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  1. It would be interesting to know how many have signed up to the new livestream service so far.
  2. For £48 it’s cheaper to get a number plate made up with the booking reg (£12 on eBay) and swap them over when you get to port.
  3. I’ve actually had a near miss there recently, the main issue being cars/vans parked obscuring the exit, near miss was a jogger rather than a cyclist, I stopped in time as did the jogger we sort of did the awkward raised hand apology thing and then waved it each on at the same time, it’s a 30mph zone but I personally slow down to more like 20-25mph on approach, because I’m expecting a hazard, it doesn’t stop some dickheads barrelling through at 40mph+ though. Not wanting to steer the subject away but tall 4x4s/vans/MPVs just shouldn’t be allowed to park near any junctions, it makes it so difficult to emerge and hides hazards, because you can’t see through the back window/windscreen, I have the same issue when trying to emerge from diagonal parking such as Ramsey Quay or Douglas prom, I have to have half my car sticking out before I can see anything coming.
  4. It was all his own doing, he was favoured only because he got involved in things he shouldn’t have done as health minister, i’m sure in his eyes he was simply going above and beyond, at one point it seemed any Covid query or Hospital query was typically responded with ‘email David Ashford, he helped me with X’ . Hooper had to remind everyone of what the job role should actually entail and that whilst Ashford might have taken on every little complaint, he would not be doing the same and that the proper channels should be always be followed in the first instance.
  5. The original gate system was/is shit, can you imagine opening/closing every single gate whilst on a bicycle or horse and having to dismount/walk through at each one, once to open it and then again to close it behind you? The staggered gate/fence system works far easier for everyone and forces people to slow down at these hazards, the only downside is for DOI/DEFA (well probably a contractor on behalf of) who will struggle to get equipment/vehicles down without removing the gates/fence completely. The signage in the above photo is very poor, one small blue sign to warn about a road crossing? they’ve even had to take a close up just to capture it and nothing on the road/pathway whatsoever, a simple look left/right before crossing would suffice.
  6. When the crossing was first unveiled the DOI was responding to concerns being voiced on Facebook, the general consensus was to wait and see rather than be a Debbie Downer about something newly unveiled, much like the red and black Kirk Michael crossing or the idiotic roundels.
  7. I wonder who’s got the bollocks to step up and take the treasury minister role at such a crucial time then?
  8. This is Government all over, never any liability/responsibility taken, so people can happily play around with stupid vanity projects without fear of any repercussions . DOI were never going to accept any liability/responsibility sadly. The fact the crossing was removed, gates installed and more signage warning of the traffic crossing ahead are all very telling though, so who on earth signed it off without them in first place? The paint on the road should have been the very last thing that was done, in a world of H&S it’s amazing making something look pretty takes priority over making something safe.
  9. What part of the vaccine was optional did all these dickheads not understand? You signed a consent form, stop blaming others for what was your decision.
  10. What about her ‘hacked’ Twitter account? Whatever way you looked at it that was an utter shit show and cast a shadow of doubt on everything for me.
  11. The important bit is that he knew all about it then and he knows all about it now, but why wasn’t this raised at the time? why has it taken an employment tribunal to make these events public knowledge? How many other complaints of bullying culture in DHSC has Ashford received and ignored?
  12. Ashford hasn’t changed whatsoever, people were happy to vote him in again despite seeing how he handled the regular Covid meetings, including the letter shredding incident which was either ignored or forgotten about by the masses, so why the sudden shift in attitude towards him? It was fairly obvious he always did what he thought was right, regardless of anyone else’s opinion or how more qualified they might have been on the subject.
  13. I’ll try and get a still from the dash cam, it’s in a prohibited/no spectator area right on the exit/racing line of a corner.
  14. The poles aren’t of any benefit to road users so how does that apply?
  15. Why is there never an effort made to reduce clutter/street furniture? I saw one of those solar thingies today and noticed it was on the exit of the corner, directly in the firing line....... why!?
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