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  1. You’ve sort of answered your own question. If you don’t want to comply with employment laws I suggest you find a cleaner that’s willing to work on a self employed basis
  2. I was stopped a few times driving an UK registered vehicle in a similar instance, however it was a company vehicle, I had permission to drive it but I wasn’t the owner or keeper, police and traffic wardens constantly telling me it needs to be Manx registered (none of which could give an exact time period as to when it needed to be registered) but the car was only here for 6 months before being sent back and a new one sent over. The issue transpired that the vehicle was leased on a servicing and maintenance contract, hence it was 6 months or X amount of miles covered, the owners didn’t want the vehicle registered in another country because it complicated things too much. The company I worked for wanted vehicle leasing with a full maintenance and servicing contract at a competitive price, something that wasn’t offered here at the time and even if it was there is absolutely no way they could compete at this level. I understand the need to pay tax to contribute to the Manx roads and obviously an UK registered vehicle contributes nothing towards that but why not create some sort of permit, I’m sure if you asked my employer to pay additional Manx vehicle tax for a Vistors vehicle permit or similar they’d have paid and displayed it, the vehicle at the time was around £68 to tax on emissions anyway so not exactly breaking the bank at £34 for 6 months.
  3. I doubt you’ll get a response from the OP given this is from 7 years ago.....
  4. At the rate DBC try to wash their hands of anything that costs them money then I’d assume it’s DOI, in which case they won’t act until they get a complaint or a claim, whichever one come first.
  5. Annoymouse


    The young lad is lucky Sentience isn’t demanding a hire/courtesy car until it’s fixed, that’s how even the simplest of bills can sky rocket.
  6. Annoymouse


    I’m not sure whether I’m more insulted or impressed, but brilliant use of wit and I couldn’t help but laugh.
  7. Annoymouse


    Well it’s a very lucrative business, the insurance company will be missing out on charging Sentience and the young driver additional premiums for the next 5 years and the crash repair business will be missing out on the opportunity to quote a rather inflated repair fee. So it’s ‘sort of illegal’ in the sense you’ve defrauded the insurance company of an opportunity to make money from your incident/accident.
  8. Annoymouse


    With dash cam footage you’ve got him by the short and curlies, he’s got no choice but to pay up one way or the other.
  9. Annoymouse


    I’d be getting insurance details for my own piece of mind, incase he didn’t pay up or denied it, but if it’s captured on dash cam it will likely show the driver getting out and inspecting damage so that in itself is effectively an insurance policy for the original poster.
  10. Annoymouse


    If he’s a young lad chances are he’ll have a policy excess and if under the age of 25 this is likely to be at least £250, then his premium will go up the following year because he’ll lose any no claims (unless protected which if young is unlikely) so he’ll probably spend the equivalent of £1000+ over the course of the next few years with inflated premiums.
  11. They’ve definitely fixed something, I’ve just ran a speed test as it seemed much faster and we’re now getting 5.29Mbps which is much improved, actually twice as fast as it was this time last week.
  12. Had internet last night, had internet this morning, it went off around 2pm and hasn’t come back on since. If it’s a case of prioritising businesses and those working from home then I don’t mind, thank goodness for 4g.
  13. From what I’ve interpreted these sort of snare traps setup with an adult pretending to be a child ( ie the ‘peado hunter’) aren’t actually recognised within Manx law because strictly speaking the pretend child is actually legally an adult. Some of the comments on the Facebook post were quite disturbing though and if true really didn’t paint the island in a good light. The information is out there if anyone wishes to find it as the police have rather cleverly named the ‘peado hunters’ in their social media post but I won’t expand much further because I wouldn’t want to jeopardise any trial. Another petition is now underway to get this required change in law made, because it shouldn’t take a real child to be involved before something is done. As for the locals with their pitchforks it’s always the same thing, nothing more than a load of empty threats.
  14. Unfortunately they do, our next door neighbours kid must be around that age and he rides his scooter up and down a shared path, it sounds like rolling thunder through our house and then he uses the pavement and a little ramp for doing jumps over some Manx telecom grids, makes a horrible noise like its scraping the metal and grounding out. I’m forever waiting for him to upgrade to a Bmx with some nice rubber tyres rather than that horrible plastic wheeled thing he has now.
  15. Found this through google, not sure if it will be any good : https://yellow.place/en/agneash-engineering-douglas-mann
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