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  1. This is as far as this Island has progressed when indigenous manx people are abused and ridiculed by immigrants. Nevermind the problems at Calais we are now being openly fucked by delusional entitled incomers who have believe they are entitled to roughshod us. Who is us? A minority indiginous people who are shafted left and right who are so much in the minority that insults are not even defended on this forum. This is a disgrace in itself. It is a outrage that no true leader comes to our defence. It is a travesty that no one speaks for the indigenous that are treated like imbeciles. Helix you cocksucker how dare you denigrate a once proud people that have been cowed into second class citizenship in their own land. Helix as Matthew once said tonight I'm a smartass but in the day I'm an escapee from mediocrety never has it more been so apparant. The traitor politicians that have sold out the Manx will get their cummuppance. This Island is merely a microcosm of what happens in the real world. When true patriots are cowed by the ignorance of immigrants who migrate solely to raise their standard of living at the natives expense it is great until it isn't. I really don't give a monkeys now. The absence of support for my position albeit extreme has brought it entirely home to me that indigenous folks are mainly asleep in the wind and may well earn their label as inbred uneducated fools with no qualifications.However rest assured we patriots are not all like this and ridicule at your peril. Manx surnames if only you were so lucky eh
  2. all bravado I thought as much however you are not my target. yes whatever. all Manx do not do business with non Manx businesses. walk away if they are not Manx. Manx first.
  3. I'll refrain from saying your to thick to spell it. sultan in the course of normal business if you could afford to engage me in conversation I would speak freely. however it is plain this is not the case. bearing in mind I am a non conformist and dislike thoms. I will indulge you. what is it about the boycott of non Manx business you dislike? let's get it on but you might not like the result.
  4. I have no reason to discourse with an Uncle Tom. Manx born rise up to not do business with these imported clowns. when this reaches critical level and it will all indiginous will avoid imported experts. all Manx avoid spending with non Manx know alls. I am not alone although it seems it on imported Isle of Man forums. show no mercy to Uncle toms. that this is apparant on the forums is the beginning of the end for imported knowalls who know nothing. the end nears.
  5. you have tarred the locals already. fuck you . you self entitled money grabbing thick entitled moron fuck off. there's a boat in the morning. if you are Manx do not buy from these fools do not give them anything. starve them fuck what they believe they know better and we are peasants. do not buy from them fuck them
  6. forum breakdown kiss my ass. you apologist. I am not pissed either. lift this up do not do business with non Manx businesses do not trade with them do not part with your money with them. they believe you are inbred subhuman. I apologise for having an attitude seeing as I'm Manx born. if being Manx born is an attitude problem to a fucking traitor fuck you. it starts small all Manx fuck these uncle thoms do not do business with no Manx business let's up it few o prevent them escaping with their wealth from what they believe is their entitled money. don't buy don't consume fuck them.
  7. I apologise for having an attitude seeing as I'm Manx born. if being Manx born is an attitude problem to a fucking traitor fuck you. it starts small all Manx fuck these uncle thoms do not do business with no Manx business. you intellectually challenged road digger. fuck you traitor. let's up it few levels I'm waiting. sultan
  8. a ladder eh what ladder is that? fuck you interviews by your attitude your interviewing assholes. it's all going wrong isn't it? fuck you and your not the worst but fuck you and what your trying to propagate. I guess your an Uncle Tom a sellout to true Manx. live with it when the locals beat you to fuck being a traitor when the money masters flee.
  9. local is subjective. all Manx fuck the imports fuck them do not do business with them.
  10. if you lifted the discussion above the level of a taxi driver I would bother to respond. let's get it on.
