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  1. I see Manannan's usual expertise in English Grammar hasn't let us down.
  2. FACT

    Manx Gas

    I'm sure he will find something to whinge about and become the people's champion before campaigning starts properly next year. Then everyone will forget the whole OFT farce.
  3. In the bunker at OFT headquarters thinking of warnings to send out. Garages being ripped off, irony.
  4. I'm worried about his judgement, if this is an example it should be interesting the next 10 months. Also where he says to the paper "I will use the next 10 months to connect with the people", is that it then, a 10 month election campaign paid for by us, the suffering public? Is he actually going to do anything? Still, someone has to keep the radio and paper busy now Quirk has vanished.
  5. Shocked that he has posted that, surprised not.
  6. If it came from Buster I would check to see if it were dry yet.
  7. A new word enters the lexicon, Busterish, defined as 'being a bit dodgy and suspect'.
  8. The forces of darkness don't want party politics in any form. Look at the stick Karran and Beecroft suffer from in Keys. Malarkey got in on a party ticket then when he wanted to take the queens shilling and wasn't allowed to by the party, as per policy at the time, he fabricated a disagreement with the leader and just left only to get booted out by Beecroft. Hall the same, got thrown out eventually and even Bell's possie saw him as useless hence no position. All the vitriol on social media and mainstream bias against them, orchestrated from the top floor of the wedding cake, will ensure party politics will be synonymous with Ebola for a long time to come.
  9. Wouldn't it be good if the boxes had Christian tracts on the outside and when opened contained nothing?
  10. FACT

    Manx Gas

    Dear Kate... Re: Tynwald Sitting October 2015 - Oral Question 20 Manx Gas Agreement I am writing to you following the commitment given in my response to your question during the October 2015 sitting of Tynwald regarding the agreement between Manx Gas, the Office of Fair Trading, the Department of Economic Development and the Treasury. Statutory basis for the agreement There are four parties to the Agreement: The Office of Fair Trading The Treasury The Department of Economic Development Manx Gas Limited The statutory basis for which the representatives of the Isle of Man Government noted above have entered into the agreement are identified as below:- Office of Fair Trading Section 57 of the Consumer Protection Act 1991 the OFT has a statutory role to protect inform/ advise/ support and represent generally the interests of consumers. It entered into the agreement on the basis that it protects consumers from the potential effects of the monopoly enjoyed by Manx Gas Ltd in the gas supply market. Treasury Section 4(1)(a) of the Financial Provisions and Currency Act 2011 gives the Treasury powers in relation to promote or improve the Island’s economy and the social wellbeing of the Island. In this case, energy provision is vital to the economy and social wellbeing of the Island. Department of Economic Development Under Schedule section 1Part 2 to the Enterprise Act 2008, the Department has powers to: To take such other steps, or do such other things, as the Department may consider necessary for the proper discharge of the functions specified in Part 1. In Schedule section 1Part 1of the Enterprise Act 2008, the Department has functions including: 1. To further economic development 2. To provide, maintain and safeguard employment in the economy 3. To promote economic efficiency and competitiveness As the availability and pricing of energy is integral to economic development and growth, the Department has powers to enter into this agreement. In addition, the Department acts as 'sponsor' for the Office of Fair Trading. Why was the agreement not brought before Tynwald? There was no requirement for the agreement to be brought before Tynwald. I hope you will find these answers helpful. Yours sincerely
  11. FACT

    Manx Gas

    The question was asked in October Tynwald by Mrs Beecroft, after some reminding the CM issued a letter to Mrs Beecroft (copying all Tynwald members) dated 27th Oct. It does not really say much, basically "There was no requirement for the agreement to be brought before Tynwald" If you want to see the entire letter I'm sure your local MHK will be happy to let you have a copy .... I'm not going to post it on here as I was shown the letter in confidence. Have a look on the LibVan facebook page, it's on there.
  12. I wonder if you would be prosecuted for running into someone on an unlit hill and ruining their lives?
  13. FACT

    Manx Gas

    The fact that their communication on the subject wasn't predicted and wasn't produced in itself makes them look peculiarly amateur. Same goes for Quirk, amateurs running professional outfits, really?
  14. I was wrong previously, Quirk didn't show at the meeting.
  15. He is obviously the establishment candidate, toes the line, doesn't argue with the big boys and as thick as fuck. Should be a shoe-in.
  16. It's 20k new workers = possibly 60k people all told plus the infrastructure to accommodate them. Education, health, transport, shops, the list is endless
  17. I got talking to a young guy once and he was deriding my work. I asked what he did, "Finance industry" he replied, "Oh what do you do exactly?" "I'm a data inputer", "Typist then, (in best Al Murray style)" , "No, I input data", getting irate now, "Onto a keyboard from a bit of paper?", "Yes" and a look of despair on his face. As you can tell I've not a lot of time for the finance industry. Maybe that's the answer though, get rid and we won't need 'Allan's army' or 20k new workers.
  18. You will find him at the Requisition meeting on Monday, sitting with his 'friend' Derek Crellin' (Onchan Commissioner) taking notes to show to his master and mumbling under his breath . Ask him about the gas rise, he will ignore you and carry on notetaking. Make your mind up for yourself.
  19. How about people that live here but have UK bank accounts?
  20. They think Quirk is abusive and threatening, fancy that! As it was sent to them all individually it is personal correspondence and they have every right to post it here to see what we think.
  21. "My family is my focusidont think it needs any helpbeing tarnishedit does that quite well on its own" Couldnt have put it better myself.
  22. IfAmy says so it must be true. Thats the law.
  23. Nothing on the tribunal site, but Buster is there, that gave me a giggle.
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