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  1. Just another fall guy type job, when he’s just about ready for retirement they’ll pin the tail on the donkey and buy some more time with new false promises.
  2. Not necessarily, for my first car I had a tin box that had my knees for a crumple zone, a steering wheel for an airbag and I was all to aware that if I crashed it I probably wouldn’t survive to tell the tale, but then I had also saved up with my own money, it was a bag of shit but equally my pride and joy.
  3. Yes, it’s a privilege not a right, a lot of people (not just teenagers!) have this throwaway attitude that it’s someone else’s problem.
  4. Not really, it’s 5 years declaration for most accidents, some insurance companies are 3, you’d expect a ban for a year or two anyway for dangerous/careless driving anyway so after that has happened and you would retake a test it’s only another 2-3 years wait max before insurance resets itself anyway, most people can do without a car for 2 or 3 years.
  5. Perhaps if people were personally liable for accidents then you would see people behave more responsibly. As it stands, the ‘oh well the insurance will sort that out’ they’ll probably get a decent payout, probably more than the car is worth, as will any passengers putting in injury claims, what exactly is the lesson to be learned?
  6. That’s only if you believe he was actually infected in the first place, it’s evidently clear he’s anti-vax and playing more than just a game of tennis here.
  7. I don’t think it’s one thing or the other, in the case of Novak Djokovic he clearly isn’t going to risk putting himself or others at risk, it doesn’t make any difference if he was vaccinated or unvaccinated, he’s going to isolate himself from others naturally and focus on the game, this was an example of Australia not making exceptions to the rule, which on that basis I agree with, either let all unvaxxed in or none. I personally don’t think unvaccinated/vaccinated makes any difference in the actual spread of Covid. My theory is someone triple vaxxed is more likely to have lesser symptoms than someone unvaxxed and will be more likely to spread it.
  8. Annoymouse


    They don’t seem to check on people towing trailers to see if they have the additional category anyway, have you ever known someone to be prosecuted? it’s extremely rare to see them stick to 40mph for starters. I’ve seen a few mini diggers for example being transported at 50+ often by some rather overloaded looking vans (very soggy looking suspension with tow bar nearly on the floor) and often wonder what knowledge the driver actually has of their load. Infact there is one vehicle that sticks to it religiously, a DOI pickup that tows round a fuel bowser, I’ve been stuck behind it more times than I care to remember going 30-35mph, but they almost always pull up and let people overtake so that one sticks in my mind.
  9. We never did get to the bottom of who was responsible for all the delays, we thought perhaps they just didn’t want to turn work away, although we both made it clear we wanted to complete as quickly as possible in the very beginning.
  10. I know of more cases this time round than any other previous ‘wave’ and most people I speak to seem to say the same. I think the true figures must be far higher than they actually are and that’s a good thing because we aren’t seeing any real issues, a few weeks and it should all be over.
  11. They just feel a bit trapped to be honest, they spent a lot of time/money to get where they have and had the right intentions initially of helping kids etc but with every year that passes they seem to hate their job that little bit more. I think when their own kids have finished school they’ll look for something else but it’s convenient being term time and they wouldn’t be able to earn that sort of money elsewhere, I bet in truth they’ll probably see it through to retirement!
  12. Naive? I’ve been told first hand exactly what’s going on, by one of the exact whining twats who’ll never be happy as a school teacher because they’re in it for all the wrong reasons.
  13. The attitude comes from the teachers knowing they have IOM Gov by the balls, the shortage of qualified teachers means they can make their demands known.
  14. Always thought the IOM would make an ideal Petri dish/science experiment for the UK (part of a loan agreement!?!) and yet we’ve faired better than anyone could have predicted, we don’t seem to have half the numbers in hospital that were originally projected.
  15. I don’t know what sort of information they get forwarded on the radio but if it’s a red flag incident I can’t see it makes any difference if they get their in 20 minutes or 40 minutes, it’s not going to be cleared any quicker. Gone are the days of a quick sweep, throwing some concrete down, removing the debris of the course and carrying on like it didn’t happen. How much knowledge do you have as an ex racer? If you know the goings on and say that it’s required then I’ll be inclined to believe you. There has been a few close calls with course cars, never a serious incident though pre mercer ( to my knowledge anyway) some even caused by spectators themselves dicking about on/near track after being bored with delays etc As a spectator all I can say is they drive bloody quick and certainly pushing on in places, I understand they aren’t competing so might only be giving it perhaps 90% but if it was to go wrong it will happen in a big way.
  16. Is it subjective? they do travel at high speed, but what is the advantage of a course car travelling at high speed? why do they need to drive like an emergency response vehicle?
  17. All I take from this statistic is that a number of patients previously treated/diagnosed in the UK were instead treated and diagnosed here instead, which can only be a good thing. A more interesting statistic would be the number of rare cancers diagnosed instead, I was always told the IOM had more than its fair share but never saw the evidence to back it up.
  18. is there any need for course cars to travel at the speed they do? there has been many an occasion I’ve thought if a course car crashes it would cause mayhem, although never in a million years did I think an incident like that would occur, they always used a travelling Marshall to fetch riders back.
  19. It’s more how long is a piece of string, if the house has been sold in recent years (ie since everything went digital) that helps speed the process up massively. Covid (well the restrictions in place) has caused its own delays/issues, that said ‘waiting for searches to come back’ has also been used as an excuse to delay things in the past, so could equally be someone trying to buy some time or possibly the advocates themselves are snowed under and blaming the delays on external factors. We completed (before Covid times) in 10 weeks due to a ‘delay in searches’ , but we had the advantage of being in direct contact with the sellers, they were being fed one story from their advocates and we were being fed another from ours, with the both of them blaming each other for various hold ups, things got rather pushy from both our sides due to a fear of collapsing the chain otherwise I think it potentially could have been even longer.
  20. No, not even close, it’s just Government Technology Services, they look after all the Governments I.T stuff, but they mostly have a reputation for telling folk the system is slow because that’s just the way it is and switching it on/off again will solve 90% of the problems and if/when something actually goes wrong, to call in a contractor to take a look.
  21. Not necessarily stupid, but perhaps their only experience of ‘hacking’ is forgetting their own passwords and trying to guess them.
  22. Hopefully the local media will pick up on her being ‘hacked’ and interview her about it, she has to be amongst some of the more high profile cases of being ‘hacked’ in recent years, especially locally, you just never hear about it. You expect this sort of thing to happen in the UK when someone has millions of followers, not a local scientist who made a name for herself setting up a lab for the greater good at the start of a pandemic…..
  23. That’s my take on it, if she’s saying she’s been hacked then it’s a case of innocent until proven guilty, we can all make assumptions but it’s not fact. If she says her iCloud account was hacked, it needs to be reported and investigated, simple as that. People may take the piss out of GTS all they want but I reckon even they would be able to trace and identify the ‘hacker’, of course that’s only my assumption…..
  24. I can only go on the information I’m given, if she posted those things last night she should be held to account, if she’s been hacked then it’s potentially a huge can of worms and it needs reporting.
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