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  1. Annoymouse

    Manx Care

    I think some of the medical fuck ups you mention are actually caused by the delay in being seen, a relatively simple operation becomes more complex in time as people are effectively being left to deteriorate until they no quality of life, you shouldn’t have to wait until your bed bound before you can have an operation. You would think in the case of the gentleman in Paul’s video he would be on some sort of high priority emergency/cancellation list, but if it’s anything like I’ve experienced he’ll probably be expected to ring everyday asking if any cancellations are available, rather than
  2. Annoymouse

    Manx Care

    Unfortunately he won’t be the only one, I’ve personally been a pinball between between my GP, hospital and physio for the last year. Communication is absolutely dire, you can’t just speak to one person who can deal with everything, you have to do all the chasing yourself and liaise with each separate department because they don’t/won’t work as a collective.
  3. That’s like asking how to join the magic circle, if you genuinely want to try it then trust me you’d find a way, you certainly won’t find a how to or a map with a given location on the net. If your a non smoker then try edibles or perhaps one of the CBD vape liquids, it’s relatively easy to get ones that have low levels of THC, at least then you can play innocent if caught and just say you ordered a legal CBD oil and didn’t read the ingredients..... There is also one particular brand of rolling tobacco that smells particularly pungent and for the untrained nose could be confused with
  4. Yes noticed it myself a bit more recently, even when stuck behind a queue of cars or driving with the window open around town I tend to smell a bit of weed from whatever car/van in front, Police have never really cared unless a complaint is made or someone is generally being a dickhead. If a complaint is made of course they’ll act on it, they’d rather not though. I think it’s the same with anything though it’s about being respectful, I’d rather someone openly have a joint with their window open then attempt to hotbox the room and stink an apartment block out (Spectrum Apartments anyone!?!
  5. The data would’ve been shared regardless of which lab processed it.
  6. Another car gone over tonight, occupants out safely (thankfully) it’s easy to see why they want to prevent vehicular access.
  7. Word of mouth travels faster in Ramsey than any press team can.
  8. Still sounds too cheap doesn’t it? if that was the case you’d think they’d make money.
  9. Perhaps he doesn’t fancy a muffin top to go with his latte?
  10. I love the fact he trolls so easily, every post with an angry face 😡 I’m surprised by the sheer amount of people who seem oblivious to it.
  11. Well the term ‘buses’ surely refers to a PPV/PSV, I can’t possibly see how that could include support vehicles?
  12. I understand all that but why even bring it in? The restrictions between the period of 7-10 days seem particularly ridiculous, HQ has since said he relies on people to do the right thing and it requires an element of trust, well in that case why have the restriction in the first place? you either trust people or you don’t.
  13. How the F can they police all these new rules? stopping anyone that looks/sounds like a visitor and making sure they aren’t breaking any rules?
  14. How much fuel would you expect a bus to use in a week? £180-£416 doesn’t seem particularly expensive, those little mini buses probably get around 25mpg, the single deckers probably around 8-9mpg and the double deckers probably somewhere around 6-7mpg, given some of these are running for 15 hours a day I’m surprised it’s not higher.
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