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  1. At least it got to see you Notail. No such luck for us trying to get back from Gatwick.
  2. He's so talented,that Jeremy. Showing off all his best talents. Vacuuming, giving out face masks, passenger stooging, watching cargo being unloaded, sauntering around the terminal hope hope hoping someone recognises him, overdramatic counting down minutes... My word, what absolute unbelievable expertise our airport is missing out on now!
  3. Not wrong - but when the aircraft was turned over Liverpool the reported visibility was 300m. I'd be interested to know what equipment would have been required at the airport that would have allowed for a succesful landing.
  4. From what has been posted earlier it would seem that the management in the airport not only knew but actually actively promoted the shortage of staff.
  5. A mate of mine has booked a Cessna to come in from Sywell on Race Saturday - is there any indication when this information will be published to pilots?
  6. "did so much for him" yes, including employing him without the appropriate qualification to perform the role. Caveat emptor.....
  7. I have been informed. Airport Director. Vacant. Acting director, off sick. Deputy, resigned. Chaos.
  8. A truly private (i.e. not simply an arm's length government quango) would not touch an operation unless it could actually make money. Despite the fiction of the York report, this airport never can or will because of the limitations and nature of the operation. The sooner that is accepted the better. And the sooner the poor decision making could* be controlled (* Subject to appropriate scrutiny)
  9. Wait a minute... Somewhere in my memory I'm sure I remember seeing that Anne R was heavily involved in the project... https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/new-isle-man-ferry-terminal-16101712 I just wonder, having been chucked down the road from "ports" back to airport ( but with a proviso that she remained "on" the ferry terminal project, she then jacked in the airport last year. But... Is she still involved in the ferry terminal project? She cited her resignation on spending time with family in the UK but appearing on our tunes on MR this week appears to have gone nowhere. Anybody know whether she is still involved?
  10. ? As in not there last night
  11. Rumour on the taxi rank is that the lights haven't arrived
  12. Not sure what you're getting at offshoremanxman. If you're implying that the people in ATC are shirking work you couldn't be further from the truth. Due to resignations, retirements and no adequate replacements, the section has around 65% of normal operating complement. And have to be there, whether it's as busy as it was or not. Working at "normal capacity" is absolutely fine, if you have the numbers to support it. Bear in mind too, sickness since Covid has been negligible, despite having to remain open. That is fortuitous, but may not last. An interesting read here too about remote towers; clearly states ideal for one runway operations. The DoI have been trumpeting this last week or two how brilliant nit is that they've completed work on the cross runway ( even if it is still closed...) . Another factor that would make a remote tower more complex and difficult to achieve. https://www.nats.aero/features/one-size-does-not-fit-all/
  13. Correct. The change of post title and 16% hike in salary coincided with the arrival of the current "Deputy airport director"
  14. Every dictionary description refers to the shape of a roundel as "circular" . Same as a roundabout .... Perhaps that's why people are believing they are indeed such a thing. ( Well apart from DoI press releases saying so)
  15. Anyone seen the Airport Director job advertised?
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