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  1. Annoymouse

    Are Screwfix coming ???

    Plenty of space in spring valley at the back of Howdens joinery, where motoworld used to be
  2. Annoymouse

    Are Screwfix coming ???

    I use tool station now, haven't bought anything from screwfix for at least 6 years.
  3. Annoymouse

    Cycling news

    I see people use it everyday although I see more people cycle from Brown Bobby to Pulrose bridge lights (going over pulrose bridge) obviously choosing to avoid Quarterbridge (can you blame them?!)
  4. Annoymouse

    MV Karina...

    Well i'm fairly positive whichever UK force pulled this vehicle over would have been cheering with glee and reporting about removing dangerous foreign vehicles on their roads, yet i've seen nothing reported on the news or on Facebook, 4 faults I could understand but 44? that sounds like pub talk.
  5. Annoymouse

    MV Karina...

    I've not heard of that one, any links?
  6. Annoymouse

    More death and destruction

    What a load of nonsense, I would say the Kneen family simply want to know exactly what happened as do most families in their position, they want all the facts so they aren't left with 'what if's' or doubts and to then lay everything to rest. I also think the family giving their wish for the races to continue was no more than them showing support for the sport and that too has been blown out of proportion.
  7. Annoymouse

    Hosepipe ban

    They don't do themselves any favours whatsoever, they could have lifted the ban on the weekend but no they decide to do it on a Monday instead, tossers.
  8. Annoymouse

    Easy 2 Reach

    The eight wheeler is a tipper, it fills up there quite often (assuming its the green/black DAF CF tipper) Being a DAF CF its roughly 3.6 metres high so 11.8 feet, I'm guessing the roof on this Petrol station is around the 12'3 ish at a rough guess then?
  9. Annoymouse

    Easy 2 Reach

    I'm only surprised it doesn't happen more often, no height marker on that side, only on the exit side. The roof is stupidly low with delivery vehicles needing to back in off the main rd into the exit side because they can't fit under the roof. Milestone is 14'3 I think and what's this about 13'?
  10. Annoymouse

    Helpful member of the public threatened with the cops

    Paint them in the middle of the night and ask them to prove it was you. Its amazing someone can graffiti a whole wall in Douglas and get praised (and paid!)) for it but a resident who wants to paint some tatty looking bollards gets their collar felt?
  11. Annoymouse

    The Golden Bakery

    What was the reason for them to cease trading? its a shame they weren't able to sell the business and let someone take over.
  12. Annoymouse

    Motorbike headlights

    1: I hate people that ride around in full beam, yes there is plenty of them who do or those running illegal HID setups which are just as bright, how any of them think its safe blinding a car driver coming the other way is beyond me. I ride a bike myself, there are times I've forgotten to dip my main beam at night and I've told myself off for the next mile or so. 2: One is a main beam, the other is dipped, its fairly common on motorcycles and before I rode them I wondered the same myself. I've spoken to a few people who ride with main beam on during the day, its normally the typical arrogant arseholes who 'want to be seen' but don't wear any hi-vis and ride around at warp speed and believe full beam stops people pulling out of junctions.
  13. Annoymouse

    Local Posties(and other delivery drivers) breaking the law

    Well if you were a postie with 90 parcels to deliver would you shut off and restart your van each time? as for vans with tail lifts if you don't keep the engine running the battery dies.
  14. Annoymouse

    Ben My Chree and sulphure/NO2 emissions

    Can you give any example of someone who has been sent to the test centre for emissions testing please? perhaps your confusing it with the old rev to the redline test where its a visual test not an emissions test?
  15. Annoymouse

    Ben My Chree and sulphure/NO2 emissions

    Nope, no emissions testing, despite charging vehicle tax on emissions basis for the last 10 years they don't actually check emissions so you can buy a low emission car, pay £44 a year tax and rip all the emissions stuff off. It would also be interesting to know how many lorries are fitted with Adblue cheat devices over here.