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  1. There's been no progress in catching the criminals that committed 47 burglaries earlier this year. That's according to the Home Affairs Minister who says police activity surrounding the epidemic put a stop to their activity on Island. However he admits police haven't gathered enough evidence to pin down those responsible despite them saying it was a "top priority". So it was the Police that stopped them yeah right!
  2. The video is excellent. Good PR for IOM
  3. A pensioner from Douglas who was fined £600 less than a month ago for pressing a two-foot long snake against a woman’s car window has been arrested again. We reported in the Manx Independent on June 11, how Andrew John Fielding, aged 65, of Hutchinson Square, was convicted of provoking behaviour. This time, Fielding approached an 18-year-old woman in the Villa Marina Gardens on June 21, and asked her: ‘If I show you something, do you promise not to scream?’
He then proceeded to show her the frightened woman the milk snake.Fielding appeared in court today (Tuesday), where he pleaded guilty to a provoking behaviour charge. He will be sentenced on August 4.
  4. Well the price difference between the two is £1395, given you'd have to put that car through the Manx test allow maybe £500 for that, then you'd have registration costs the difference is nearer £2000. If you can find another Mercedes CL55 AMG on the IOM for 6k in working order I'll be amazed. It's not in full working order though!
  5. Its an absolute steal, If I had the cash readily available I'd snap this up, I can't think of any car for £3500 that offers this sort of luxury and performance. Rest assured anyone who buys this car will never lose money, the cheapest on Ebay from a private seller is £4,895 at the moment, the engine alone is going anywhere from £1700-£3000 The one one ebay is in working order though. This one for sale is not!
  6. You imply some deliberate conspiracy. I never suggested any such thing. I put aeroplane pollution in the same category as petroleum pollution by cars, nuclear fallout by nuclear reactors, industrial contamination of rivers, destruction of the rainforest for logging and raising cattle, oil spills, etc. Human beings are short-sighted and corporations by their very constitution make decisions for profit before anything else. Don't tell me corporations only ever do things which are good for the planet and never do anything destructive to its long term future. Rod, you truly are crazy!
  7. Emergency Services turned out to Ronaldsway this evening after two light aircraft collided on the airfield. There were no inuries but the aircraft involved sustained damage. The IOM Fire Service issued this statement: At approximately 17:25hrs on Friday 12th June 2015 appliances from Castletown, Port Erin and Douglas Stations were dispatched by the Emergency Joint Control Room following a report of an incident involving two small aircrafts that had collided on the runway at Ronaldsway Airport. This was a pre-determined attendance to give back up to the Airports own Fire and Rescue Service which had also been deployed. On arrival crews identified that the aircraft were two small Cessna aircraft that had crossed each other’s path at low speed. Unfortunately one of the aircraft received damage to its wing caused by contact with the propeller of the other aircraft. Although there were no injuries caused to the pilots one wing of one of the Cessna’s was left a foot shorter. The Air Accident Investigation Branch was informed of all details and all appliances were stood down with no further assistance required.
  8. Nothing to say just wanted the 101st post in this crazy thread!
  9. All Recorded e-mail addresses of Manx residents held by the Income Tax Division were circulated last night. It happened when a member of staff sent an e-mail to inform people that it had joined Twitter to the recipients on its mailing list. Each of the addresses were openly copied-in - instead of being concealed for data protection purposes. Since then, the division has apologised for what it calls an 'unacceptable lapse' in judgement - which has been put down to a 'mistake'. A spokesperson says no other information has been released, and an internal investigation has now begun. It's ok though it was just a "mistake"
  10. Public hears from three of the four candidates There was a good turn out at a requisition meeting last night, ahead of a by-election in Douglas tomorrow. Last night candidates for Douglas South headed the political debate, which more than 50 people attended. Only three of the four candidates spoke on the panel. Amy Burns explained her absence in a letter read to the audience. She said she was attending another meeting with constituents which would be 'more beneficial to her campaign'. The other candidates are independents Bill Malarkey and Kurt Buchholz and Lib Van member Keith Fitton. Manx Radio spoke to some members of the audience after the meeting: Dont think those in attendance were happy with Burns lame excuse
  11. It is that bad you have flown with them "a few times recently". Scaremongering nonsense
  12. Not related. They will never catch the one from earlier in the year. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/six-arrests-in-burglary-probe-1-7253226 Six people have been arrested on suspicion of burglary. But police stress that the arrests are not linked to the unprecedented spate of break-ins in the island earlier this year. Police confirmed in the early hours of Sunday that six people had been arrested on suspicion of burglary and that inquiries and interviews are on-going.
  13. I noticed that as well. She is telling porkies!
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