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  1. I once saw a film about Turkey. If you get caught wont they put you in prison and the guard do some terrible things to you and dangling your from feet and that?
  2. Well, I thought an alternative angle ius better than all the glowing and Isle of Sam business, and general hysteria. Also, i wanted to reflect what comes over from the whole sorry show. Barry Humphries gushing, Andrew-Lloyd Webber letching etc. etc. The show itself and to be honest a lot of this show business stuff creeps me out and makes me cringe. Anyway, apologies. No offence intended,
  3. Manx Radio must think everyone at the TT is a silly teenager and giggling and stupid on wkd. There is after all only so much of Chris Williams' jokes and wisecracks you can take. Strangely though my irritation system has become nummed and immune to Alex Brindley. Should I continue to listen so the same happens with Chris et al or should I just switch and lissten to bbc Radio 4. I must say though that there is no way, no way at all that I could ever gt used to Andy Mitchell who has come back yet again to radio TT. Come back George Fergussin, all is forgiven!!!
  4. Hers a weblink to some photos of the carts for last year http://www.bbc.co.uk/isleofman/content/ima...n_gallery.shtml I think there is some good machines there
  5. Well as far as I understand it has never been fully established what it was that meatloaf would do anything - but he wouldn't do that was.
  6. So whether or not it is a misnomer, it is Foxdale. To "manxify" it as fuxdul is pretemtiousness, pseudo and effected. A dale is a dale is a dale. And so is a fox.
  7. I'm pretty sure there has been a byelaw in place, especially for Douglas promenade since 2001. If I remember correctly you can be told to stop drinking by the police and then if you are caught again then they can arrest you. This applies all year round - not just for TT, it's probably just enforced more that is all. Only info I can find off hand is this: http://www.gov.im/infocentre/archived_rele...a_drinking.html Same goes for Peel, Ramsey etc. thats actually very interesting. The no drink areas are strictly designated and in fact there is always an abundance of signs saying "i
  8. So you vote for Sam then. With Amy being so famouse and unpredictable and all that, it would be an interesting time plus you would be in teh papers and that and on tv
  9. Wiith Amy Winehouse repiorted as being on the Island for TT and of course Samantha being from here, who would you best want to spend an evening with and why? I personally can't decide and it isn't as easy a choice as I first thought. And where would you go on the Island for an evening out?
  10. The above is far to predicatble. What your young fella should do is learn pi to as many decimal places as possible (click it for 1000 places. Then change the number of syllables to talk in according to the next pi number.
  11. A bit off topic but: I think you will find most folk in Foxdale promounce it "fox-dale". Only Manx Radio DJs say "fox-del' or foxdul. same as Andreas, where most folk say and have always said "andree-as", not "an-drus". Only foolish comeovers and Manx Radio DJs come up with all this new sudo pronounciation shite. edited to say back on topic. tbh (to be honest) i;m not sure if i prefer Amy or Sam now. At least Amy is here on teh Island and you never do know, as the old folk used to say.
  12. I'm glad they are back safe. did anyone ever find Tony's weapons of mass destruction?
  13. Your not aloud to drink along Douglas Promenade. Even if there is NO ACTUAL LAW against it. (although maybe there should be - which I agrea to) This is actually Fascism at the thin edge of the end.
  14. Best not to knock the BBC until after Sam has done her singing and dance thing.
  15. I don't mean to put oil on troubled waters here, but 4 syllables is pretty easy. 8 or 16 is nigh on very difficult. You could be more powerful or intelligent than a 4er
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