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  1. When I first heard Roy Gough on the Mannin Line, he was going on about the price of bread and the price of petrol. He had loads of figures and compared the prices with various parts of the UK. At first I thought he was a right anorak and then it dawned on me that what he had was a well researched argument. He was an inteligent guy, a good man. It was Roy that was probably the first person to indicate, at least in public, that the VAT figures were extremely favourable. He often sat in the public gallery in the House of Keys and Tynwald. Roy had the measure of many of them and could see right through the waffle and front. He was never offensive but even so, knew how to express his opinion decently. Although I am not knocking Barrie, he is a comletely different kettle of fish.
  2. Wann


    And this evening at Pulrose Methodist Hall 7:30pm. I am off the Island but would have liked to attend to show my respects in the afternoon and a chat in the evening.
  3. I believe that barstard Hitler used to do the same in that bunker. No one could tell him though.
  4. The taxpayer are paying a lot of fat cat former civil servants that much per week in pension. Our society has plenty of money but obviously those that control it are going to keep it for themselves. A big car and a couple of expensive holidays per year for the rest of their lives doesn't come cheap.
  5. Perish the thought indeed. And all this coming from the non-department that is The General Registry. Although to be fair the Chief Registrar is the brother of an MHK.
  6. The issue is that Bill Malarkey has to be seen to be doing stuff for his constituents. Come what may, he'll be the winner. It's a bit like the girl who was not allowed to have her father's house in Pulrose, when he died. Rules are rules and all that, and Douglas Corporation could only go by the rules. Then big Cretters got involved and Hey Presto! the lass gets the house and David Cretney gets his Pully sainthood endorsed.
  7. I have little doubt that the advocates who were employed to do the conveyancing and advice would have clearly pointed this out. Who were the advocates involved, btw?
  8. Jeesus, FACT you've plummetted in my estimation. And no, the others did not "manage it", the lad Hanson didn't. You don't work for The General Registry do you? As Cat Turner said on the radio, this was the day before nominations closed and one of the assentors was told they were not on the list (when in FACT it transpired they were). I believe after all the fiasco with the voters' lists the mistake caused both candidate and assentor a bit of panic. Hey, but, you know, as was said by the Chief Registrar himself on the radio this morning, it was a mistake. Lessons have been learned. Well done Cat Turner for being forgiving and philosphical about the matter.
  9. Aye, but being handed out to the candidates by the Government?
  10. Back on topic, there was someone on the radio said that Douglas East candidate Cat Turner was given an incomplete electoral roll. Incidentally, how many nomination names are needed? I reckon if my life depended on it I could raise two.
  11. MTTV: Clare Bettison Kurt Buchholz Richard Falk Jon Joughin John McBride Geraldine O'Neill Cat Turner
  12. And 10 years ago manxforums was incredulous that it was 30 years! How many of us will be here for the 50 years? I will put a note in my diary to try and get the first post up.
  13. Yep, that's his line and a very noble one it sounds. At first sight. But he means it literally, in that what he would appear to want to leave a better world for HIS grandchildren (ie not the accepted phrase of the generic next national generation). For example, Robertshaw's family are all on private health care. So hey, why not make everyone have to go on private health care, pay for it out of their own pockets like he does. And Mr Robertshaw will surely not have to worry about any of his family having to go on the dole, so hey, let's kick these lazy people on the dole in the teeth, who are taking money out of the system. etc. Such politics are very easy when you have a privileged background and have been successful through whatever means (I accept CR has worked hard for his pile) . "I can do it so why can't you lot just follow my wonderful example" That is the worst brand of Toryism through and through.
  14. Actually, the £120,000 bubble gum machine was being used a couple of weeks ago in Strand Street on the new granite blocks, at night. When you consider the cost of an operative/s and also the back up for water supply, electricity etc. it becomes a mighty expensive machine. For a £1000 a week I would easily go round every main street in Douglas with a scraper and a bottle of solvent stuff, and keep the place chuddy free. http://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/43821-douglas-corpy-spends-l120000-on-chewing-gum-picky-uppy-machine/?p=593589
  15. Chris Robertshaw has a contribution to make, an important one when it comes to providing the drive & forcefulness needed to take on the Committee of Chief Executive Officers and taking IOMG into the digital 21st century - he has to compromise & collaborate with others in the political sphere to get things done however I agree with what you are suggesting. But, he does not have the ability to control his ego. He has demonstrated that already. A hotel manager most of his working life then achieves his long standing ambition to be a National Politician, with the big boys, with power and hosting meetings with the likes of Nicola Sturgeon etc. He goes off on a power trip which involves not only sticking two fingers up to the people who elected him and who he is supposed to represent, but also loses the confidence of the people he has to work with. The guy is a smooth talking eccentric fantacist. Aye, he'll walk the general election, but he has lost credibility as a backbencher and also as a member of Government.
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