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  1. Went travelling around Asia Jan to April which was amazing and got a cheap n' cheerful week next month in Greece to look forward to.
  2. It was on the HPAS application form. I saw it with my own eyes, clear as day. I didn't notice it, and I certainly didn't have it pointed out to me, or explained to me. It could have well been on the form but written in such jargon that we didn't pick up on it??!!
  3. I sometimes walk past the stone saddle sticking out from the wall on Saddlestone Road and often wonder who put it there and why/ I think you are meant to sit on it and try and spit in the hole in it!! Disgusting eh? Ha ha So, do any Manxies know the history to it please?
  4. Stacks or should I say shoals of mullet in Douglas harbour by the Bridge pub in TT week.
  5. Two very serious and important questions.... Are the papers in yet and will the pubs be open??!! (only really need to know about the papers before I venture out!!)
  6. The information on the 3 radio stations about the roads etc is woeful. far better info on here!!
  7. One or two weeks wages to a premiership footballer if they wanted to buy them!
  8. What about the ones that built the boat at the side of their house up by Robinson's on the Terrace? Did it ever set sail??!
  9. my desk - but don't tell my boss!
  10. Whatever you do, in my recomendation don't get a bank to do it and then let them deal with it after. A relative of mine died last Sept and despite it being a 'straightforward' will with no property involoved we are STILL waiting for it to be settled. I have been told that they usually 'sit on the money' for a year (earning the interest) in the meantime. Also, it is costing a bl**dy fortune in fees. Said relative would be spinning in his grave if he knew!
  11. I used to live in Anagh Coar, until we were lucky (only 8 years ago at the age of 39) to buy a house. Now we have a mortgage right up to retirement age but it was still something we wanted to do. But we couldn't have done it years ago while earning crap money and bringing up a family. Saying that, I think that the fairest system would be means testing to set rent rates. Then those who are too old to buy a house and move out of public sector housing pay a more 'market priced' rent than those who truely need subsidised accomodation.
  12. I am Mamx born and bred and have never lived anywhere else but you can bet that when people try and guess where I am from they always say Liverpool and yet I haven't even been there on a day trip in decades! (Which really irritates me cause I am a Manchester United fan!! )
  13. Not been there for a while, but will go and have a look in the next few weeks....
  14. As a first timer (but well and truely bitten by the bug) I would like the organisers to put more toilets out for the ladies (its ok for the men, they can do it anywhere!!) as I think that some ladies would have lost valuable time by queuing at toilets. I know I queued for at least 6 minutes at Santon.
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