  11. I thought this was Manx forums not a forum in the Isle of Man where imports believe they can tell the local peons how wrong and useless they are and turn it into the cesspit they ran away from. yes there are lazy and feckless peons the world over. however this is the Isle of Man and however you wish this was elsewhere it isn't. how dare you denigrate Manx born with work ethics. a work ethic in gambling don't make me laugh. what! the local peons are not ruthless enough parting the desperate from their money or exploiting the greater fool. not enough desperate idiots delusionally thinking they can beat the house and scam idiots while placating the distractors with donations to gamble aware. you should get over yourselves. a Manx idi Amin is needed to purge the undesirable elements. gambling has existed from time immemorial and to place a veneer of respectability on it because it is delivered to greater fools by electronic means is ridiculous. time to get real. as this island lunges into financial armageddon and the entitled eat themselves a groundswell of local opinion will eventually emerge to purge this island of the entitled imported pseudo know alls that have nested here for too long. A groundswell that will elevate the work permit to a status of you want to do business here then you must use Manx people. Ict is merely a tool not an end to everything. that the headless and traitor politicians on this isle relegate the true indigenous population to second class citizens in their own land says much about them. a groundswell of revolt by indigenous folk is coming whether you like it or not. right now all Manx should boycott imported business. ask if Manx owned and employ Manx people if not walk away. as the imported assholes who believe they know better jump ship and they equity in their business and pwopertee implodes the Manx take for buttons on the pound. whose the entitled clown now? as far as I'm concerned we should take a leaf form other countries tha out their indigenous citizens first. the know all come overs believe they know best dont let that be so. boycott non Manx business now. fuck them they believe your lazy arrogant inbred fools.
  12. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/people-in-ict-and-e-business-won-t-need-work-permits-1-7716207 100 Indian and Eastern European immigrants a year will take the government 200 years to achieve the chamber of own interests target of 20000 peons to perpetuate the largesse of the public sector liability in pensions and the lifestyles of the entitled never mind ordinary services. Thus begins the ramp up for new residents. The work permit system has been broken for some years and in the current climate of austerity the indiginous population once again gets shafted. The Island I grew up on has changed out of all recognition and the minority local serfs have been turned over again as vested interests pull the strings on their bought and paid for puppets masquarading as servants of the people. There are too many foreign immigrants here already bleeding the Island dry with no allegiance to this place whatsoever. We need strong representatives who will favour the Manx not sellouts to the carpetbaggers who congregate here with impunity. When this Island falls the snake oil salesmen will be long gone with elements of the chamber of own interests and the locals will be left to pick up the pieces wondering how the hell they have been sold down the river. All that remains will be young people with no future, no prospects of purchasing property and an army of elderly people mainly immigrants draining every penny from the health service. Robust action needed urgently to purge the immigrant element of useless eaters that drain our society and an end to weak self interested sellouts that infest our government doing the bidding of their masters. Enough is enough Manx first.
  13. Lessons have been learned, we must move on and we are where we are. A Treasury spokesperson claimed the loss was in fact a net gain for the taxpayer using internal audit methods.
  14. I agree its going down the pan. Whats a healthcare worker anyway? A fillipino nurse, a Dominican Republic asswiper or a tuetonic criminal chancer with a certificate? The sooner we and I mean manx people get their heads round the idea that this, relatively prior and successive administrations do not give a f**k about the indiginous population the sooner these bizarre policies make sense. I am overun with immigrants and no one seems to give a s**t. Be it Eastern European, Asian, English or whatever they arrive without apparant hinderence and can't believe their luck no doubt. We have fillipino taxi drivers for heavens sake hardly a required key position. The ice cream maker wants to be protected. Well I want to be protected as well from the chancers arriving here stealing money from me and my business. If this situation wasn't so pathetic with powerful vested interests in bullshit positions seeking to keep the status quo in fear of their future income it would be laughable. When will a Manx politician stand up for his own? What must happen for some national integrity to enter politics? Who will stem the flow of money grabbing chancers arriving here without challenge? Is it too late as we are already a minority? What if every Manx person voted for you and because your a minority in your own land you still wouldn't get in? This I fear is already the reality. Strengthen the work permit, check the criminal history of these immigrants properly, don't let every Tom, Dick and Abdul in without proper checks. Deport undesirables who break our laws quickly work for the indigenous people stop thinking of the money. Rant over.
  15. Its more likely than not the conspiracy is he actually died as is alleged. It is thought by some he fled to South America on a submerine with the full knowledge of the allies. Argentina it is believed. I like to think he fled to Colombia. If it wasnt for them medellin kids hed have got away with it.
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