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  1. Has someone posted about Sure Mobile applying for planning permission for 5g masts in Ramsey yet? " Planning Application (19/00300/B) to erect an 18 metre mast to support 3 x 5g antennas" Must admit that's sooner than I thought it would happen, I assumed the island would do the usual thing of seeing what the rest of the world does first and following the lead.
  2. I did a trial booking myself, 2 week return in August mid week for £79.82, airport taxes alone are £63.82 the base fare is £16.00, there is no way that will be sustainable.
  3. It would be pointless having two lanes if it was to remain a 30 limit.
  4. I've heard of a few people doing this, what has been your experience?, I do use a fair bit of data and running over contract whilst 'roaming' would worry me.
  5. Are you taking the piss? are you trying to tell me you've never received bad service from any pub/restaurant? I have and that is how I decide where to go for family lunch/dinner. LA and Cat with no Tail were both our regulars for about 10 years and they both changed around the same time.
  6. I and my family were regulars up until 5 or so years ago, reason we stopped going was because food and service was hit and miss, nothing to do with its location that's for certain.
  7. For me Liverpool arms was about pub lunches, log fire in winter and BBQ in summer (well the potential was there) ran well it was always busy, it will never be a drinking pub for the reasons you mention but it is on a bus route so the option for evening drinkers and perhaps a pool league etc is there
  8. The sad thing is they obviously know someone else could make it profitable and that's why they've put the covenants on it.
  9. Why worry about something you have no control over? unless you start a petition and send it into Tynwald then isn't it all just pointless chat? you can discuss and convince people of the risks all you like but it won't stop the installation of 5g. My house is in line of sight of a 4g mast (no doubt 5g coming soon) and I think its only part of human nature to be concerned about health but ultimately as with everything in life you have to put your trust into others and hope they make the right decisions.
  10. Annoymouse


    Its 6 years since a consultation was last held so this isn't a new discussion, the majority said no then and i'm fairy sure the majority would still say no, as a general rule people don't like change especially if its going to hit them in the pocket. Would the government even want the added cost of an MOT on their own fleet of vehicles?, I'm not sure it would be in their interest to 'sneak it in' there are a couple of things that could force the issue though whether for insurance purposes (IE you need a valid MOT for insurance to be valid) or somewhere like the UK saying any foreign vehicles require testing to be driven on their roads but if that's not happened in the last 59 years its fairly unlikely to happen now. Has implementing an MOT on goods vehicles in the IOM had an overall positive impact or a negative impact? what is the rate of good vehicles failing their MOT each year compared to when it was first introduced? that would at least highlight whether their were issues with people neglecting their vehicles or not.
  11. Annoymouse


    It's nice to have a debate that doesn't end in mud slinging and name calling. Euro 5 and 6 is where DPF/Adblue system comes into play as you say an Italian tune up is quite often required or you can do a forced regen which basically leaves the car revving itself at quite high revs for 20-30 mins until it gets hot enough to start burning the crap out of the exhaust. If you buy a modern diesel you accept that, all the pitfalls of a modern diesel are well known and quite why anyone on the isle of man would buy a modern diesel if they only cover 6k a year 90% of which is short journeys is beyond me. I believe removing all the emissions stuff from an engine which is designed to have it fitted also causes other issues along the way, done properly it really needs remapping to alter the fueling because you've changed the way air/fuel mix and exhaust flow is a major part of that. My main issue though is emissions based tax, at the point you remove a device designed to reduce harmful emissions you should also lose the cheaper rate of tax.
  12. Annoymouse


    Because some of the failures are non serious faults which would be advisories in the UK, things like indicators that aren't orange enough what is all that about?
  13. Annoymouse


    Sorry but that's nonsense, if a local driver doesn't do the mileage to warrant buying a modern diesel with EGR, Cat converters and a DPF/adblue system fitted then quite simply they shouldn't buy one. These are all fitted to help reduce harmful emissions and in turn keeping the air we breath in cleaner. The rest of the world is waking up to the dangers of particulates in exhaust fumes and the adverse health effects. Anyway case in point why introduce emissions tax if the IOM isn't suitable nor is it interested in actually testing for and reducing emissions?
  14. Annoymouse


    It puzzles me why people are so against an MOT, its effectively a £50 a year safety check and could well pick up a dangerous fault that you aren't even aware of. I can only assume the people who are so against MOT's are the people who probably already service their cars yearly and feel an MOT is simply added hassle, the MOT is for people who couldn't care less about their car, for as long as the engine runs and the car drives they will continue to do so. I bet we all know someone driving around in a wreck that wouldn't pass an MOT, I do and i've spoken to them about the subject and quite simply I've been told to mind my own business and they'll worry about it if it comes in, they don't mind that it leaks oil everywhere they go, they aren't arsed about the chassis being rotten as that's "how all land rovers go", even the body mountings are clinging on by a hope and a prayer. A remember looking at a transit van that was so rotten you opened the back doors (which themselves were rotten on the bottom edge) and you could see daylight through the floor and sides, asking if he was taking the piss by advertising it as a 'good runner, needs minor body work' I was told its never let him down in 3 years, starts first time and with a bit of work would be a great van, in reality it would be a couple of days labour for a fully qualified welder and far beyond what it was actually worth. Airbag lights seem to be a favourite to ignore, I wonder if there has ever been a case here of airbags failing to deploy and whether it would have saved the occupants life or not? oh and seat belts that don't retract properly because they're old and knackered, wonder how many of these have contributed to injuries? I hope the people who don't want an MOT never complain about horribly bright lights either behind them or coming towards them (those with HID bulbs or LED bulbs in cars that weren't designed for them), I hope they never complain about the car that stinks in front of them billowing out smoke because there is no emissions test to worry about and I hope they never complain about noisy exhausts that would never pass the DB rating set at test centre. That's another point actually, a lot of businesses over here offering EGR removal/delete services, DPF removal because emissions don't matter on the IOM, its ironic they charge emissions based tax but don't test emissions at any point, so you can get a car with cheap tax based on a low Co2/nox rating, rip all the things out that make it emissions friendly and still benefit from the cheap tax.
  15. Annoymouse


    Working fine for me.
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