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  1. who was the bint he was chaperoning? dyed blonde hair and goggles she had, i'm in east douglas so i assume she's a candidate for the keys.
  2. ALCOHOL the biggest killer of all drugs.
  3. he just backed out muttering something about not being MHK for this area,i was livid and said you (mhk's) have ALL fucked this island up now fuck off.
  4. i've just had cretney and some woman at the door,i told him straight he had already fucked the island up,now fuck off and do not darken my door again,fucking muppets.
  5. The new Winter Work Schemes...? thats exactly what we will be needing.
  6. I think the fabled "gravy train" is well and truly fucked and 50% of government workers will have to be fired in double quick time,we don't even have a paddle.
  7. times have not changed,the farmers (landowners) are still screwing the arses of the manx people,bastards.
  8. not before time,they are'nt doing us any favours,in fact they are taking the piss.
  9. But what's your point? its spuds n herring time again.
  10. Must be notwell this he's the "spurious comparison" specialist.
  11. what was the narrative for "the troubles"?
  12. You mean like quitting the day after the vote? He had no option really, did he? Nowhere to go. He had been laughed at by the EU in his "renegotiation", and his strategy had been rejected in the referendum. He could scarcely have gone back to argue the total opposite position. he was [and still is] a snivelling fucking plonker in the pockets of goldman sucks and the rest of the financiers,good fucking riddance.
  13. they were looking for a couple of joints.
  14. E- gaming ( your comment ) not to my liking, but there you are. As to other Diversity, according to Government ; Industry / manufacturing, Tourism ( ie Culture / History/ Walking) .there are bound to be others. My argument against the FS has always been the ' All our eggs in one basket ) scenario. So you are advocating diversity into eGaming? It's already now our biggest sector so the IOM has done that. Aside of that you have not given me any examples of how the island can diversify. You mention Industry and Manufacturing - give me examples of how we can create that sort of industry? Es
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