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  1. Would you like to see an MOT introduced or perhaps some sort of highway agency that could randomly stop and check any given vehicle, you appear to be anti MOT but i'd be surprised if you don't want to see more done. People ignore air bag warning lights for example, has there been an accident were the air bags didn't deploy when they should have done? or seat belts not retracting correctly, is there an example of someone being thrown from a car even though their seat belt was clipped in?
  2. That's only one reason for an MOT though. I think as an island we could do with reducing the number of vehicles on our roads and this is probably the easiest way to do it, perhaps more people would use the buses, taxis, train and trams which have all shown a decline in recent years.
  3. But who is doing the spot checks? the police? who are already outstretched? who do a few winter checks to put the shits up people scared of getting caught, while the real offenders bypass the common spot check spots. The only other way is to adopt some sort of highway agency outfit who would actually have a right to stop any vehicle.
  4. I would imagine there will be a number of approved garages, I for one would never go to Jacksons but for people who service their cars at Jacksons then they'll already be at serviced to MOT standard, so I would expect they would issue a free MOT certificate.
  5. I've recently changed jobs but I previously saw a number of pick-ups/vans leaking diesel, hydraulic oil and engine oil typically with a number of other faults (typical age related rot/rust, most dangerous is probably brake lines that are fit to burst) would be lovely to actually condemn them from the roads. The only time I ever saw these vehicles was when something was actually about to fall off, one came in with a broken leaf spring and 2 wheel studs (not bolts) missing, leaf spring replaced and they wouldn't buy a new hub because they were 'getting rid of the vehicle soon anyway'. I could list some of the most common faults that could easily change someones life in a split second but apparently this hasn't happened yet so an MOT isn't required, mostly said by the majority who frequently service their cars and don't want the extra inconvenience/cost of an MOT. The MOT isn't there for the majority its there for the minority who take liberties with everything in life.
  6. This will instantly solve the queuing and backlog at Mcdonalds because fast food junkies have another outlet to go to.
  7. About time really, but even if its discussed I don't think anyone will have the backbone to introduce it.
  8. Have to say its nice to look at the old photos, Its strange to consider this was done in the name of progress, cars actually parking on a diagonal on Market ST whereas now its mostly all double yellows aside from a Taxi rank, disabled and a loading bay. You'd have thought they'd have just built one massive multistory like Drumgold st with maybe 10 levels.
  9. Is this one of these silly 'smart' motorways without a hard shoulder? this gentleman has likely made a mistake by joining the motorway as nobody in their right mind would go on the motorway in a much loved vintage car at least without some sort of escort, top speed when new was 36mph so its likely he was doing 30mph tops, he's basically a sitting duck at that speed. HGV probably travelling on the limiter (56mph) I assume traffic in lane two, unable to brake in time or take evasive action. Very tragic for all involved.
  10. All buses have CCTV fitted, where is the footage? surely it would have recorded the cars numberplate or at least the make/model would be identifiable if nothing else?
  11. Most Robert's use 'Rob' until age 40 and then use Bob when they turn into a grumpy old man.
  12. Could well be an issue if you have a prince Albert I suppose.
  13. I've watched NA a few times out of curiosity more than anything, I personally admire peoples confidence in doing such a programme, however I always find they pick the wrong ones and it goes to show that dating someone based on their level of attractiveness alone doesn't make up for personality. I think the programme would be better if it started from the top down, most of us choose attractiveness on facial features and I feel the daters would also have more success, I cannot possibly see how you can choose between a group of women for instance based on their legs/bum/lady garden when in reality for most people these are not a deciding factor.
  14. Some teachers do yes, kids who perhaps can't seek advice from their parents/peers and ask their teacher(s) for advise in life matters instead, its then upto each teacher to decide to either maintain pupil trust/confidentially or tell the parents/relevant people involved. I remember even when I was at school those with difficulties at home/in care homes/in the care system went one of two ways, either completely off the rails or under the teachers wing.
  15. You could argue the same for Police officers, should they be acting as social workers? Its all about balance really, the line has to be drawn somewhere and if the prisoner is no longer a threat to the public/prison staff due to their dementia, then I think they should be treated in a specialist home rather be left in prison.
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