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  1. What's that? Is their toilet tax being poo-pooed across as well?
  2. On the contrary, I don't know if it's fact or fiction. That's why I asked. That's why I put fact in inverted commas. Thought some people on here might actually know whether the IOM exports produce that then is offered for a lower price than it is sold on Island.
  3. I've heard it told as a 'fact' that you can buy Manx produce, meat for example, cheaper in Liverpool than we can buy it on the Island? Does anybody have personal experience of this? Is it so or not?
  4. The Tholton Bistro at Tholt y Will were doing a very nice carvery on Sunday, three courses for £17.50 I think it was - including coffee and mints! And the beef was Manx sirloin!! You take your own wine as there's no licence but they didn't even charge for corkage. That was last year when I went. Don't think it'll be open for quite a while this year because the road it's on is going to be shut for three months.
  5. As the road closure is for THREE MONTHS it will include Easter weekend. If it snows then it will probably be closed all summer too.
  6. The DOI had the responsibility for getting the work done and they tendered it out and gave JCK the contract.
  7. I would like to point out that Feb 19th until May 19th is in fact THREE MONTHS. The road is going to be closed for three months and maybe for people down south it's just a minor road with sheep and a quaint tearoom on it that they only drive on once in ten years, if that - but it is a major link for those living in the north of the island to its capital and where most of the jobs are. It's the A14 for goodness sake! As for the tearoom, it is normally open in March onwards, not in February. if the closure was only February and March then I doubt the tearoom lady and the bistro gentleman would be making such a fuss - but March April and most of May, come on, that is nearly up to TT practice week! Easter and the Mayday bank holidays and it will still be closed.
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