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  1. Doesn't take long for threads to drop to the usual undesirable level does it?
  2. Times are hard enough but I always leave here feeling even more down than when I logged on, it's a very negative place We need a good karma place to join, somewhere we can move forward in life not constantly get dragged down If you are surrounded by negativety you end up following
  3. Just added crossross this morning alias was another who just attacked me ages ago so he went on the list ...I've a feeling more will join shortly, I've not used the function much but will do
  4. I've just added another forum member to my growing ignore list, this site has far too many people I can quite happily never hear from again There's too many all too ready to jump on the kangaroo court bandwagon, every day it's the same old crap! I may leave altogether even though I've been a member here since 2004
  5. So maybe some time in the future I'll be able to choose English as my preferred option instead of American English when installing software and App options
  6. I was suspicious just looking at the return envelope even before opening the letter, alarm bells rang and I had a reet good laugh to see my name 6 times on page one. ...it got quickly torn up.
  7. So what you're saying is, an event that happens every 70 years is 'ordinary'? With all due respect, once every 70 years in Earths lifetime is positively normal
  8. Invitation Processing, Po Box 95338, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89193-5338 It looked suspiciously familiar, scratched my head for a while to get the name...Neo-Tech, I've got this book somewhere in the house from the early 80's I think it's rebranded but a scam all the same, chuck the letter in the bin!
  9. I was joking about Port Erin but anyone who's lived there in winter will know exactly what I mean
  10. How many people do speak Manx? Probably less than the number who can speak Polish or Afrikaans
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