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  1. Last advert I saw was for servers, no experience necessary, £11 an hour which on the surface of it seems more than fair, given the majority of retail/hospitality is minimum wage perhaps a smidgen above. I’ve never been back since I was spoken to like shit though, I was told if I don’t like it there is another Chippy down the road, so now I quite happily stick my money in Bourne Plaices till instead and have done for years.
  2. I’d have said around £25-£30 before seeing the menu, I haven’t been able to enjoy any steak dishes for some time, almost all of them are now £20+ even things like a steak pie or a lasagne is typically £13+
  3. I do wonder if he was offered a lesser charge on the premise he just told the truth? All the lies told originally were not only a waste of Police time/resources, it would have been a horrendous time for the family involved who just would’ve wanted to know the truth and see someone brought to justice. It looks like he admitted (at some point) that he knew he had run over her which was the turning point in the case, DNA on the car proves he was guilty, but it didn’t prove he knew he hit her.
  4. I hate the fact that the sun is used as excuse for accidents, so all the times he’s driven previously and the sun wasn’t an issue, then on this one particular day it’s suddenly an issue? “I didn’t see that pedestrian/cyclist/motorcyclist/stationary object due to the sun” Well how about you just drive to the conditions and accept some responsibility, exactly as you’d expect others to do.
  5. I’ve no doubt the results will be ok and compare well to previous years, the figures not being published is probably because the results were delayed and they haven’t had time to process all the information, they will be at the end of September so it’s not like the information is being withheld, it’s just a misleading headline designed to make a stir.
  6. Well the sound restaurant is leased, the diesel generator issue would have been highlighted and the ban on using red diesel was well publicised, so either someone is short sighted or they simply took a gamble that didn’t pay off this time. I don’t think the Government will look at renewables until the point that nobody agrees to the operating costs/overheads, solar panels and wind turbines would have been perfect there, it could have been a lovely little off grid eco cafe.
  7. Never tried Close Leece for all the reasons above, for me personally I couldn’t justify the prices, not knocking them at all, I don’t think I was ever their intended market, because they didn’t cater for all budgets.
  8. Nobody really sticks to the 50mph limit especially over Cronk Y Voddy, I religiously stuck to all the limits at TT then learned afterwards they only prosecuted a handful of people and none of those were for 60mph, they were all 80mph+
  9. What colour was the Volvo and did you get the index? asking for a friend…….
  10. There seemed to be loads of cars still parked on the course as it was closing, no update from the coppers though other than to say it’s now closed, maybe they’ll just start lifting them and clearing them.
  11. Was the sock on his foot though ?
  12. I found making things from scratch often costs more than shop bought equivalents, but you make things from scratch because you prefer the taste/want to know the ingredients used or enjoying making things from scratch, not only in an attempt to save money. Basic living is just being careful with things like electric, switching things off when not in use, heating/hot water, only have it on when you need to use it. Food wise, try to throw away as little as possible, choose dates carefully, store things correctly and they’ll last much longer, try to meal plan where possible (I’m terrible for doing this unfortunately). Trying not to buy things unnecessarily, there is a huge difference between a ‘want’ and a ‘need’ .
  13. I know of someone that passed their driving test whilst ‘high’ , so what do you make of that?
  14. Almost certainly, there has been a huge change in working arrangements since Covid, but also there has been some pretty drastic lifestyle changes, a lot of people came to appreciate that time at home/spent with family was more valuable than grafting away for 40+ hours a week just to pay for a fancy car or a big house.
  15. Let’s be honest, nobody pays for just a crackle remap, they get a performance map and have crackle/pops & bangs given as an option as part of the package. In order to have a crackle map you also have to remove the catalytic converter because it will just destroy it as they aren’t designed to have unburnt fuel thrown at them, at best they can fit a fast flowing catalytic converter to keep it road legal/MOT complaint, but being realistic how many people do that over here when there’s is zero checks being made? The pop/bang crew are the ones who couldn’t care less about society, as someone else said it’s nothing more than a wanker approach warning. That said the roads policing unit aren’t currently fit for purpose, we’ll next see them for two weeks at MGP, only for them to hide again until the two weeks in November for winter roadside checks.
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