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  1. I know this reply is a bit late, but I have not been here in a while. What makes that a good photo ? To me, its your boys face, any other expression and it wouldnt be as good, he looks frustrated (no doubt at being lost) and his smile shouts "Just get on with it"... It tells a story, and/or encourages an emotion to the viewer.
  2. Not the IOM sadly, missing it loads recently.
  3. surround screen porn, nice stu!
  4. Send in Jeremy Kyle. Nevermind water cannons, use a mine flail.
  5. I would be lost without mine.
  6. Ok, lets take the lone tree for example. Rather than upload the full jpeg online, shrink the image yourself to say about 800pix wide, then do either a sharpen or 1pt unsharp mask on it (I dont use photoshop so not sure where it is or what it is called) finally save it for the web. when you upload the re-edited version, do a side by side and see what you think.
  7. LOL, one last thing buddy, I pressume you dont do a sharpen when you re-size images for use on the net, I noted a few looked softer than I am sure they are at full res. I enjoy looking through your pics, memories... sweet memories.
  8. Cret, are they not the branches of a tree causing that look on the sun ?
  9. I think this is an example of HDR done well, subtle is good. I'd be tempted to straighten up that horizon though. Kris
  10. I pulled someone out the water near there late on a winters night many moons ago. I wanna medal.
  11. I still keep looking in from time to time mate, I often feel like an imposter as a come-over then a go-over, lol You still killing everything with HDR ? lol
  12. Just popping by, alright all ? Here's a few from the last 2 weeks. Yeah, got a thing for Fords recently, lol
  13. Is that one of mine ?
  14. Sadly not the Manx hills.
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