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  1. I’m seems that there is a lot of evidence of institutional acceptance of dodgy dealings and poor practice on the Isle of Man, from the very top down. Why is this? Unaccountable institutions? Lack of meritocracy with nepotism instead? Poor press? Combination?
  2. And don’t even get me started on the psychology department; http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=49635&headline=Tribunal hears accusations of bullying in health department&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2019 The psychology service is left to its own devises with no connection to the psychiatric service and law unto itself. No strategy, loads of bullying. No support. This might be why the turnover of psychologists is so high and they have all moved to the private sector. What is needed is a review by the Royal College of Psychiatrists and someone without an ICD-10 diagnosis leading .
  3. Big assumption there “good doctor”. Do you know this for a fact?
  4. This is true but it has been allowed to happen because those senior to them in the dept of health have done nothing about it. Even when other senior doctors have raised concerns.
  5. I’m in a queue with others who have raised quite legitimate concerns via correct procedures and been completely ignored.
  6. Problem is the individual departments are incapable of managing these things appropriately. Many many people have walked away after being broken. Just ask what the turnover of staff is in the psychology department. Im glad someone has decided to fight. Good on them.
  7. I think it is well known by staff from that time that he was meeting this patient three times a week over a very extended period and these were home visits. People were wondering why as this level of personal attention is never required unless you are a home treatment team with a very ill person trying to prevent admission and even then you can only keep it up for short period of time due to workforce. I hope they have the work diaries. interesting question that though what does he normally do in his day job? Is there a match with his paper job plan? Is there a job plan at all?
  8. No he isn’t the vicar. He is supposedly the ‘trusted top psychiatrist’ looking after vulnerable mentally ill people and supervisor of other doctors at Nobles Hospital. Why has he been allowed to remain as clinical lead for psychiatry? Who is his line manager? What have they done about it? How have they been monitoring things? It is my understanding that he has no clear line manager and that he has been left without any proper supervision. It is also my understanding that he was involved in dodgy financial dealings by having a locum agency that was screwing over the hospital leading to his dismissal in the distant past and move back to Ireland before returning and taking up the senior role as no one else wanted it. This man has a history of not being truthful. But he has very shiny shoes and coiffed hair and makes very flattering chit chat. Thus, those who are susceptible to flattery think everything is fine. Move along now. Nothing to see here. A familiar refrain in several government agencies me thinks.
  9. And instead they could be reporting this https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7231657/Married-psychiatrist-58-two-year-romance-patient.html important news relevant to local people that should be reported rather than (cough) covered up.
  10. Why is the clinical director of psychiatry allowed to continue as lead for the department of psychiatry whilst being investigated by the GMC for having a sexual relationship with a patient? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7231657/Married-psychiatrist-58-two-year-romance-patient.html I hear that the person who he gave a job to and who he signed off to become a consultant via article 14 are acting as character witnesses. Conflict of interest?
  11. The colorectal report was damning of the surgeon involved. The conclusion was that the surgeon should reflect on his practice. It is not clear how the reports author was recruited. The managers report and action plan in response to the report bore little/no relation to the main problem. It was only after staff insisted on seeing the report and after. again put their head over the parapet, that the surgeon in question got sent to Liverpool for retraining. I understand that after a short period of time he was not allowed to operate on any more patients in Liverpool. He has been allowed to operate for years despite senior staff raising successive concerns. The island is small. People talk especially when concerns are so high. The staff involved have no 'political axe to grind' and are not doing this for 'political gain' they want a safe hospital for their family and friends. They want honesty, transparency and management that is supportive, listens and responds in a robust and timely manner to legitimate concerns. After all there is only one hospital. Management needs to resign to restore any confidence.
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