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  1. This can't have just disappeared...where's justice? Justice needs to be not only applied, but seen to be done, and has it?
  2. Celtic1


    And before I go, I'm just going to throw these old boat bits on the fire. There is a rumour we'll need all the boats we can get. Hopefully fracking will raise a few.
  3. Celtic1


    Was this ever going to be a serious discussion? Maybe your idea of fracking is that of the Scandanavian museums' peoples returning to the IOM to dig up the lost viking-burials around the N.W. coast, and reducing the coals from the burnt offerings as a charcoal offset for reparation in the Manx total fuel bill for old scores?
  4. 'Weel, i'm glad to declare i wint to the Doogie High fur a 'l, and i hurd summat say: Thay Scots Thay got a Much Better Edukashun than us in thee eel ow mawn. An she wus an englush tetchur 'n awl'. Think she got her countries mixed up because in my teaching career there has always been evidence supporting a superior "I" in IOM. (was that Isle of Moan?)
  5. Were you there, anyway? I wasn't too sure the first time I asked.
  6. ......Just booking a canal holiday in the deepest Oxford/Birmingham reaches, till this hopefully blows away. Lots of Wowchervouchers etc to use when coming back up the banks to find supermarkets, if they are still there. If not, taking a generator and loads of toilet paper, plus longlife milk and hairgel. Oh, and firelighters, but ....maybe a radio...what frequency do you suggest we can contact civilization on? Are you there?
  7. Celtic1


    You're kidding- right? You have children, you want grandchildren, great grandchildren, and you want nuclear storage AND 'fracking' in the IOM? Anyway have a look at geological maps of the UK for suitability and stability of possible sites. If you want to consider solar/wind/wave power then that is a serious proposition for alternative energy- that would mostly free us from international complications. (Sorry to be old-fashioned).
  8. A letter published in today's (3rd March) newspaper - are we allowed to say it was the Express?- highlights the SNP rhetoric, and ends with the comment 'it is a real turn-off for the balanced population......' This 'anti-English rant', as identified by the writer, was so prevelant in the 60s/70s IOM anti-English campaign, and the nationalistically inspired effort by 'those underground' to persuade non-Manx persons to avoid buying property, -bungalows in particular if one wanted to avoid seeing flames in areas other than in the fireplace - is so dangerously reminiscent of those times. Anyway back to the point. The letters pages of both Express and Scotsman are full of the Referendum debates, the supermarkets have members of queues giving their sides of argument to each other, -provided they attempt the common language of English, which is rarely heard.....on occasion. But it is all having a very profound effect on neighbours and people in the street. We had a significantly large 'fishing-village' celebration round here recently, and the SNP had a stall with balloons/leaflets/ presence at a photographically select road junction.....it didn't go down well with the local participants of the parade! If the Pound were the only contentious issue we might feel there was something serious to vote on......but it's like capturing mist with the hope you've solved the midge problem.
  9. Yes, Woolley, I agree, (and Lovejoy which is featuring the I.O.M. on tv .....as I type....should be encouraged to return.....and not just to the IOM)...... But back to the main issue- we still haven't heard how this contention is to be resolved. It would be ironic if someone accused is prevented from working but on full pay in the meantime, and the injured party has not only had their main source of income deprived by the state in a controversial manner, but also had to subsidise its own well-being for a long period in the interim. Is this justice? When will we hear news?
  10. Sorry, what was the question, I was dozing...? Oh yes, should we be living the life of our ancestors by fishing and farming, and looking after ourselves? Well, I can remember when that was a respectable lifestyle (by repute). But we had then more a celtic make-up of our population, and were more aligned with our sister nations. It couldn't see us through to modern times, could it? Then someone suggested growing 'palm' trees, in gardens particularly close to Douglas Prom. And cheap holidays abroad where real palm trees grew became more attractive. No contest. Enter the New Residents policy, followed by the great Financial Sector take over, and now there seems to be ....?
  11. "Scotland won't vote for Independence...." Well if the Referendum returns a 'Yea' then there is a problem for a large amount of the population trying to get their houses sold to move even a few miles south of the Borders. Certain Scottish newspapers support opposing sides of the argument, you have to read the letters pages, not just the headlines to find out the direction they are taking with their editorial. If, for instance, there is a 'No' vote have we all heard the last of the SNP policy for separating the UK?
  12. Not being a Facebook follower either, I'll have a look so thanks for the info. Maybe speak on 2m/70cms, next visit to IOM? Take it your call sign goes back a bit? Has something of 'nostalgia' in the GD4? What's the chat channel by the way?
  13. Yes, take this very seriously, the danger can't be over-estimated. The results of badly considered schemes, which have all the delights of 'seeming success' backfire on a huge scale, which is usually picked up by the tax-payer! Have a look around at examples in Scotland.
  14. It depends on how much you actually lost in RBS shares (bad advice is great, it grates all the way to SIB and beyond). If I lived in Scotland.....yes.....I would give this advice.......no. That is, I do, and how will I vote? The pound has virtually nothing to do with the main issues, it is one of the usual red-herrings to flag up nationalist support. It was the same in the 1970s in I.O.M. with challenges brought by Manx independence groups, on a thankfully less damaging scale. No matter how valid the cause was, 'red-herrings' directed public attention away from the arguments brought by those who felt the need of some government intervention.. And here we have the pound which is declared to be, popularly, a Scottish institution, hence the chant: 'Hands off our Pound' in Scotland, without any clear knowledge of how the pound works, either in name or consitution.
  15. If this topic might be coming to an end due to announcements/developments, then perhaps Roger Mexico, (on the 15th), should be thanked for giving a coherent explanation of the difficulties facing interaction between individuals in a small community. Whatever the outcome of future decisions about this situation there is still the blatently unfair treatment of people who lose the opportunity to continue to pursue their living, and so probably repay their dues (who can say how probable this is). When this is taken into account perhaps the issue becomes much clearer? There are still problems to be resolved. Otherwise, as a wise man once said: '......the plaque said "Nelson fell here"....- I'm not surprised, I nearly fell over the bloody thing myself.....' (or words to that effect)
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