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  1. Depends on the reasons people feel trapped, every individual case is different but for those who have the option it would seem daft not too, a £1 an hour pay rise is huge, especially when lots of minimum wage workers absolutely hammer the overtime trying to earn a decent wage. When I was last on minimum wage I was doing between 50-60 hours a week, so potentially £200 a month extra, I’d be moving to somewhere with cheaper rent and actually living rather than existing.
  2. I’ve just seen the clip on the news, it said minimum wage will raise to £9.18 in the UK, It didn’t sound like it had been finalised either.
  3. I don’t think the minimum wage rate has changed since 2019 (correct me if I’m wrong please) so it’s not exactly a surprise to hear we have fell behind, I think it was slightly offset by us having a higher tax threshold but this increase will certainly change things somewhat! Any minimum wage worker would be absolutely stupid to stay here given our increased cost of living, even more so with the gas price hike.
  4. I ordered some 2 weeks ago online and they never arrived, I wonder if that happened to anyone else? MIC told me they’ve not had any complaints or any problems……..
  5. In that case, why was it acceptable for David Ashford to answer medical questions at press conferences? I’d rather have a Dr who’s actually knowledge on a subject than someone like Ashford who pretends to have the knowledge, for me that was more concerning, especially watching the public lap the information up and believe it as gospel.
  6. Best for Heath minister would probably have been Dr Allinson IMO.
  7. Tried that, apparently I pick perfumes that smell like a tarts handbag 🤷‍♂️
  8. Never met the man (to my knowledge at least) but I only ever heard good things said about him, my thoughts are with his family and friends.
  9. Might be going a bit OTT now but on the same subject I do think that’s why some women absolutely douse themselves in perfume, either time of the month or an infected smelling axe wound.
  10. Difficult one, I hate most of the perfumes that my missus wears for example, but she does get compliments from other women. Personally I prefer a sweet smelling perfume whereas she prefers the strong smelling flowery/old granny type. That said I’d rather smell any strong perfume than BO.
  11. I didn’t know Ashford could play the trombone, let alone a rusty one.
  12. Postage on eBay just isn’t remotely competitive, buyers have more delivery options/services in the UK, any basic tracked service (a must to stop false claims and buyers also want to track items) is considerably less than IOM post, if we had a local Hermes or Yodel drop off I’d probably use that service but waiting for Hermes to collect can take 2-3 days and buyers don’t like waiting. I don’t find DHL, UPS, TNT or FedEx remotely competitive either, they all charge more for IOM-UK than UK-IOM which seems a bit mad when trailers go back half empty, but they seem to want UK-IOM only.
  13. Worked with a few South Africans over the years, all were racist, the explanation I was given was that black people basically ruled the country, white people were effectively second class, treated like shit and so would effectively stick together, so that created the White v Blacks scenario basically, this for some reason carried on to all black people, rather than just those from their own country. The White South Africans I worked with mostly stuck together, talked in their own language at lot of the time and were just generally quite arrogant and rude, unfortunately they didn’t seem to appreciate they were no longer in South Africa, say that and suddenly you become the racist one!! I did meet a Black South African who told a different side, apparently blacks are still heavily exploited by rich white folk (aka slavery) which is still considered acceptable, this caused the Black people to fight back (and effectively fight for their rights) and the current situation is one where Blacks and Whites don’t mix unless absolutely desperate. The picture that was briefly painted to me made it sound like an absolute fucked up country where nobody trusts anyone else. Of the black and white South Africans I met both moved here with exactly the same goals, to get away for their depressing shit hole of a country, unfortunately it seems too challenging to simply leave their past views behind them.
  14. Well assuming the Estate Agent will also be the letting agent then it’s in their interest to say to let it out, the letting market is strong but you’ll be reliant on a good tenant, letting agents say they’ll do all their due diligence/reference checks but take that with a pinch of salt, their fees are expensive for what they actually do, should you get a bad tenant they’ll simply wash their hands of any responsibility. Sell while the market is high, invest nearer to your location (no idea about SA but I’d assume you’d be heavily taxed on any income from IOM anyway) ideally look at different streams of income so your capital isn’t at as much risk.
  15. GDPR also seems to be an ongoing issue, every time I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Nobles I have heard patients (or their records) being discussed, there is one particularly loud receptionist who whilst pleasant seems to project her voice like a fog horn, so you get to hear patients names, times, doctors, procedures (even learnt of woman who was in remission, their cancer coming back on the latest scan and how sad it was as they were such a lovely person etc) on the latest visit the computer showed a list of procedures and patients names, when informing the young girl of my findings she looked absolutely puzzled and looked at me like it was my fault for looking at the computer screen in the first place, well if you aren’t in front of the screen why not stick a lock screen on, I was placed in this seat and didn’t particularly want to have your screen in my line of sight!
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