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  1. Omg. This is your reasoning? And the isle of Mans health service? Believe me, I have never worked anywhere that was more corrupted by politics.
  2. ....In crushing their Spirit, triggering depression, low self esteem , feelings of failure, turning them to drink and drug addiction.
  3. Where are you going to get your doctors from then? As far as I know there isn’t a medical school on the island. Perhaps employ a few locally bred pagan witch doctors instead?
  4. No Adults with ADHD. They see kids but then discharge them as adults and won’t see adults with ADHD even if they have significant social problems as a result
  5. This is true but doesn’t work for kids with ADHD. Thus they get labelled as naughty. many how. This veers from the point that the Isle of Man psychiatry service simply refuse to see them.
  6. ADHD is NOT naughty behaviour. total myth. It’s a biological problem with internal regulation of attention/ emotions/ and impulse control
  7. No evidence it resolves with family therapy. Good evidence it resolves with drug treatment. brain changes seen pre treatment turn to normal looking brain after treatment.
  8. No it doesn’t that isn’t true. ADHD has actually very clear criteria and is different to ASD and Aspergers although they can co exist. absolutely. Some may have traits but some are very severely affected and is the underlying cause for depression and anxiety.
  9. https://www.ukaan.org/what-is-adhd.htm don’t be silly. The Isle of Man doesn’t collect information like that !!
  10. That will be because the service is specialist and has specialist equipment, not for a diagnosis that covers 3% of the population ( schizophrenia is 1%). Treatment of Adult ADHD transforms lives and reduces the burden on mental and physical healthcare as well as saving society money from unemployment benefit, prison use etc. Plenty of evidence for this. There is absolutely NO excuse why in 2020 the mental health service is not actively assessing and treating this common mental health problem.
  11. Anyone know why there is no adult ADHD service on the island? thats 3% of the population discriminated against.
  12. Dr Byrne resigned the day before a local tribunal was to meet. does this mean that he retains his pension? does this mean he can go elsewhere eg Ireland and tell them he resigned rather than was dismissed? Why didn’t the tribunal meet anyway? why was he allowed to continue working for so long??? A bloody mess.
  13. Fair enough but it usually is the woman and those families where both parents work usually have no choice.
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