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  1. I will just stop going to peel via the coast road!
  2. Have you tried Athol garage? I got my Mrs an automatic nissan note and she loves it! Lots of space inside and she loves the false floor in the boot for sorting the heavy and light shopping. The Andrew the sales man down there was great and sorted everything out for us with no stress. No problems with the car and drives nice and smooth for an automatic petrol car
  3. Sorry ment 4inch deep was on my phone at the time. Burst the tyre possible buckled wheel, will spin her up on the balance mechine in the morning, tracking doesn't seem out and no play or knocking in the suspension. Just annoying having a £150 tyre and then replacing it after 500miles. Was un able to avoid this as there was a car coming the other way, too much on my side of the road causing me the have to move right over
  4. Hahaha that sounds about right!! Yeah fully comp, may give that ago!
  5. Hey guy what can I do about a pothole that has burst my nearly new tyre?? Went back to look at the pothole and its about 8inch deep!
  6. The next person who replies answers the question, and then asks a question of their own. The next poster replies to that question, and then posts a question of their own. And so on. Where is your favorite place to visit on the Isle of Man?
  7. http://www.alternet.org/drugs/marijuana-one-most-scrupulously-researched-drugs-known-humanity-media-likes-pretend-pots?page=0%2C1&paging=off&current_page=1
  8. The only reason why I mentioned her was due to the amount of idiots going up to her on sunday night and saving pork till last, and going "oh let me guess you're not going to serve me now". Also to be fair the majority of people starting a sentence with I'm not racist but, do say something racist. A few people on this thread started with it.
  9. Also to the people who have to say "I'm not racist but....." at the start of a statment clearly are because if you weren't you wouldn't have to say it.....
  10. Dont worry manx people.....the mrs says only 2 work in our m&s and they dont work on food. A Hindu girl works in food so not a Muslim. Now relax moaning old people.....
  11. You do this http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaporizer_(inhalation_device)
  12. One reason I feel that drugs like cannabis should be legalised is that its a long term and well studied drug unlike alot of the new legal highs that are coming through nowadays! These drugs are not well researched and alot more harmful as doctors do not know what to do when someone is rushed in in an emergency! Even drugs like ecstasy are far safer than these "new" chemicals. Atleast if these drugs were legalised and could be regulated for quality people wouldnt need to buy these dangerous legal highs. It doesn't matter what the government do, people will always what to get high and will find a new way to do so.
  13. Its still from a study carried out in harvard, dosnt matter what sites have posted it. If you read my above post I have basically stated what you have quoted. .....my point is that it dosnt cause schizophrenia
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