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  1. This looks like an interesting strategy. All the people who got the discount and you ask the bloke who didn't for advice. Are you an MHK? Ha Ha, I reckon that I'm just the worlds worst negotiator. To be honest I went into the conversation with the mindset that I can't really be bothered and if they're not forthcoming I'll end the contract. I started initially with the online chat function to a bloke called Abbas. He informed me that he had never heard of any such discount (vat or goodwill), and that he'd put me onto someone else. That bloke called Alex said after a while of chatting that there is no such discount on offer and there was nothing he could do for me except get me on the phone number so I could speak to someone else. Spoke to Liam who imformed me that these were all internet rumours and that I was very much misinformed. I asked if there was anything he could do as a goodwill gesture after 18 years paying for Sky "sorry, no". Ah well. I needed a kick in the ass to drop them. Blinkbox now perhaps Did you mention to them that we own "Pinewood Film Studios" ?
  2. I contacted sky a couple of months ago ( after being made redundant ) as we had to cut down on our non essentials, and we had decided to just cancel our subscription altogether, so i contacted sky by phone, and said we wanted to cancel our sky subscription, the irish girl at the call centre ( which i assume is based in Ireland ) put me on hold, she then came back with an offer of a 10% discount, i told her we needed to cancel as we just could not afford it, as i had just been made redundant, so she put me on hold again, and then came back with a revised offer of 25% discount, i again said i just want to cancel it as we just cant afford it, and i was getting a bit annoyed by this time, she again put me on hold, when she came back to me she said the best we can do is to offer you your current sky package free for the next 12 months then refer back to the original subscription, i was just about to say "just bloody cancel it" but i said ok, thats great, thank you very much. I am contemplating if it is worth me contacting them again to see if i can get them to send me a cheque for the 12 years of vat that i have been wrongly paying.
  3. I can`t find much about it on an internet search, ( probably because it took place over 40 years ago ), apart from an e-bay auction site, which has recently sold a commemorative broshure advertising it, but it would appear it took place practice week / TT week. I have e-mailed iom newspapers to see if they have any info in thier archives.
  4. Going by the date of that albert, i assume it must have been held in practice week, or the start of TT week then.
  5. It must have taken a lot of engineering skills to come up with it though.
  6. Come back when you sober up, moron! You should reread the first line of my post, it mentions you. And in reply , Non.
  7. And which of the companies that they were advertising pushed to advertise, are you from ?
  8. I agree with you on that, If james may and his crew had just been left to their own devices, it may well may have portrayed the isle of man better in the program, I am supprised the iom government didn`t insist on a payment from the Meccano Company for the use of the iom facillities.
  9. This sounds like a cross between the "Wacky Races" and "Monty Carlo Or Bust", Why did it cease ?
  10. Do you still have any flyers for this ? There was a separate class for totally engineless entries, totally solo entries, powered sea, scheduled sea, powered air etc etc.
  11. Could this be a new tourist venture for someone, i wonder ? ( you obviously could`t use the steam packet to get to Blackpool tower ).
  12. How was that the "engine less class", with a fast car to laxey ?
  13. It came accross to me as " this man is famous lets make a few bob out of this" instead of what the program was reallity about, which was building a motorbike out of meccano that can do the distance of the tt course. I would immagine if james may was really truethfull, he would probably tell the kiper man, the wine man, and the bread maker to stick it. and i wouldn`t blame him one bit.
  14. I will await the shuttleworth, or ( SMUJ ) MK2 with bated breath, Are you able to advise when the testing of the SMUJ MK2 will begin ?
  15. Why did it stop, as this sounds a popular event ?
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