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  1. This I'll second, I've played Minecraft since it was in beta (beta 1.3) and have always used Sphax's, it doesn't seem right without it. I use Misa's texture pack, or default.
  2. Sounds like an obvious scam. Hover over the link - what address shows in the status bar of the browser?
  3. Glad I'm not the only one who does this!
  4. Heyo folks, Broken Rooster will be playing their first gig under the new name (formerly The 3 Amigos) at the Bay View in Port St Mary on Saturday. We'll have a support act, but it's not yet confirmed which of Nell's bands it will be... Anyway, if you haven't heard us before, we're a rock covers act (because those aren't 10-a-penny on the Isle of Man!) playing songs from acts like Muse, Feeder, Foo Fighters, Stereophonics, Buzzcocks and a couple of cheesier bits. We also have a few originals with a nice groove to them.
  5. Hey guys, I have a little-used Yamaha Pacifica 6 string in white for sale, plus gig bag. Looking £100 for it, buyer collects (from Governors Hill, so understand if you want to wait until post-TT). It's in great condition due to lack of use, though would probably benefit from some fresh strings. I think I have a tremolo arm sitting about somewhere... if so, I'll throw it in at no cost. I'm a bass player by trade, don't need one of them!
  6. Eh, I quite like them. As a comeover, even I think it's a shame that the Manx language is dying. Best road sign ever is this, tbh:
  7. Good man! ( I don't have one for sale, just wanted to pitch in. I love my 920!)
  8. Anybody playing the demo for this at the moment? It's available as a demo on PC, and is currently awaiting being greenlit by Steam http://www.cellardoorgames.com/roguelegacy.html It's a 2D action-platformer roguelike game, playing a bit like Castlevania, with the procedurally-generated levels of classic dungeon crawlers. The best thing about it is that although it's rather difficult, dying isn't the end of the game - when you die, you choose an heir from a list of 3 classes (randomly generated as well) with numerous traits (from the useful ones like being too big to be knocked back whe
  9. Yep, big Minecrafter here. Currently building a replica of Coors Field (Colorado Rockies' baseball stadium) on the SMP server I play on.
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