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  1. Chances of an IOM exodus? As has been noted above, if supply chains start to struggle in the UK the IOM is literally at the end of the line (and now massively dependant on imports for even the basics). As we saw a few years ago with the refinery strikes it really doesn't take much to induce a bit of panic when things start running short. With over half the current population not born here if things really do go a pear shaped is there a chance folks will start to jump ship? I wonder if IOMG have considered this. I know they had to review their contingency planning after the drought last summer, I wonder what the plans are if the Tesco lorry doesn't arrive? A friend of mine who's in her 90s once told me the IOM was self sufficient in food during WW2 (despite increased population) right up to the end when milk had to be imported. Not much chance of that now.
  2. That section caught my eye too. The use of the word 'however' in response to the point that there are currently thousands of unoccupied homes. Even if there is demand for new homes, that does not negate the point of there being thousands currently unoccupied.
  3. To be fair I'm struggling to see the down side? If you want to pay for a full year I'm sure you'd still be able to. If it would help some people at the bottom of the ladder out to be able to pay it monthly what is the negative to that? I see some people have said there would be increased admin, but would there? You can already do your car tax online so the reduced admin side is already in place, and surely being able to pay it monthly online would actually reduce the physical admin costs generally - I assume this would have to coincide with a move away from physical paper discs as has been the case in the UK for a long while, but again we already have the database in place to check plates. What's the negative?
  4. Emissions are on the reg docs now, have been for a while. If data is present your Cat B vehicle will be charged on emissions (if not then cc's), which then becomes compulsory for all Cat B first registered after April 2010. And it's not always cheaper. I have two vehicles with the same size engine - older one is £410 based on cc, newer one is £600+ based on emissions. Think there was a news story on this a few weeks ago.
  5. maynragh

    TT 2018

    As I understand it they're paying the Government. They're the lease holders, so they charge users (effectively sub-letting) and in turn pay rent to IOMG.
  6. maynragh

    TT 2018

    I was told several years ago by someone who was also a senior TT bod that SC was a government employee (the person who told me was also a government employee). SC was also involved with Andreas Racing and their lease on Jurby, and is now a director of Jurby Motorsport Management - the company that was formed to tender for the new lease on Jurby.
  7. With any luck it sounds like there might have been some dosh generated to pay off those who're still owed, or is that ludicrously optimistic (after the fees have been paid)?
  8. maynragh


    I thought the excuse of 'commercial confidentiality' had now been expunged in this type of situation after the 'bus contract' FOIs... Information Commissioner Iain McDonald noted: ’Public authorities are expected to be accountable and transparent where considerable expenditure is incurred. Improving public awareness of how public money is spent, and the integrity of those expenditure decisions, are drivers of the FoI Act. ’The public expects value for money - any assessment of whether public services offer value for money cannot be ascertained without knowledge of the cost.’ Same would apply here no? Or has this position been overruled since?
  9. maynragh


    The second clip on that page is one of the best things I've heard on MR for years. I think it's probably made even more enjoyable by the fact that there is a slightly condescending tone from Chris at the start, right up to the point the interviewer nails him to the floor at about 1:30 by forcefully pointing out the problem has been increasing for over a decade. There is an audible halt to the standard high-flow BS while the emergency script is loading... and then, halfway through the emergency response, again you can almost hear the realisation dawning that the words on this script are in fact confirming what the interviewer has just asserted - the problem is getting worse. There is another audible pause while yet another emergency script is scrambled in to action, and he finally finds the correct waffle to plough on with. Priceless.
  10. I think if you looked in to it you'd find that the person referred to is one of the most highly educated in the current tynwald, and would therefore probably also be near the top of a comparative scale if they were all to be tested for IQ. IQ and academic ability are not the same as political skill and cunning, as many have proven at both ends of the scale.
  11. I'm sure I heard one of the campaign managers taking credit for that decision (rather proud of it I recall) during the run in to the last election.
  12. Whether you give a toss about carbon emissions or not it doesn't matter, the IOM could have been self sufficient in renewable energy years ago (which would have been massively in our financial interest), simply by taking the advice they paid to receive. Clearly it wasn't in the interest of those who made the decisions, so we spunked a load of money on gas turbines and pouring money down the drain instead - and nothing will change until that process does.
  13. Now theres and idea. The only issue being the purchase of a 'new' (heaven forbid) phone. I assume this level of wizardry would allow me to receive calls to my old numbers via one sim, but spend the bulk of my money with the second? Thank you!
  14. maynragh


    A quick google indicates NEC3 would cover much the same ground - performance bonds, low performance damages, limits on liability and compensation events all nice and clear. So it should be pretty easy for the government to clarify who exactly is going to carry the can for this right?
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