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  1. Old car tyres cut up, burn them, they are bloody hard to get rid of these days.
  2. "I'm the Leader of the Gang (I Am)"........................
  3. They are not really practicable on anything other than new builds and should be a requirement ASAP. It may push the cost of a new 3 bed semi up by £10k Its not a lot in the whole scheme of things
  4. I wish they would but I don't see it before 2050 if we are lucky. It makes me sick seeing those new builds in Ballasalla with no solar or heat pumps as standard. Don't get me wrong, we need to build houses and Dandra build a good house but unless they are made to by Building Regs they will not install any of the planet saving stuff we need. That site has the space on the bypass route to have ground source heat pumps for all the properties.
  5. Like a London SPG type ? Or a Regan from the TV series type? Yep we need one of them type as our CC.............. Maybe a Dirty Harry type in charge of the firearms dept?
  6. Does anyone have any idea how the virus "jumps" to humans? Don't touch/ pick up dead birds? Under no circumstances take them on a date? Asking for AcousticallyChallenged 🙂
  7. Not sure that is true, PS housing when refurbed had gas heating put in but I think you will find that is because it meant no oil tanks and associated costs/ space and big bills to fill a tank at once. New private houses all have gas too, its a cheapness thing from a construction point of view, no conspiracy. Oil tanks and oil boilers are a LOT more expensive than gas boilers and a free to the house supply of pipes.
  8. Lets imagine Manx Gas was owned by an old Manx family/ firm. It had been in their hands since the beginning of time. Would we be expecting them to charge less for the gas they are selling us than they were paying for it for a couple of years? It is not sustainable for more than a few weeks. Manx gas have been making 10% profit for years on an agreement with our government. I dont actually think 10% is a lot of margin for a company with sales very limited by our small size.
  9. Cant we have the dog taser bloke as the next CC? It could be a bit like Judge Dredd without the cool helmets
  10. To clarify The gov cover £6.5K of the yearly uni fee £9k fee, the other £2.5k is given as a loan to the student which must be repaid when they finish and certain criteria is met. That is a nice thing and better than the UK BUT AND ITS A BIG BUT that is the easy bit! The halls and later the houses that they reside in are not covered or their day to day expenses. There are no loans available to cover this as there is in the UK so you end up laying out about £200-250 a week to cover this. This is just not possible for lots and you have to be on minimum wage before they help toward it. Parents are still responsible for this even if their child has left home and for example got a job and made their own way in life for a few years
  11. Aint that the truth........ The generation I grew up with here in the 70s who were in the middle, B stream, are all now nearing the end of their CS careers on the island. Some, in fact most of the ones I know, are well up the CS greasy pole and are in charge of making decisions that effect all of us. I am in not jealous saying this, I make a very decent living but of the ones I went to school with and know since are not the sharpest. I would go as far as saying I would not employ them myself in one of my businesses' less demanding positions. They have moved up the ladder just based on time served, not on ability it seems. The few I know from school that did go to uni and were bright are no further up the ladder than the B streamers. Regarding encouraging our youth to take degrees that when they return will benefit the island, the island is no longer attractive to any type of dynamic youth or someone who wants to set up their own small business. All 3 of my children have not returned and are doing well in the UK and further afield.
  12. YET AGAIN WHY ARE GOV GETTING INVOLVED IN SOMETHING THAT PRIVATE BUSINESS SHOULD DO? Gov should create an environment that encourages this type of thing, not do it themselves and end up competing with private business.
  13. We have a big Transport Museum at Jurby already, stick it there. Last time I looked boats were transport? Likely get more views there too.
  14. If you play that backwards at half speed it does not say anything at all about Satan, shame really, could of been a highlight....
  15. The state of the roads is the elephant in the room. DOI dont have the staff anymore to do the required amount of work before May IMHO They were shutting the mountain for 3 months? But stopped it because of the prom. If that work still needs doing, what about the rest?
  16. I stand corrected, they must be horrible to wear, the condensation alone must make them grim
  17. Its the dead pedestrians or maybe worse, horribly mangled, and life long wheelchair bound, that I feel for when the inevitable happens. And it will..................
  18. Because, as Derek will likely back me up, the islands "manxifying" of properly thought out Laws by our CS usually mess them up. You may be a proud manx person but you need to face reality in some things. If the island had been isolated over the last 100 years it would be electricity and internet/ computer free and therefore backward. We need outside intelligence to make things work in the 21st century
  19. The more stuff the island keeps thinking should be free the more of a shithole it looks...... You cant have low tax and no fees for everything AND the place looking good.
  20. They ripped you off then. FFP3 and the like masks are desiigned to stop you breathing IN shit. Your out breath is done by a small, about 20mm dia' one way valve without filtration.
  21. These were the rates that Duke quoted for outside TT/ MGP periods! Fuck knows what they charge during that time. Is their little wonder that the island tourist industry is fucked? Given one chance, the TT, they rip the ass out of it. AS YOU SOW, SO SHALL YOU REAP - AS SOMEONE ONCE SAID, THE TREMIONATOR? Josem, worth a FOI re the funding of this D Marketing TT accommodation both peel and old prison site. Cant see how it could ever be viable without a lot of our TAX MONEY
  22. FFP3 / N99 masks have an "open" vent for breathing out, its just the in breath that is filtered so that is a really bad idea.
  23. So in the real world what you are saying is..................... New riders come over before the races and ride round the "course" which is mostly a, no more than B ROAD UK equivalent road- at speed During that "Learning" process it is not uncommon for these "limited intelligence, IOM government prize money chasing Competitors"* to ride to the islands road rules, I.E no limit on lots of the island roads that form part of this "racing circuit"".. P.S. , don't even go there with these high standard/ experienced "skilled" riders with an International license and that sh1t. You well know that riders licenses do the rounds on their own to get a signature to make a TT ride OK. * There are no Nobel prize winning types riding for money on our death race 🙂
  24. I am really struggling to see how on earth you can spend nearly 100 million, the likely cost in the end, on such a small plot of land. The figures of 10 mill here and 2 mill there did not add up to this amount. More IOMGLS (Isle of Man Government Lies) I think. - That is a new acronym TVOR BTW USOB FFS we could have built another hospital at 1997? rates 🙂 for that.
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