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  1. It does raise one point I suppose, aren’t bus drivers considered front line staff? Particularly those airport shuttle ones? I would assume drivers will be vaccinated?
  2. The information was originally put out almost 24 hrs ago on Facebook by a parent whose son had tested positive earlier on that day, her post was actually about the fact it wasn’t included in that days figures, it later transpired he had no apparent contact with any of the existing cases/locations and that it must be some sort of conspiracy theory, I would say that left ample time for P.M to contact them and verify the information.
  3. As you said at the time, it was only done for the publicity, It looks like Mr Corrie saw through his caring/kindness for the community bullshit,
  4. The list of high/low risk locations will be the key to this I think, if we see a big venue on the list I think it’s going to make their asses twitch.
  5. Ironically we cancelled our plans, felt it was the sensible option given there was a slight chance of a possible spread. Facebook this morning was full of friends tagging each other in various venues, given it was pay day weekend for many it looked absolutely heaving, glad I gave it a miss. Same said friends are now sharing the news stories of possible spread and are worried about another lockdown, does make me laugh but we’ve seen it time and time again.
  6. Paul Moulton/MMTV on Twitter suggesting his ‘reliable sources’ point towards at least 2 cases not linked with the “cluster” .
  7. At the risk of sounding judgemental John sometimes you can just tell!? a flashing neon sign isn’t required.
  8. Has that much changed at school? I remember one guy was bullied for years because he was as camp as Christmas, used to run on his tip toes when doing any sort of sport and he went on to have a wife and two kids.
  9. Body language is the simple answer, sometimes it’s made easy by the holding of hands but generally a couple that’s been together for that length of time are fairly easy to spot, a loving couple hold far more eye contact with each other than say friends would.
  10. There has been a massive change in attitude even in the last 20 years, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. You might get a few stares, maybe a few passing tuts from the older generation, but you’d get that anyway because you aren’t talking with a Manx accent.
  11. Just seen that myself, quite impressive they were tested, received results same day and even made an announcement at 10pm to say they’ll be reopening tomorrow but slightly later than normal (10am) as they’ll be undertaking a deep clean.
  12. Yeah I was thinking January outbreak, lockdown ended 1st Feb, going off contact tracing the first low risk venue is 12th Feb, so it’s only 12-13 days since restrictions lifted, it would require a chain of at least 2 people to be Asymptomatic, maybe even 3.
  13. Well I’m glad we agree on something then, eradication strategy while allowing free movement is near on impossible.
  14. Asymptomatic cases can roam completely undetected, waiting around for symptomatic cases to pop up when you know a positive case has visited a venue is like playing whack-a-mole, to use steam packet as an example even if crew members will be required to isolate, the family doesn’t. We need to change strategy, I think the compromise is either a decent track and trace system (allowing free movement) or restriction of movement and quicker genomic testing to correctly identify any transmission chains. Purely hypothetical but what will happen if it turned out the Steam Packet crew member actual
  15. Heaven forbid someone has the audacity to have a difference of opinion to yourself. The selfish fuckers are those with short memories who go out exactly the same as before, like COVID-19 has never existed, 3 weeks lockdown for 2 weeks freedom wasn’t worth it.
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