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  1. Slash and burn, slash and burn, slash and burn, slash and burn pocketed cash. Hahahahahahavahahah
  2. You might want to consider signing this if you want more independent overview of the health service https://www.change.org/p/what-we-want-and-nee-a-completely-independent-complaints-commission-at-nobles-hospital-social-care-not-a-committee-that-is-put-in-place-by-the-government?recruiter=9837317&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=share_petition&recruited_by_id=023d1420-c32d-0130-2654-3c764e048845&utm_content=starter_fb_share_content_en-gb%3Av13
  3. 8months It’s says ‘new post’ so yes. Bloated and not needed manager layer. This lady headed the mess that is the mental health service, enabling the clinical director who is still being investigated for sleeping with a patient in NHS time whilst charging for the ‘home visit(s)’ to remain in post.
  4. I don’t think they measure it like they do in UK where suicide rate is about 1.5 per 10,000. That makes rate higher in iom but the numbers will be skewed by the fact the population is relatively smaller and suicide is a relative rare event. Almost impossible to know going forwards who is going to commit suicide and who isn’t. Much easier retrospectively. All studies show this.
  5. Come on Isle of Man residents. Stop being so supine. Start asking questions of power. Write to and meet your MHK. Demand answers.
  6. He was bloody awful as head of health service. Unsure how he got promoted.
  7. Which is probably why your business is successful. I absolutely promise you that it’s not like that out there
  8. I don’t think you are the average person sadly. You can’t expect other people to work the same way as you.
  9. Wrong person as clinical lead, no real oversight of clinical lead or service, reliance on cut and pasted policy documents and care pathways as marker of quality and competence; staff working well outside their competence; two way lack of consultant (Doctor) engagement. oh and patients not being in the centre of or primary focus of care; instead money, power and external stigma.
  10. Why don’t you write to or Phone the MPTS? They haven’t followed their own guidance but he look of it.
  11. If only. A story handed them on a platter.
  12. You could ring and ask. The GMC Website gives numbers
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