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  1. Equally we’ve been told to only order essential items because the post office will be working on reduced numbers, has that advice changed? I know Manx Indy released a similar statement.
  2. Once everyone heads out after not driving for 3-4 weeks I would say it will soon make up for it.
  3. Plenty of people are still working in non essential jobs during the Coronavirus period, the advice is if you absolutely cannot work from home then you may carry on but follow social distancing guidelines and a telecom engineer can’t work from home. It does make a bit of a mockery of it when a factory with 30+ people can carry on but a building site can’t, despite the factory being enclosed and a lot of new building sites are out in the open, but there you go.
  4. I used to sell a few bits on EBay and stopped when they introduced the packet/letter restrictions (some years ago now!) it’s impossible to be competitively priced when postage even then was nearly double what the UK charged.
  5. It will soon be picked up by another freight company, Manx Indy were the forwarding freight company for P.D.F
  6. Well it can only go one of two ways, I sincerely hope he makes a full recovery and gives the nation the hope we need.
  7. Must be quite a lot of asbestos among other things, not a great deal was challenged, we took a fire door with a suspected asbestos panel and if got launched with the others.
  8. I have to say Howard you have improved tremendously since your first public announcement surrounding Coronavirus, I was one of your early keyboard critics but praise were it’s due you can now almost speak fast and fluid. You’re doing a sterling job. I don’t envy you, particularly when the media ask questions you’ve already answered in your opening speech, it’s hard not to show the frustration.
  9. There isn’t a link between 5G and corona though because we only have a few temporary masts so it would be quite easy to pin point proximity to mast and Corona. Is there any masts outside Douglas? I know Ramsey appealed against them being installed but I think mobile masts don’t require planning permission as it’s not a permanent structure.
  10. Because some people cannot be trusted to self isolate? testing on arrival is fine but it takes a minimum of 72 hours and some people have waited a week for results, unless you have a guardsmen to watch over their houses? There is also the issue of transporting them from the airport, unless they’ve left their own vehicles in the car park.
  11. Annoymouse


    Even if it’s sent recorded the post office are now signing for everything, so the signature will be of the postal worker not of the receiver.
  12. Well everyday is a school day as they say, you’re absolutely right. It appears at lot of what I thought fell under D.B.C is actually D.O.I in which case we all pay for it anyway. It does still raise the question of why rates in Douglas are so expensive compared to the rest of the island.
  13. The amenity site? I go there because of the extended opening hours in summer, my rates don’t cover it though. A lot of the other public buildings/sites I was thinking of don’t seem to fall under their responsibility, in which case I don’t understand why their rates are so high if it’s only a library, horse trams and car parks they’re responsible for.
  14. Would this not affect local authority housing which make up huge percentages of their constituencies? it would surely have an impact?
  15. We all use the services and infrastructure within Douglas, why shouldn’t all of the island be paying towards it? One local authority would be more cost efficient, I’d be surprised if it’s more effective.
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