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  1. I haven’t seen this mentioned yet but quite often staff and machinery are now sub contracted in at quite substantial rates, the likes of road sweepers and bin lorries but really any machinery that suffers a breakdown then the likes of JCK will be called in as a back up. They’re definitely keeping vehicles longer than they used to and it’s a doubled edged sword because as soon as the vehicles are out of warranty they continue to use genuine parts and it costs a small fortune for the upkeep on even the cheapest of vehicles.
  2. Annoymouse


    That’s going to be fairly irritating for other passengers though and with data protection being the way it is they’d have to carefully screen what was being said over the radio. I prefer the option of recording mobile phone use using a camcorder or similar and capturing number plate details with a view to sending F.P.N through the post.
  3. Annoymouse


    One fine would cover their bus fare for the month.
  4. Annoymouse


    Cracking idea to be fair and ideal for around town, a relatively low cost option too.
  5. Annoymouse


    Good question, there is no exact answer other than trying other ways of catching people, it would be somewhat trial and error. I’ve seen a HGV tractor unit used across with two police officers in it, they drive alongside with the camera pointing towards the lower down cars, much easier to catch the phones in the laps etc. We don’t have Dual carriageways or motorways to take full advantage of this but it could be used at numerous junctions that have 2 or more lanes. Perhaps a undercover police motorcycle filtering through traffic could capture mobile phone use with a head cam or similar? Peel rd/ QB/ Bray Hill between 8/9am being a particular hot spot. I saw a HGV driver with their phone glued to their ear yesterday, truth be told it’s probably on my dash cam but I don’t want to be one of those dash cam wankers that reports everything. If there was a way to issue a warning rather than prosecution I’d be tempted.
  6. Annoymouse


    They could catch 96 within a week if they really wanted to.
  7. Annoymouse


    The current mobile phone ban is widely ignored, usage is fairly blatant, people hide their phones under the wheel or in their lap, texting/messaging is far more common than an old fashioned phone call so perhaps the cops look for the ones with their phone glued to their ear. Smoking in company vehicles is another fairly blatant rule broken daily, if they ever needed to top up their Christmas party fund that would definitely be the one to go for. Is smoking with kids in the car also banned? I still see that daily and what happened about needing booster seats for kids under a certain age/height?
  8. So the mistake is the children ringing the parents then. If they truly fear a pupil may use a weapon such as a knife, the first step is to report it to the teacher/nearest adult , parents at home/work aren’t going to be able to help them if a situation did develop. Lets be honest, knife crime can’t really be policed, if someone wants to bring in a weapon they will, you can’t screen every child going through the school doors, are parents supposed to be hiding the knives in their kitchen drawers now? I know of one unhinged kid at school who brought in a knife, but he was frequently fighting (usually starting them). This guy was the sort to make anything into a weapon, he used to wrap a bicycle chain around his knuckles like a knuckle duster, he used to punch a bucket of sand believing it hardened his knuckles, he also made his own nunchucks. Ironically he was actually fairly smart and quite creative, he thrived in Art. I’ve no doubt he’d have multiple labels from society by now.
  9. Yes, there was also a fair bit of drugs in school, mostly glue sniffers but there was a few who brought a bit of weed in or coke, again no doubt stolen from their parents. Alcohol also featured as did cigarettes, do kids sell vape pens or liquid instead now?
  10. How would I know which part? I’ll try and answer as best as I can to cover all points. I know of several garages that openly advertise or you could say ‘specialise’ in removing said items. I know of 3 people who can remap the cars and code out removed items from ECU so engine/emission lights don’t appear (there is likely to be more). I see cars advertised daily on a number of Facebook groups advertising the fact these items have been removed. As for insurance it’s quite simple, people either aren’t told the car has been modified or they don’t understand that it’s considered a modification or their told it’s just common practice that all cars have their DPF removed on the island as they soot up from short journeys. Don’t pay £500+ for a new one or an hours labour to plug it in and do a regen cycle, just have it removed. Insurance doesn’t take ignorance as an excuse, the driver is responsible for the vehicle and it’s condition.
  11. Yes, Fair point......... I just read ‘emissions’ in the title and went on a little rant. I’m sick of seeing people modifying their cars, not informing their insurance company of their ‘modifications’ from removing the likes of DPF/EGR/CATS, it will bite someone in the arse one day when the assessor actually does their job and their insurance is invalid. Sorry I’ve just gone on a little rant again lol....
  12. Thank goodness someone else said this, I read about the knife ‘incident’ today and couldn’t believe the sheer over reaction. Perhaps with the invention of mobile phones, kids no longer bring in their dads fishing knife or BB gun/air rifles like some sort of show and tell. By far the most dangerous thing that was commonly used was actually a can of deodorant and a lighter!
  13. Annoymouse

    Manx Tunnel

    Isn’t there a shit load of wind turbines in the way? My understanding is they go pretty far underground?
  14. Not wealthy enough at the present moment, but if I had the money I’d have an electric car, a Tesla powerwall, a heat source pump, solar panels and every other bit of renewable energy tech that is currently available.
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