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  1. It was last a garage called either Northern tyres & exhausts/Northern Fast fit, I can’t quite remember which one they went by, there were also two smaller buildings on the Tower Rd side, one was Crennells taxis and the other was the vets. The ‘new’ outside bit facing MER was an office and storage/warehouse for Care Preservation (building damp/timber company) the buildings were separate and it was Fynoderee gin that put a raised roof on the garage and knocked through. The Youth club was in the former MER goods shed, it did have ‘The Shed’ in some terrible graffiti above it and it was a separate building, I think it was around 2005 ish that it turned into a youth club. I’ve no idea why the trams no longer terminate in the former tram station, when the bus station/tram terminus plan was rejected they made the decision to leave it as a dilapidated mess, last time I was down there it’s mostly weeds and looking rather shabby, at one time it was well maintained and a nice part of Ramsey. Mind you a lot of Ramsey itself is looking shabby, St Paul’s Sq for example whilst never a particularly nice looking building was at least well maintained, used to see security at night looking after the shops, a gardener looking after the planters/hanging baskets and I bet the shops/apartments haven’t seen any reduction in the extortionate service charges for these reduced services, bring The Viking back please, because it’s all looking a horrible sorry mess now. The so called ‘regeneration’ of Parliament St also has a lot to answer for and would have been money better spent elsewhere.
  2. I thought it’s because it’s export grade and contains zero ethanol? The price of heating oil shocked me today, it’s pretty much doubled in price since this time last year, it’s normally cheaper in summer than winter so i’m sure it will only go higher.
  3. I read all of it, the underlying impression is he’s still feeling a bit shit about everything but is trying to think positive to get himself through the situation. Only when I see a video of him laughing and joking about getting legless or going out on a limb is when I truly believe he’s over it, until then it’s a sink or swim situation and he’s in troubled water doing his best to swim.
  4. Well the number of reported cases has dropped, lots of people don’t bother to report their positive results, a lot aren’t even testing. I had Covid in April but I’ll be concerned about possible reinfection in the colder winter months. The concern being I expect repeat infections will be more likely to cause long covid.
  5. To raise another point, things like a house being a ‘home’ and refusing to leave on that basis is something else I find absolutely trivial, a house is made a home by the people that live there, without that it’s just bricks and mortar. In short any house can be a home, it doesn’t have to be ‘that house’ just because it has memories attached, sometimes it’s better to move on and see where life takes you.
  6. I’ve almost certain I’ve been through more ‘life’ events than most people have in a life time. I had a very traumatic/chaotic upbringing, being the byproduct of a bitter divorce/affair , I can’t write my life story in a single post but it was absolute hell being played off one another, abducted, beaten and it caused so many problems for me right though to early adulthood, because the lines or wrong and right were extremely blurred and I learnt a lot of things the hard way (especially things relationships and how important school work should’ve been….) These events made me no doubt stronger as a person, but I have got absolutely zero tolerance for this nasty point scoring type behaviour, it doesn’t make anyone any happier, fact. If you want to make yourself feel better, it’s not found by screwing someone else over, it’s found by moving on and rebuilding your life, people get so heavily invested in short term events and drama they do stupid things that stop them from maybe having the next (probably) best 5-10 years of their life, that isn’t just relationships but things like jobs too.
  7. He’s shown loads of gratitude for the support he’s received both medically and from his supporter/followers. Your first point is void because this is the true cost of running the TT, if we encourage and run a race like this then the least we can do is support riders and families when the worst happens, you can’t run a government sponsored race and then hide from the responsibilities.
  8. https://www.44teeth.com/2022-isle-of-man-tt-boothys-statement/ “Losing my leg has been one of the most difficult things to get my head round and, if I’m being honest, the main reason this update has taken so long to come. It’s hard to explain something like that to others, when you’ve not really come to terms with it yourself.“
  9. That’s exactly it, it takes something like a divorce to really see peoples true colours, if you ever loved someone you don’t fuck them over, you let them go. You hold the higher moral ground by just walking away and leaving them to sort the mess out they’ve created, not by being hell bent on revenge.
  10. Point-scoring = a pointless waste of time and doesn’t make anyone any happier. Those hell bent on revenge don’t feel any better for it, the energy wasted on hating someone is better spent elsewhere.
  11. It’s sad to read Mike Booth is struggling to come to terms with his injuries. I did find the lack of updates somewhat concerning because he’s not exactly shy of having a few bumps in the past, he’s the type to brush himself down and jump straight back on again and it’s probably the long road ahead that’s just very daunting. Hopefully he’ll document his journey where possible, 44 Teeth are great advocates for mental health, with getting out on a bike being seen as one of the best ways to beat depression/anxiety.
  12. Thats exactly it, just have a look at how many positions there are for qualified trades as an example and then see how many there are for trainee or apprenticeship roles. The apprenticeship scheme is also a joke, you need to find a work placement before you can join the course, having been in that position in the past it’s near on impossible, businesses can’t work on maybes, either someone is going to be on the course or they aren’t, not registering your interest which just wastes everyone’s time.
  13. Well he was trying to save himself 5k by screwing her out of 2.5k it’s just ridiculous and certainly not what you’d expect from anyone working in compliance where integrity is key.
  14. All that for the sake of trying to screw his wife out of 5k? Lost his career, reputation and now has a criminal conviction, what a fool.
  15. 4 points on their licence should be the stinger, but that’s only if the driver tells their insurance company, there should be a follow up to make sure they’re paying inflated premiums for the next 5 years.
  16. It’s not really that surprising given the weight of a modern car, it’s a 1.5+ tonne mass hitting a stone wall, but the accident itself is an odd one, given it’s a steep uphill section you’d the expect brakes to work quite efficiently.
  17. Annoymouse


