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  1. Not sure what you're getting at offshoremanxman. If you're implying that the people in ATC are shirking work you couldn't be further from the truth. Due to resignations, retirements and no adequate replacements, the section has around 65% of normal operating complement. And have to be there, whether it's as busy as it was or not. Working at "normal capacity" is absolutely fine, if you have the numbers to support it. Bear in mind too, sickness since Covid has been negligible, despite having to remain open. That is fortuitous, but may not last. An interesting read here too about remote towers; clearly states ideal for one runway operations. The DoI have been trumpeting this last week or two how brilliant nit is that they've completed work on the cross runway ( even if it is still closed...) . Another factor that would make a remote tower more complex and difficult to achieve. https://www.nats.aero/features/one-size-does-not-fit-all/
  2. Correct. The change of post title and 16% hike in salary coincided with the arrival of the current "Deputy airport director"
  3. Every dictionary description refers to the shape of a roundel as "circular" . Same as a roundabout .... Perhaps that's why people are believing they are indeed such a thing. ( Well apart from DoI press releases saying so)
  4. Anyone seen the Airport Director job advertised?
  5. Well, there we go. RIP Heathrow, again. Last service last night and the Jet they were using scarpered. And then today the only local based aircraft died leaving the "patient transfer flight" as the Manx radio wallies refer to it grounded for 2 hours. Normal service ? You decide....
  6. It is. But don't worry...
  7. Indeed. Whatever the whys and wherefores about the existence or authenticity of a letter, reading it for that purpose was a bad misjudgement.
  8. sources report the Dr is on leave , acess pass suspended.
  9. I had heard that the interview was not in person but by video....
  10. Except with about a 14% uplift from the previous scale for AOM. When the principle of new terms for new starters was to reduce scales by about 8%....
  11. Contacts within the airport tell me that the director has issued an email to all airport staff basically exonerating the management team of any responsibility and slapping the blame firmly on Aurigny. What's the betting that behind closed doors, the fuel landing fees and handling charges at Manchester will be refunded to Aurigny by the Department of Enterprise?
  12. The NOTAM in force at the time of the flight stayed AD available from 1000 UTC, i.e 11am local.
  13. I sincerely hope so. Can the IOM taxpayer afford to fund this sort of narcissism?
  14. Yep, but remember when it does happen, they are the mhks who voted now for approval of an arms length company without any clue of the subject and trusting in a bunch of consultants only interested in claiming their cream, who only say there Might be some savings possible. So they are 100% accountable for the upcoming fiasco.
  15. And manannan held up to let the Ben berth first!
  16. It is in operation I believe. Better late than never!
  17. Eastern might look expensive on the surface but when you consider it's baggage included and includes catering and a proper safe attendant supported service which requires APD to be paid too it starts to look a bit better. What I'm not altogether sure on is whether one a day to each will attract enough business. Hopefully if pad support them they might consider basing a 41 on island again.
  18. What on earth does this have to do with the topic ?
  19. Sorry for the OT amusement. Spellchekkas suck. Ill try again.... Whose, asitis?
  20. Went for my constitutional this afternoon along the road past hango. One of the two dishes is stopped. Any news asitis?
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