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  1. I would be happy if the thread was deleted - sorry Rob
  2. My ears are burning - fact Apologies for the trouble Rob - I am sure you can handle it - fact
  3. Er...didn't he get in unopposed? No one actually voted for him? That is incorrect. I, like many others, voted for him and would vote for him again. He is the best commissioner Onchan has ever had and I hope he will continue to serve the people of Onchan and the Isle of Man by one day being an MHK. We need more decent people like him in politics. Hear Hear
  4. It's Rob, he always denies it and claims to come from Ramsey (like he's some Northern weird gay Rob Callister stalker) but ...... It's Rob. He ain't fooling anyone. A Gay Stalker - How very rude? I do live in Ramsey and a keen follower of his work in respect Social Housing and the level of rents I have suffered in the last in the three years. Who else is looking out for us Social Tenants - fact! Why cant I promote his good work.
  5. Just see this on the LV Facebook page - posted by Rob Callister The ugly side of Manx Politics I am still reeling from certain events from yesterday. When elected as a Commissioner in May 2012 I offered to serve the people of Onchan to the very best of my abilities without "fear or favour". I also promised to commit sufficient time to do the job right and to act upon any genuine question or concern brought to my attention. I totally agree that not everyone will agree with my politics or the way I conduct myself at times. I have certainly ruffled a few feathers along
  6. Amy Burns David Cretney James Corrin ("Vader") Stuart Baggs Not that is a political party
  7. It says - I know five languages Well I know hundreds but I can't speak any of them
  8. Are you sure this isn't simply the case of a Cretney stool pigeon trying to get pushed into Keys on the back of a popularist campaign managed behind the scenes by the exact same "old guard" you despise? I'm not.I think you might have a point, FACT has hinted at similar but seems to have no evidence to back up his claim in another thread regarding the signatures backing this candidate.I see where you're coming from, it was suggested a few months back that Cretney's daughter might stand?Maybe Ms Burns could be seen as a less nepotistic candidate but still be getting the backing of the South Doug
  9. Ashford / Malarkey - so much for voting in free thinking individuals They would still get my vote before Mrs. Burns.
  10. no thanks Amy - I have zero confidence in your ability to represent the Isle of Man on a National level. I guess David Cretney will be writing your Manifesto Nothing personal just politics.
  11. The simple answer is yes, wherever possible. However, the House of Keys are not on my radar until after 1st May 2016 You might change your mind if Mr. Quirk jumps towards LegCo next month.
  12. It's good to see Chris and Rob commenting after being elected. Most members could name several Local & National political members who have used Manx Forums to promote their own election campaigns and then simply vanished into distance. Question Mr. Callister if you are elected into the House of Keys in 2016 will you continue to contribute to these forms?
  13. Listen to the interview again, Phil wasn't being truthful Yes, Phil didn't know what was going in, but he was fully briefed on the field being dug up when challenged
  14. Crookall shouldn't have to carry the can over the toilet tax. Lets not forget who brought the original Motion; JOHN HOUGHTON (I don't pay any pension) & DAVID QUIRK
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