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  1. I think a lot of people thought it was part of the official Karen’s Diner franchise, not a knock off pound shop version. I can’t think of anything worse than paying extra for shit service/abusive staff, there is already stiff competition over here already.
  2. That is only part of the issue, I could live with the journey taking longer, it’s the timetable that is the issue for me, I would either be late for work or 50 minutes early, coupled with a weekend timetable that doesn’t mirror a Mon-Friday timetable even though people still need to get early morning buses at the weekend for work. Having trialed the buses myself recently I simply couldn’t manage without my own transport and I can see why so many are reluctant to give up driving, I will be exactly the same.
  3. So what is your alternative? I personally think we focus more on encouraging people to use public transport? Perhaps we could even look at consulting the public and create a bus timetable that would actually work for most of the working population, because at the moment unless you live in/around Douglas/Onchan, your options are quite limited and they certainly don’t cater for those who have to work weekends.
  4. I just wish I had the luxury of a stocks & shares ISA like UK residents do, dividend tax on top of account charges is going to be pretty shit.
  5. An emergency situation is obviously different, but a lot of their calls are non emergency investigations/call outs, whether you could argue they need a speedy exit incase they do get an emergency call out is a separate matter.
  6. The Police park wherever they like, always have done, always will do, in this instance I’d assume they’ve probably left enough space to bundle someone in the back or to swing their doors open quickly, in which case thats the more sensible thing to do. Outside of this, they’ll park the shortest route into anywhere, they’ll block pumps at a petrol station to check CCTV footage rather than park 30 seconds walk away from them, they’ll park on a pavement even if there is a spaces opposite, loading bays, taxi ranks, drop off points, bus stops and sometimes disabled bays, nothing is off limits, I assume it’s part of the job training to be shown these unofficial spaces and adopt a park where you like attitude.
  7. I don’t find it distracting, but I’m certainly concerned others will, the only positive is I can no longer see mobile phone screens lighting up the drivers face at night like some sort of horror story behind me.
  8. Well they managed to get Tesco to extend the date accounts would be closed, so that suggests they can do something.
  9. You may say that but there was a lot of unpleasantness directed towards those who chose not to have the jab, some people only got jabbed because they felt it would be selfish if they didn’t, that was also the message being heavily pushed by our Government. People were threatened with their jobs and employers were choosing vaccinated staff over in vaccinated staff.
  10. Because up until recently we could get a John Lewis card and if it reverts back to HSBC when may be able to again.
  11. I was always told you have more consumer protection when using a credit card, I tend to use my credit card for any large purchases, whereas my debit card I try not to use at all, other than for withdrawing cash.
  12. The issue surrounding credit cards goes back further than 2019, it really shows how out of touch they are if they think this is something of new issue, providers were already stopping new applications 10+ years ago, it’s only now that they’ve started closing down existing accounts that it is finally being seen as a problem, the warning signs were already there and yet widely ignored. The issue surrounding ISA’s is also a pain, in fact there is very few savings accounts available to Manx residents and the ones that are aren’t competitive in the slightest .
  13. I too watch Dr Campbell on YouTube, he has to be so careful in what he says due to the censorship/cancel culture that exists, so he strictly sticks to the data/facts that are made available to him from officially recognised health organisations/official bodies and supporting court documentation. I think it’s important to note that he initially fully supported the vaccines and encouraged everyone to have them. It’s only in the last year or so he’s grown skeptical, it’s more to do with the booster jab rollout and whether they are being pushed without good cause, whether there is an actual medical need or is it just about profit, most of the focus is on the MRNA vaccines, the risks associated especially in those who aren’t considered vulnerable and those who were told these vaccines reduce transmission, which wasn’t scientifically proven before release and was used to heavily push the vaccines into the population.
