives
  5. Na, it was a consortium of 6 Chinese banks
  6. Don't be daft, why would any car/ bike company want to come here when there are far better facilities available in the UK and further afield? The hotels? The friendly locals? The cheap beer?......................
  7. Its all to do with Size. If you have a big one you are quite happy driving with no ego or need to prove yourself. If you have a small/ micro one you need to have a big car to compensate for your inadequacies. If you went out in the 90s over here and met your partner/ wife in that era the chances are that I or one of my good mates of that time have slept with her and she is longing for something similar so to compensate you buy an even bigger car. I drive a Humvee BTW..........:-)...........NOT
  8. And he never will. He is only an MHK because his Father "bequeathed" the seat to him, he is not a normal MHK type.
  9. It helps with keeping you in work and also the sales of Swarfega for the poor souls that have to work on the cobbled together shit piles in the main............................
  10. Imagine getting that past the NIMBYS - as in new residents/ local old timers, insularly bred, one eye in the middle if the forehead types, and with even more difficultly' the "Boat In The Morning" "Proud Manxman", brigade over here? This is the failing of the place and why it will turn into a wasteland in the next 10 years. As long as you can elect a half wit* on a couple of thousand votes that has no political experience or a political party behind them it will end in a shit storm. * See at least half of the current MHK "Politicians" Prove me wrong or at least argue why this is not the case...........................................
  11. Any thoughts that the TT etc is a good "test of Machinery" is deluded. I thought you were better than that Max. Its not and how you could think it is is a shocking lack of knowledge of modern manufacturing processes and the development of them. It may have been in the 20s and later 50s of the previous century but thinking it is better than modern computer simulation and controlled testing, is at best wishful thinking and more likely the thoughts of the deluded. The TT is a death fest that will end as soon as we have that "event" where lots of people are maimed/ killed. The bottom of Bray Hill crash with "Life Changing Injury's" to the spectators, was close but its only a matter of time before a bike goes into the grandstand and wipes out 10s of people.
  12. Not a rumour, just look at the trees with no foliage around the course this summer, it is there for all to see, or not? Imagine one falling during a race?
  13. And they wonder why they cant get people to ref local football matches
  14. This That is he trouble with the death fest. As said before the state of the course, and lack of funds to fix before 2022 may end in a event ending tragedy.
  15. It is what was spread on Waterloo Road in Ramsey a couple of years ago, like a thick paste that sets
  16. From BBC news site ....................... So just 40mill for new stuff, the rest to pay off old debt? In the real world when you get a "consolidation loan" it hammers your credit rating, does this apply to debt like this?? 40mill does not buy much Green tech
  17. Until it is properly investigated we don't even know if it was a stabbing, slashing or self harming. Best not to speculate eh?
  18. I don't know, Howard looks like he is doing his bit there for the planet, those clothes must have been bought at a charity shop in the 80's?
  19. Dick, you know what I meant
  20. So in effect, Once a shit hole always a shit hole? That post from Max re the Villers site brings it home. If this was one of the richest economy's in the world, would that site, and plenty others, not have been developed by now? What is actually stalling the investment? The CS? Anti money laundering? The island legal "system" Why do you think John?
  21. You simply dont close main roads to allow such events. The Sloc, roads like that are fine. I really have a problem with the main A roads being closed for fun.
  22. Would this explain the apparent trouble we have conducting a simple head count? i.e a Census?
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