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  1. I shouldn’t have even made a comment to be honest, it was the subject matter that drew me in, because there has been times where people do seem to have got away lightly with highly inappropriate behaviour, it’s an emotive subject. On reflection I think Roxanne has nailed it with the comment about drama, I need to look at my own behaviour as I jumped on this far to quick without any real thought and now feel all it’s done is draw negativity out, when actually it’s AF that needs to defend his own actions.
  2. If your definition of mental means he’s old school, not interested in nanny state nonsense, doesn’t conform nor inspire to be anything other than himself and probably born about 30 years too late than yeah he’s pretty mental.
  3. I’ve got screenshots of the original posts, as I’m sure many others have, this was all around the same time a UK hunt group caught a local man interacting and sending images to one of the groups members who was pretending to be a minor, no such law on the IOM to cover this (yet) and because no crime was technically committed as the child was actually an adult posing as a minor. Anyway things snowballed from that, quite a few of the same names popped up time and time again for inappropriate behaviour, then there was a suspended sentence handed down for indecent images and that lit the tou
  4. That’s just a good example of the common sheeple though isn’t it? The herding instinct.
  5. I’d say white shirt and a gilet/waistcoat on, trickery of bright lights and reflection. As far as I’m aware M&S haven’t started doing butler in the buff, I’m sure that would make its own headlines.
  6. I can see this getting locked fairly sharpish, most of the details surrounding this are still in the public domain for anyone that wants to do their research. Mr A.F didn’t pick these names out of a hat and randomly start accusing people. Once the law is updated A.F will be considered a hero, until then minors can still be contacted using phone messaging apps by adults posing as minors, ask them inappropriate questions, request pictures and more disgusting behaviour.
  7. I assume this is something I can take up with my local commissioners? I don’t see the point in waiting for MT to put the poles into position and then try to appeal, it would be far better to see where they intend to sight them beforehand.
  8. As much as I understand the reasons behind using telegraph poles rather than digging up roads/pavements, I do wonder how much planning goes into the placing a telegraph pole, does it go through planning permission? I can see how telegraph poles in some estates, where every inch of space was used during development could well be an issue, particularly on the edge of driveways where the pavement is used to swing off/on the driveway.
  9. My understanding is that the letter was authored, however the author wished to remain anonymous. I don’t believe the letter should have been read out though regardless.
  10. There is definitely some subtle differences and you would be wise to speak with someone who has a professional understanding of both, from my personal experience I’ve been employed by an English company over here who reduced their contract to comply with the bare minimum allowed within Manx law, 15 days holiday, I think it was working 4.5 hours before you were entitled to a 15 minute break, no pension entitlement and I think the only benefit was minimum wage was higher here.
  11. I haven’t watched it all but of the 20 minutes I’ve just listened to, Rachel came across knowledgeable yet equally very down to earth. On that note I have to say Paul Moulton makes a good interviewer, if he could deliver questions the same way during press briefings it would make things far more pleasant to listen too.
  12. I also covered that earlier, so we’re definitely singing from the same hymn sheet but whilst the driver may be 99% responsible, the one nagging ‘what if’ will be applied here, if that warning sticker was placed on the isolator or by the handbrake, would the incident still have happened? I think more worryingly from all accounts he wasn’t the only driver to use the hold brake and mess with the isolator so potentially this was a ticking time bomb.
  13. Quite realistic designs, bet they’ll build them first and then realise a double decker bus won’t fit afterwards
  14. I haven’t missed the point, I raised that very point earlier on in the thread, but if an employer is told something really ought to carry a warning sticker and they ignore that advice, that makes them negligent. As for the other incident involving a private company, that was an issue with the load and not the vehicle, the load is the drivers responsibility and having an insecure load will be quite costly for that driver.
  15. I kept my nose fairly clean, didn’t have any further run ins with the police although I think that was luck more than anything.
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