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  1. Basic supply and demand. The supply of doctors and nurses is poor so costs get pushed up. Working on the bank does not make sense as you get paid less and with no protections. Working via an agency gives you more money and more support but still no holiday, educational opportunities, appraisal or sick pay ( unlike in permanent post). When staff are employed from the bank they are basically filling the gaps on the cheap. Only those on permanent contracts will do this as they won’t be allowed to work extra locally, via an agency. How else can you fill gaps? Expect them to do it for free? Expect there to be a local pot of unemployed staff who will fill in gaps on the Bank?
  2. No it isn’t. It’s a group of vested interests and protectionist of its own members. It is not interested in anything else. It has been very well supported by the uk BMA regional officer. BMA members are not automatically a member of this group. There is separate membership. It generally represents those who do not want change.
  3. Again you make it about me. The strategy of denigrating the individual who raises genuine concerns seems to be your modus operandi rather than providing evidence against the facts that have been put forward. This is why people don’t blow the whistle, put their heads above the parapet or post with their own name. It’s nasty tactics and stops people telling the truth and debating real issues. Shame on you. There have been a number of posters who have confirmed what I have said and non who have provided evidence against. Is there any evidence that the mental health service is well run or for the benefit of patients? Are you happy that the head of psychiatry remains in post whilst the GMC investigate a severe transgression of clinical boundaries over a period of time, during work time?
  4. Patient centred


    Code for ‘we screwed up giving you wrong data and now you want more money to rectify your mistake which we haven’t budgeted for. We are now considering who to blame/ how to extricate selves without looking like total tits.’
  5. Personal experience Im afraid. Hardly uninformed!! He also knows it
  6. There is no real BMA representative here at all. There is one bloke who does absolutely nothing of any use what so ever. Seemingly in the back pocket of the wrong people.
  7. I think you will find that there are two very separate group of doctors. Those that are in and run the medical society to their own vested interests and all the others who are trying so hard to blast them apart.
  8. It’s not the doctors that cut and paste. It’s the managers and noctors
  9. So we should let the guys at Tynwald come up with the policies such as infection control or management of the diabetic patient prior to theatre? Don’t be stupid.
  10. Hospital policies have nothing to do with Tynwald in terms of seeing them up and implementation. That would be unrealistic and they do not have the expertise.
  11. Doesn’t mean anyone has read it. And so what if they are broken?? i know for sure that the conflict of interest policy is regularly transgressed when it’s deemed fit yet again, just because it’s on paper does not mean it is being followed
  12. Yes. As I said. If you have no ‘skin in the game’, nothing invested and are being paid whatever then what is the incentive to do a good job? At least healthcare professionals have signed up to a moral code and are regulated. Hospital managers are not.
  13. Which goes back to my point about policies being cut and pasted from UK documents by managers and shown as evidence of care. No one on the front line is told about these but they act as a false reassurance to those looking at the service. The key is what is practice compared with the policies ie audit. I know that a senior psychologist here cut and pasted a whole care pathway for eating disorders without any expertise in eating disorders and without any of the doctors involved or knowing about it. When they did find out it was totally unrealistic for the island. too late. Policy done and signed off. Looks good but totally meaningless.
  14. I agree @Patient centred I’ve edited your post following a complaint received. you suggested a senior staff member was receiving medical treatment off Island and suggested that this showed lack of confidence in Nobles. Neither you, nor I, know what any member of the management team is receiving as treatment, where, or why. Having treatment off Island can be for all sorts of reasons, not least because Nobles, as a small, local General hospital, doesn’t offer treatment for everything, and often sends patients across. I know, I had 11 weeks inpatient chemo and 6 months out patient chemo, in Liverpool, and still go over quarterly for bone marrow biopsies, tests and to see the consultant. Doesn’t mean I have no confidence, or am demonstrating lack of confidence, in Nobles/DHSC. The opposite. I tried to ensure as much of my treatment was delivered here as possible. No more personal references like that. Please. Patients, receiving treatment are entitled to confidentiality. Ive also removed posts that quoted yours.
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