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  1. Cancelled for no good reason? Do you really think a claim that it was cancelled for no good reason would succeed?
  2. Why did the Director of Ports say earlier this morning that: http://www.manxradio.com/newsread.aspx?id=69350 It seems to be a bit odd to suggest things are still being considered when permission is then denied a few hours later.
  3. Good news possibly: http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/london-city-booking-delay-result-of-news-leak-1-6369647 Bit surprising BA say the news was leaked given Cretney said he was making the announcement with their permission.
  4. Roger, Thank you for looking up and posting Cretney's annoucement. One month later with no obvious progress, his choice of words is interesting. Why did he say they "intend" to increase the service? Why could he have not said they "will" increase the service? A natural interpretation is that BA have not committed to the increase and all they have given is a non-binding indication that they could do it subject to details to be agreed.
  5. I have just tried booking some flights to/from London City in April and BA's websit is still only offering one flight per day. Does anyone know when the new schedule of flights will be released? Has anyone seen an annoucement from BA confirming that the service will be increased to the promised three flights per day? It seems odd that BA have not put flights on sale yet. Do they not want our money?
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