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  1. Only because I think its being reused/recycled, It does take up a fair amount of time because I wash the empties, peel the labels off and take off the caps. If I found out I put this effort in to find out they go into the incinerator I would be raging, as I wouldn't have to worry about labels/caps or even washing them out.
  2. What was the reason it bounced? is there an error on the cheque rather than a lack of funds? Its only open Mon-Friday so i'd contact them Monday morning.
  3. We recycle all our plastic and cardboard and take it to the tip every fortnight, I'd like to know if i'm wasting my time as it would be far easier to put it in the bin.
  4. Our house has lost around 40-50k within the last 5 years, a neighbour has put theirs up for sale last week, much better condition than ours and got a decent extension for 40k less than we paid for ours, we bought at completely the wrong time but equally if we were to sell ours then whatever why buy next would also have had a 40-50k drop in value but we've no plans to move for as long as we can afford the mortgage.
  5. Annoymouse

    Car Leasing

    You're more knowledgeable in the car trade than myself but I thought that only applied if there wasn't a registered main dealer here?
  6. Annoymouse

    Car Leasing

    You have to service it at the main dealer to keep the manufactures warranty, but typically they have 1 -2 years free servicing and there is often a service plan agreement that offers fixed cost servicing for 3-5 years.
  7. It only raises one question for me, why aren't the car parks operated by the DOI? why do DBC pay a 'licence fee'
  8. Annoymouse

    Strange crime

    If it hasn't been taxed since 2016 then it would require a manx test which surely means any insurance would be invalid anyway?
  9. You would fail for mounting the pavement in any instance and its quite possible to damage a car by doing such a manoeuvre. What you do after the test is upto you but you're taught very early on that pavements are for pedestrians and not cars.
  10. If they're happy to do that then why aren't they doing a park and ride scheme?
  11. Glad to hear your moving back Amadeus, I used to enjoy following your local efforts, I assume you'll be straight back to photographing/recording various local events?
  12. That makes for very unpleasant reading and highlights there needs to be some sort of change within the law. Just because no sexual contact was made there has been no punishment, the intent was most definitely there. If any male or female is having any sort of ill thoughts about a child or is as close to committing a sexual act/offence as this 'man' was/is, then counselling should be sought/forced as a bare minimum, I also think these individuals should have to register any device capable of copying/distributing images from the internet and these devices /their internet history should be searched frequently, meetings should also be recorded and used as a support tool for others who are having similar dark thoughts, a suspended sentence means nothing, why should a child have to be hurt/abused before anything is done? I also think the child needs some form of counselling, she needs praise/support for speaking out and then it needs to be made clear that this individual overstepped a line which should never be crossed by any 'adult' or any child old enough to know better, its all well and good the parents doing this but parents are known for their nagging/control and sometimes it takes a professional for that child to listen/engage. The only thing that makes for some positive reading is this 'man' hasn't accused the child of lying which suggests some form of conscience, I do hope this example is both the beginning and end of things and not just the surface that has been scratched.
  13. Has someone posted about Sure Mobile applying for planning permission for 5g masts in Ramsey yet? " Planning Application (19/00300/B) to erect an 18 metre mast to support 3 x 5g antennas" Must admit that's sooner than I thought it would happen, I assumed the island would do the usual thing of seeing what the rest of the world does first and following the lead.
  14. I did a trial booking myself, 2 week return in August mid week for £79.82, airport taxes alone are £63.82 the base fare is £16.00, there is no way that will be sustainable.
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