  14. I keep saying Peel NRE advertised along with creation of jobs and green energy, well what’s in it for them?
  15. I’ve not seen or witnessed anything amounting to serious racial abuse in recent years, certainly not to the extent people are driven out of their jobs/their homes or shouted random abuse or spat at down the street (certainly not in the last 10-15 years or so anyway) I’ve worked with people from all backgrounds and the only truly racist people I’ve met in that time have been the majority (but certainly not all) South Africans, it’s almost accepted that they’re racist, but it’s definitely on the basis that it’s their issue, nobody is in agreement with them and we wish they’d leave that nonsense behind in their homeland. The last two consultants I’ve seen were Indian, they spent more time explaining things than any of the previous English consultants, one of which I’ve been close to putting a complaint in because of how rude they’ve been, which reminds me, rather than send a complaint I’ll send praise towards the last two consultants who were extremely helpful. I have witnessed racism in a care home towards staff, again it’s sort of accepted that old folk are more inclined to be racist because they haven’t been brought up in a multi cultural environment, again it’s on the basis it’s their issue, they’re generally hushed at to keep quiet and their kids can’t apologise on behalf of them quick enough. But racism whilst working in a gaming or finance company? Nope, not a chance, they’d be excluding half the workforce including management. An important thing to note here is integration, integrating within the community is absolutely key, that’s the difference between being welcomed or rejected, regardless of where you come from
  16. Sorry to say I’m guilty of accelerating across the QB roundabout especially coming from Braddan side to continue on Peel road, this has come from years of a slow approach not working, the constant hesitation from those coming down bray hill and then cutting across the roundabout rather than going around the roundabout and I went from having constant near misses to having none, it appears by driving more aggressively people just give way a lot easier, it doesn’t help those waiting to turn right up Bray Hill though and I do feel a bit shit about it sometimes but when a race track takes priority over having a functional roundabout I feel it’s largely not my problem, I’m a minor issue in what is a much larger problem. As for the business park roundabout, I agree with you, people coming from the Foxdale direction don’t adjust their speed whatsoever, so it’s like a blind junction when coming from the business park, as a roundabout it doesn’t function whatsoever, might aswell be a straight road with a junction instead, I tend to cut though the business park and merge by 4hire, only downside is if anyone is turning right you’ll be wishing you risked your front end being taken off on the roundabout instead. The roundabout by B&Q and Fort North is just as irritating, why is it right hand lane for straight on and not just right hand lane for turning right only? For years this has puzzled me, it should be left hand lane for turning left/straight ahead and right lane for turning right only.
  17. I couldn’t take a job in another country without actually scoping the area out first, so that would be my advice, IOM and Guernsey definitely have some differences, what they are and how they effect you will largely depend on you. With regards to racial abuse, it’s almost non existent, but it’s worth bearing in mind that you might be told to piss off back to where you’ve came from if people don’t like what you say about the island, but that also happens if you're white and English, it’s more about being non Manx born than anything else. One question that might be worth asking : which country is likely to survive better in a financial crisis? we currently get very little support from our Government.
  18. Last advert I saw was for servers, no experience necessary, £11 an hour which on the surface of it seems more than fair, given the majority of retail/hospitality is minimum wage perhaps a smidgen above. I’ve never been back since I was spoken to like shit though, I was told if I don’t like it there is another Chippy down the road, so now I quite happily stick my money in Bourne Plaices till instead and have done for years.
  19. I’d have said around £25-£30 before seeing the menu, I haven’t been able to enjoy any steak dishes for some time, almost all of them are now £20+ even things like a steak pie or a lasagne is typically £13+
  20. I do wonder if he was offered a lesser charge on the premise he just told the truth? All the lies told originally were not only a waste of Police time/resources, it would have been a horrendous time for the family involved who just would’ve wanted to know the truth and see someone brought to justice. It looks like he admitted (at some point) that he knew he had run over her which was the turning point in the case, DNA on the car proves he was guilty, but it didn’t prove he knew he hit her.
  21. I hate the fact that the sun is used as excuse for accidents, so all the times he’s driven previously and the sun wasn’t an issue, then on this one particular day it’s suddenly an issue? “I didn’t see that pedestrian/cyclist/motorcyclist/stationary object due to the sun” Well how about you just drive to the conditions and accept some responsibility, exactly as you’d expect others to do.
  22. I’ve no doubt the results will be ok and compare well to previous years, the figures not being published is probably because the results were delayed and they haven’t had time to process all the information, they will be at the end of September so it’s not like the information is being withheld, it’s just a misleading headline designed to make a stir.
  23. Well the sound restaurant is leased, the diesel generator issue would have been highlighted and the ban on using red diesel was well publicised, so either someone is short sighted or they simply took a gamble that didn’t pay off this time. I don’t think the Government will look at renewables until the point that nobody agrees to the operating costs/overheads, solar panels and wind turbines would have been perfect there, it could have been a lovely little off grid eco cafe.
  24. Never tried Close Leece for all the reasons above, for me personally I couldn’t justify the prices, not knocking them at all, I don’t think I was ever their intended market, because they didn’t cater for all budgets.
  25. Nobody really sticks to the 50mph limit especially over Cronk Y Voddy, I religiously stuck to all the limits at TT then learned afterwards they only prosecuted a handful of people and none of those were for 60mph, they were all 80mph+
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