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  1. How does the price of a new car now compare to say 10 years ago?
  2. People pay for everything on credit/instalments these days, phone contracts, gas/oil/electricity, rates, insurance, cars/bikes, sky,/netflix and even some places offer a car service by instalments or finance through Connister etc. The tyres you mention have also probably been bought using a credit card etc. The whole car tax system needs to be restructured, at the moment you can buy a car that is £46 a year to tax, rip all of the emission reducing components out (CAT, DPF, EGR) and guess what? still get charged £46 a year even though your vehicle is now polluting more than most on the roads, plenty of tampered vehicles about, you'll quite often see them advertised for sale with a 'Decat, DPF removed and EGR blanked/removed' you've probably all been behind a few that absolutely stink and yet nothing gets done about it. People seem to focus more on buses producing a bit of soot despite the danger actually being the small particles you can't see from vehicles that have been 'modified'.
  3. Few years ago I had just missed a big tree come down, I was just passing it as I heard a cracking sound like thunder and in my rear view mirror saw this massive tree come down a few car lengths behind me, I don't think i'll ever forget the sound and its something i'm very wary of every time its stormy weather.
  4. I had my eye on a few things as I was going to put a couple of internet bids on, but I didn't even get close. I had everything worked out around 50% off RRP, I know its not second hand stuff but its still a liquidation sale and a lot of this was mixed boxes of shite, quite a lot sold for just shy of the RRP with some things actually coming in over the RRP by the time the fees (44% as someone corrected me on, thank you) were added on.
  5. I'll give it a go, one half of the family wanted Raymotors closed down hence the liquidation sale, the other half have set up shop over the road called Ramsey Automotive, T.S.O.S thinks it may be possible they've bought the old stock back. I very much doubt that is the case, why would they pay RRP when they can get it through existing wholesalers they've dealt with for years.
  6. I can't believe some of the prices from the auction today, I can only assume most of these bids came from people who are VAT registered because for those who aren't the fees were 40% in total making some of these items more than RRP!
  7. I cant help be feel it must be quite difficult to strap down/secure a motorcycle on a ferry/boat in the timescale they have. I've secured my own bike in a van and that took a good 10 minutes until I was happy it was secure. Perhaps there should be more ground anchor points but if you strap every motorcycle down properly it would probably take an hour to secure a whole ferry full and that would be with a few people strapping them all down! Other than refuse bikes if its going to be a rough sailing or having purpose built chocks for motorcycles I can't see how this can easily be resolved. Edited to add : I do feel sorry for all the owners involved, its not nice seeing your pride and joy on the floor, I do hope the Steam Packet will come up with a plan to save this happening in future.
  8. Probably the difference in exchange rate?
  9. Indeed I was, new hospital was built in 2003, access road first used in the 80's according to Wiki.
  10. Same as the rest of the heritage trail? It appears the access road was built/first used in the 80s, I can't find an exact year unfortunately, the hospital was built in 2003 so I was wrong with my last statement, I just cannot ever remember so many cars using the access road, I believe the hospital traffic should have priority regardless of when it was built because anyone with an appointment or if you need to visit a family member/friend in hospital then it should be a priority really.
  11. I was under the impression that the access road wasn't used by traffic until the new hospital was built?
  12. I covered this earlier, the access road should be solely for hospital traffic, I don't count practice weeks do that many people really use the access road between 6-9pm? I've only witnessed the queuing during the day.
  13. So if it's not acceptable to tell people to stay locked either inside or outside the course does that mean everywhere else that hasn't got an access road or even a bridge will be getting one? I'm locked out the course, it's 2 weeks of the year, getting home within an hour window because they're only open between 5-6pm causes more issues IMO. The access road really should be for essential journeys only while in its current state.
  14. I can't understand why the access road is so busy, it should strictly be for hospital traffic and that's it, anybody else should simply be locked out of the course and plan their day just like anyone else who is locked in without an access road, people seem to be treating it like a normal road and then moaning when they get stuck for an hour. If they insist on keeping the access road then it either needs an overpass or a tunnel built somewhere on the course and just make the access road one way in the direction of the hospital, but that will costs millions and won't be done any time soon, probably have flying cars before that would happen.
  15. Any time this happens at the TT/MGP I feel really uneasy, the phrase 'they died doing what they loved' is merely a suggestion that they accepted the risks when they started and should the worst happen they'd want the sport to carry on regardless. I love the TT/MGP but it always makes me feel a little uneasy supporting something that is almost medieval in terms of loss of life and the way the arena is swept clear for the next gladiators to fight again.
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