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  1. Anyone got any thoughts on the Island giving funds to the labour party?
  2. robby14

    Car Leasing

    Had a look at this site mmm interesting! http://www.time4leasing.co.uk/IsleofMan.asp
  3. robby14

    Car Leasing

    Had a look at this site mmm interesting! http://www.time4leasing.co.uk/
  4. robby14

    Car Leasing

    Does anyone lease their car over here instead of buying and what are the pitfalls/benefits?
  5. Why are you paying search fees? I would have expected the buyer/their solicitors to be doing the searches. Equally with regard to conveyancing there may be a small charge in drafting the contract so you can exchange but the property has not be sold therefore no conveyance. Aye Lost Login,we were buying as well.
  6. Can you claim back any expenses, ie search fees and conveyance fees if the buyer pulls out of buying just before signing the contract.?
  7. " to supervise the cases are handled correctly" HaHa thats a joke! I have been down there to do contract work and I have seen a baggage handler physically kicking bags onto the trolley that goes to the plane.
  8. robby14

    Fuel prices

    just had a look at that, eye opener,there must be some rich people over here, just had a look at some of the design fees paid OMG!
  9. robby14

    tesco pricing

    Doesn't that make sense tho,make the saving and get a decent bottle of wine!!
  10. robby14

    tesco pricing

    Also W.E Teares in Ramsey for fresh meat!!
  11. robby14

    Fuel prices

    They say we might have to wait a couple of weeks for fuel prices at the pumps to come down, what a joke,as soon as the prices are to rise in the UK they whack them up here the same night.
  12. Have you heard this ,this am. http://www.manxradio.com/newsread.aspx?id=72773 What they mean by that I don`t know ,we can choose between Sure & MT ,wow!
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