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  1. Millions of people are affected by this worldwide. Losses of family and friends not to mention the financial implications. It is all well and good knocking our Government for what they are trying to do, but Governments of the World should be holding the Chinese Government to account for this for the deplorable and detestable practices that they have allowed to happen in the trade of wild, live animals that has caused this.
  2. One should look closely at the planning application as well.
  3. Sums matters up really, that politicians didn’t even know that regulations already applied to the IOM. I am not sure but I think these regulations were already in force when DHSC decided to do a consultation to see if they should bring in regulations? Ashford has not got a handle on what is happening in his department especially since the top 3 civil servants left, and with a possible no deal brexit on the horizon it is worrying.
  4. Naaa. I would put Harmer in charge if either swings or roundabouts!
  5. If they went any deeper they would probably hit solid rock! Not huge voids! Although aren’t there some voids around Loch prom to allow water to drain/flow away which were put there by design?
  6. It is not up to the Borough Council whether rate rebates are made, it is up to the Rent and Rating Appeal Commission surely? Have any domestic house holders applied for a reduction? Thinking of doing so myself.
  7. The poor man who was asked to stop his medication. If he believes in God, he should trust his physician as God created him. Or so says the bible.
  8. Does anyone know the REAL reason for the new radar tower never coming into operation? Or do we just accept the usual spin?
  9. Brilliant idea Mr Watterson. Manufactures will turn to a more healthy option ie artificial sweeteners. S read this Juan www.foodmatters.com/article/is-artificial-sweetener-poisoning-you or any other article about the subject. Better education is surely the answer, not a tax.
  10. We actually need younger people rather than people approaching 70. As much as they have experience we need people that are actually going to have to put up with the implication of their decisions in 20 years time. With the greatest of respect you cannot level that at someone nearly 70. Look at the choices in the USA, one of the most powerful nations on earth. How old are the presidential candidates??? You have to think about what likely dimwit is going to be the next Chief Minister to realise how good Alan Bell has done in difficult times.
  11. A sign they are looking ahead to the Legislative Council elections?
  12. English are mainly anglo saxon and the Manx are Celts from central asia or somewhere so what the **** does it matter we are all just human beings
  13. Where do you draw the line on a ruin?
  14. Has anyone seen this in the Keys order paper for next week? 75A Rating of ruinous dwelling-houses A dwelling-house which has been rateable but which has ceased to be capable of habitation must notwithstanding any rule of practice to the contrary continue to be treated as a rateable hereditament for the purposes of any enactment relating to rating. Are they going to rate ruins now or am I reading that wrong?
  15. Oh Mona


    Bland, insipid coffee. It will be a contrast from the nasty bitter stuff of its main high street rival. Give me Spill the Beans or Java any day!
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