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  1. I’d actually say it’s only Douglas town centre itself that can can be a bit dodgy at night, unfortunately you do get the odd idiot that is spoiling for a fight, it’s often drugs/drink related, during the day though there is almost zero issues whatsoever. Safest/Richest area is probably somewhere like Sulby/Ballaugh, but just outside of Douglas there is the likes of Mount Rule, mostly big detached houses and horsey types that live there, if you like keeping up with the neighbours and buying a new Range Rover every year or two that’s probably the place for you.
  2. At least you have the option of driving inside the cycle lane when required, this Pulrose one is a solid line instead.
  3. Solid white line rather than a broken line, if they’re doing that why not separate the cycle lane with a kerb rather than separate the pavement and cycle lane with a kerb.
  4. According to Dr Ashford last week, the hospital figures are counted as people admitted because of Covid.
  5. Annoymouse

    Manx Care

    Very welcome news, I haven’t been waiting as long as some but I hope I’ll be included in this.
  6. Annoymouse

    Manx Care

    I’ve had my last appointment cancelled/rearranged 3 times, I never get angry or annoyed, I just accept it for what it is and take whenever the next available appointment is. I’ve worked within similar customer facing roles and I know exactly what it’s like, I’d never take it out on a receptionist or admin staff, but I will tell the consultant or whoever I see that it’s been cancelled 3 times and that I’m relieved to be finally able to see them. I have witnessed those who do demand to be seen, cause no end of grief and are just downright rude, the GP surgery is normally full of them types and they do unfortunately seem to get their own way a lot of the time. The length in waiting for an appointment does also mean they get easily forgotten, I’ve had appointments booked 2 or 3 months ahead and a lot can happen within that time frame, particularly when booking other appointments, it’s easy to find yourself double booked!
  7. Annoymouse

    Manx Care

    Yes, I do understand that, it just sometimes feels like an uphill battle before you even begin. The background on how the injury occurred for example has never changed.
  8. Seeing as you always like to be factual, that wasn’t a scab but in fact a small magnet on her arm. I thought Dr Allinson standing up and not being shouted down to was absolutely brilliant, didn’t raise his voice, didn’t show any aggression or annoyance, he calmly reinforced his message, 100% CM material.
  9. Annoymouse

    Manx Care

    Currently having very similar issues myself, every time I see someone new with regards to my injury I have to start the story from scratch, go through all the issues/problems again, describe the pain etc I said last time ‘have my notes not been sent through?’ nope, very little information sent through. If what I said in the very beginning was actually recorded and on my notes it would cut out so much of the bullshit, my last appointment with a consultant lasted about 15 minutes, 10 minutes of that was me telling the repeat story, the rest was him checking me over. He disagrees with the last diagnosis though which will be interesting to say the least.
  10. I’ve expressed my opinion clearly, If you disagree with it then let’s agree to disagree, I certainly can’t be arsed toing and froing all afternoon on the subject.
  11. Well in that case, why have them at all? I personally put anything health related at the top of the list to protect both staff and patients, given the choice I’d test before a blood test, I’d test before a dental examination and I’d test before entering a hospital environment or health care setting.
  12. I have regular hospital appointments, does that count? That’s the exact reason I want one (or two) and I wouldn’t say that’s unreasonable.
  13. Is it not part of social responsibility to test before entering a health care setting? because I wouldn’t say that’s unreasonable? I’d also rather know I was negative before travelling, partly because I don’t want to spread it and if I was to end up ill I’d rather not end up in a UK hospital.
  14. Unfortunately I didn’t see that advertised until it had already happened, where do they adverting these events.
  15. Why is everyone being given 7 tests when people are expected to do 2 a week? I just wanted one before my hospital appointment this week and next week before I travel.
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