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  1. As much in control as he was before self isolating
  2. Police once contacted me on my mobile about a car that had been in an accident outside my house that they thought was mine. I had my car with me at work but when I came home there was a car that was red with a huge scratch down it which on a quick look could have been mine. I rang police back to ask how on earth they had got my phone number and connected it to that car and they actually tried to make out that the registration number was similar (it wasn’t) and then all sorts of other garbled nonsense to explain what was quite bizarre but potentially a big brother problem. Never did get to the bottom of very suspicious situation.
  3. Presumably that is why you haven’t put yourself up to be chief minister
  4. Looks like you are way out now that the infection has officially been caught within the community.
  5. We’ve got a much older population and they have still been out in force if Costa on Friday was anything to go by.
  6. Think the defence was breached a while ago. we don’t have an army here do we? Unlike UK
  7. Calm and authoritative. Unlike the politicians
  8. The medical director sounded good though. Perhaps she could take over? Wishful thinking
  9. Bet you were born here. Keep that head in the sand. It will all blow over eventually.
  10. In Italy no one over 60 is getting ventilated they are just being sent home. They are not even picking up the dead from their homes. It’s the tsunami volume that is going to hit. Everyone will know someone who has died.
  11. Not to scare but to prepare; https://slate.com/technology/2020/03/coronavirus-covid19-italy-hospital-deaths-us-warning.html
  12. Watching the video yesterday that is exactly how he came across. Not supporting. Not calm but petulant. No careful use of words.
  13. Not to scare but to prepare; https://slate.com/technology/2020/03/coronavirus-covid19-italy-hospital-deaths-us-warning.html
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