    Did they actually want to move from North Quay? I was under the impression they didn’t have much choice, I completely agree that they were never the same after they moved.
  18. Its not a bonfire, it’s a chiminea/stove type thing and they mostly burn logs, so I don’t think there is any bonfire nuisance clause, not that I’d want to cause any issues with the neighbours, they’re just the type of you give them an inch they take a mile.
  19. I don’t really mind the smell of other stuff, I’d sooner live next door to a pair of stoners than a pair of middle aged alcoholics, but this is just them burning scrap wood and logs but the smoke does swirl round and is pungent, somehow it even works it way through the window seal.
  20. We have one neighbour that burns stuff constantly, log burner in the winter, chimnea in the summer so we can’t leave our windows open or put washing out as it just stinks of smoke, it makes a nice summer evening in the garden near impossible and for good measure they smoke cigarettes too. I’d love to see a ban on folks burning stuff in their garden, I don’t mind the smell of BBQs and to be fair I don’t really mind the smell of cigarettes but the wood or whatever is burnt in the garden is bloody horrible, it just swirls around everywhere in the wind and gives me a barking cough.
  21. Annoymouse


    Core business being workwear? There is a shop selling workwear on every industrial estate and down every high street.
  22. Annoymouse


    How is there any profit left when they’re paying that sort of rent? Is it some sort of tax write off?
  23. The whole promenade scheme is based on nanny state nonsense, but that is the way of the world so it’s just a case of accepting it and moving on. I’ve witnessed not just cyclists but motorcyclists having a wobble on the tram tracks, when learning I was taught to cross over them at a diagonal angle to avoid the wheel being caught, perhaps this is no longer being taught or perhaps it’s just an example of something being everyone else’s responsibility when really it should be the cyclist or motorcyclist using some common sense.
  24. McDonald’s staff (and now KFC) are paid more than their retail counterparts and I think the stereotypical view that you and many others hold is the main reason for that, so really they get the last laugh.
  25. I’ve mostly seen window licker used as a term to describe someone mentally retarded. That said window licker has also been used to describe those who stare out of the window rather gormlessly, the day dreaming type or those who are a bit thick and stereotypically the type of people you expect to see working at McDonald’s or KFC….. I realise the last paragraph is a bit insulting but this comes from a time when teachers used to openly say a pupil would amount to nothing and be lucky if they could hold a job at McDonald’s, there was no support then. If you were considered thick/stupid you were just left behind.
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