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  1. To be fair, it’s been going down hill over the last few years hasn’t it? the coffee shop used to be packed and now empty ( probably the lack of customer service) and clothes lines deteriorated.
  2. It means that nothing will change but someone will be paid a lot.
  3. The swimming pools changing rooms have been a complete mess up. Who on earth chose the 1980’s prison colour scheme? What’s wrong with shades of blue?? It looks horrid.
  4. I’m afraid there has been no external review by any external body Specific to or knowledgeable in psychiatry despite some calling for it ( for years)
  5. Yes he was. He agreed all sorts of things that just wouldN’t have been able to happen in England due to checks and balances. Up until very recently psychiatry was left out on a limb managerially. Dr Byrne was able to pull the wool over all the peoples eyes because a) psychiatry is stigmatised and so are it’s patients ( see previous comments disbelieving and blaming the patient for Dr Byrne’s behaviour) and because b) he was a liar ( proven in the court case) with a charming exterior. I know of other serious complaints made against him, investigated and white washed. Anyway. I hope that the senior management ( Med Director and above) will now look hard at what has been going on, not take superficial platitudes and make improvements to the service but with all of those very, very misguided senior clinicians who have had a very cosy relationship with him and still working there I am not holding my breath. I hope they hold their heads in shame. Bad people only thrive when good people look the other way.
  6. Shambles I am absolutely sure. I’m afraid the rot goes right through and to the core.
  7. Please read the findings. The most concerning thing for me was the positive testimonials from his cronies that all still work there. https://www.mpts-uk.org/-/media/mpts-rod-files/dr-timothy-byrne-30-july-2020.pdf They knew dodgy things were going on. However, they all benefited from him agreeing their wages and leave.
  8. Glad you all think that this serious matter is so trivial. Clearly you have never tried to access local mental health services which have been a shambles for years.
  9. No this doctor took advantage of a patient, crossed professional boundaries and lied about it. He had also been fleecing the system without any oversight at all and surrounded himself in likeminded cronies. All bad. Watch out for those moving into private practice locally as the spotlight falls on them!!
  10. So Dr Byrne has been struck off. Hasn’t been any official announcement of this. After all we don’t want to lift the stone to see what else there might be underneath. Problem is, it keeps on seeping out and covering everyone else.
  11. Unfortunately, I beg to disagree. I do not have your level of confidence in any of those mentioned. All turned a blind eye to Dr Byrne and plenty of other things going on. Actually they don’t have a clue. God help them all
  12. Who is heading up/ leading the mental health services at the moment? seems like there is a massive vacuum
  13. I am so sorry for you. I hope that all of his patients have been contacted by the service to let them know what has happened and to provide a contact for any concerns. Many people had raised concerns about this doctor for years. They were dismissed as he had a charming facade and there was absolutely no oversight as to what he was actually doing. He literally wrote his own paycheck and surrounded himself with those who looked the other way or benefitted financially from him ( as he decided the pay for doctors working in psychiatry) I suspect that a lot of tax payers money fraudulently lost and unrecoverable.
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