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  1. I didn’t suggest he would ‘milk’ it, only that he had the opportunity to ‘milk’ it and that I desperately hope he doesn’t. So far he seems to be humble about the situation.
  2. Perhaps ‘milk‘ is the wrong word, but you definitely get people that enjoy the sympathy and absolutely relish in it, like some sort of Greek God being hand fed grapes. I personally have more respect for those who just get on with it and treat it as one of life’s bumps in the road.
  3. Not just scummy but also impossible to prove, Covid itself is known to cause blood clots, we all know HQ has had Covid, so anyone using his stroke to push some sort of anti vax agenda is an absolute fool. The same can be said for HQ though, I sincerely hope he isn’t going to blame the stress of the job and try to milk the occasion for all it’s worth, particularly when some of the decisions made during the pandemic caused undue stress for many others.
  4. However much I might dislike someone I would never wish illness or something like a stroke on them, it appears he was extremely lucky to be with people who recognised the warning signs of a stroke and he received medical care extremely quickly as a result.
  5. Quite frankly I’ll be amazed if Dr Ashford doesn’t get in, he’s the King of Spin and his medical knowledge is second to none. A true to form politician, I wouldn’t believe him if he told me it was raining.
  6. Lots of folk don’t like leaving their family behind, it’s generally friends, family and employment that keeps people here.
  7. After seeing Stu Peters say on here that he’s only interested in his constituents this was refreshing to see, exactly as it should be :
  8. The TT is seen as the ultimate road test for both machine and rider. The circuit is absolutely brutal, it’s not just the miles covered but all the sections of the course that cause the bike to bottom out (Barregarrow, Bray hill) or the chain to stretch (Ballaugh bridge) even down to the top speed (Sulby straight), the harsh braking zones (plenty of them but Parliament Square is one of my favourites, closely followed by The Creg). Ultimately there is no other circuit that tests a machine like the TT.
  9. If you see the sheer number marked with orange X’s then just between Sulby Ginger and R.G.S there is hundreds alone, I don’t think there will be hardly any left on that section.
  10. All of those would be a driving test pass, infact the one closest to the kerb would most likely have been told to park further away in future to allow themselves more room for error when manoeuvring, you don’t get any extra points for getting any closer as my instructor used to say to me.
  11. As did I, in fact I’m sure the little bar in Steam Packet opened from about 7am because I did an all nighter and after all the others closed carried on in there.
  12. The article itself will cause speculation, as someone else said, was he actually stabbed or did he just get cut/slashed accidentally while wrestling someone with a knife?
  13. Saw that myself, there is some lovely big bald patches on the road if you head towards Sulby Ginger, I expect them to wait until the weather starts to turn before applying them and then we’ll be lucky if it lasts the winter.
  14. You mean a temporary car park for 30 years surely?
  15. The old nurses home on Westmoreland Rd is rapidly falling into disrepair, I would like to see it saved and repurposed but I bet it won’t be.
  16. It’s within the last 20-25 years I’ve noticed Douglas Town Centre really earn it’s shithole status, losing the bus station (which while dilapidated and considered end of life was still better than nothing) , watching the Castle Mona slowly turn into a wreck, the crescent leisure centre which whilst outdated was good for the kids, an amusements arcade is a must have for any seaside town! Just from a personal point of view the lack of parking in Douglas over the last 10 years especially has really helped internet ordering within our household, drive 18 miles, circle round a car park or up/down the prom waiting for a space to appear, just to go into a shop to pay sometimes 50% more, no thanks. I would have thought others would do the same, but on the odd occasions I do need to go into Douglas it’s still exactly the same, that and every time you park you’ll probably witness either inconsiderate parking or quite frankly incompetent parking, only last week I witnessed someone pop their rear window in Chester St, probably relying on their parking sensors or rear camera rather than using their eyes.
  17. Hoards of people who aren’t even local will be popping in for a snoop like some sort of grand day out. I shall stay away until the swarm dies down.
  18. A slightly different way of putting it, but yes you’re right, is shearing simply part of the upkeep/on going maintenance?, if the fleece cannot be sold (even at a loss) then its cost will surely be covered by being added onto the final cost price of the product?
  19. Wouldn’t happen, it’s a fast sweeping bend with good visibility hence the biker in the clip moved out the way. If it’s the knee down bit you have an issue with then you could easily and legally be doing triple digits without getting your knee down.
  20. It’s still legal though and until there is a legal speed limit in place more people should be thinking about the ‘what if’ scenario before committing to overtake.
  21. Had similar there this week, I was overtaken in the 40mph limit by one car (clean overtake but annoying none the less) and then as I got level with the unrestricted sign and begin accelerating i was then overtaken by another. At that point I have two options, either ease off and aid their maneuverer or continue to accelerate towards the corner making their life difficult and placing everyone at risk. I aided the overtake by easing off, I was just at the point of out accelerating them and I’d say they were probably doing 60mph in the 40mph, no surprise that I ended up being stuck behind the pair of them the rest of my journey home! Now in the video above, the Honda was still accelerating (albeit slowly), the Audi is either in the wrong gear or vastly underpowered, has made terrible judgement and poorly planned overtake, the only good bit of driving/riding is from the motorcycle rider who’s defensive riding technique has saved him a visit to the hospital, if that was someone knee down doing 150 they’d be brown bread.
  22. Well they stopped monitoring pollution/air quality for a reason, they were a million miles away from their targets, you’d think with the introduction of electric/hybrid vehicles this is something they’d revisit. There is a good chance levels have dropped since the last testing in 08/09, but they still won’t be within the desired range, particularly at peak times. The Governments climate strategy is dependant on the public to be responsible, they have no interest in actually enforcing anything, it’s only if someone starts up a petition and makes a lot of noise that anything seems to be done, they will never lead the way with change. When was the last time for example you saw a big fine or prohibition notice for companies burning plastics (or even tyres!) on a bonfire? I know of several companies who used to dispose of their waste this way regularly, one was in a prominent position close to the NSC track, nothing was ever done.
  23. Locally? Because I’ve got it on good authority that there is at least two sites that don’t have any additional drainage.
  24. Put simply if it was cost effective EVF and Manx Petroleum would already be doing it. I believe it’s the bulk storage that is the primary issue, but whilst the hardware on the surface is mostly new and shiny, the majority of these stations are still using their original storage tanks. Eco friendly wise the Government only gets involved if it somehow benefits, for example UK garages require specialist drainage installed to ensure any fuel spillages are contained, IOM just fire it down the same drain as rain water.
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