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  1. Not really. I don't approve of fast food but Griddles was okay. At least they served REAL chicken.
  2. I think we have a winner for where to locate the proposed town centre Tesco.
  3. How about a top 5 list of amusing Manx online slagging matches? Washed out DJs with ego problems thread TT fatalities thread ...
  4. I saw him in the queue at M&S about a month ago. He's really been piling on the pounds.
  5. Just had two gentleman (Jehovah's Witnesses) knock on the front door with a leaflet: Apparently we're all invited to a three-day convention in Liverpool in August where they will discuss "Earth's new ruler - who really qualifies?" Rather than consult the Bible or jw.org for answers, as per the leaflet, I thought I'd ask on Manx Forums.
  6. What does tomato juice have to do with this topic?
  7. Why do people feel the need to post negative comments? These statuses should be taken seriously and not trivialised or ridiculed. I wouldn't mind but most of the people who do this seem to be "grown ups".
  8. Is a Manx person able to bypass the IOM Companies Registry and register a company name in the UK or elsewhere, even though they operate in the Isle of Man; and, if so, how would they go about doing that?
  9. Does anyone know why there are a lot of motorbikes, foreign talking people and evening road closures at the moment? It's getting a bit out of hand.
  10. Just been having a skeet on the government jobs website and noticed they're now being hosted on https://www.jobtrain.co.uk/iomgovjobs/ which is the domain of a company in the UK which specialises in e-recruitment. According to their website, they deliver time and cost savings to companies of all sizes and across all sectors.
  11. For the bloke complaining in the Examiner for a second week running about being unemployed. Here's an idea: build up a CV with voluntary work for a charity. Nothing wrong with cleaning jobs either.
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