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  1. They're acting in this goofy way to try to make their church relevant to young people. I guess whacking them with sticks wasn't quite cutting it.
  2. Falling into the sea is a better fate than being hacked to death and served on a plate.
  3. Professor Jane Plant a professor of geochemistry at Imperial College London. Professor Jane Plant was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1987 She believes the disease is inextricably linked to animal products In 1993, after discovering her cancer had returned, she was warned by doctors she had just months to live She and her husband Peter, also a scientist, drew on their experiences of working in China, noting the low rate of breast cancer in Chinese women They researched studies showing Chinese women who move to Western countries increase their risk of breast cancer The now 69-year-old decided to follow a strict non-dairy diet In six weeks her tumour had gone and within one year she was in remission She has documented her experience and research in a new book Beat Cancer: The 10-step plan to help you overcome and prevent cancer Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2646043/Give-dairy-beat-cancer-Leading-scientist-given-just-months-live-changes-diet-alive-nearly-20-years-later.html#ixzz33WCdXPNk Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
  4. A male was arrested for public order today after walking on closed roads at Ballaugh.
  5. I watched the film Wall-E yesterday and I'm telling you, there are parts of the Isle of Man like that already. Walking down a residential area today, I saw litter down the side of the pavement right the way along the road. Out in the countryside the other day, there was litter just thrown into hedges. Do you think it's people here or the tourists? I don't understand what must be going on in a person's head when they throw an empty bottle out of their car window.
  6. No, you're not; you're being a smart arse trying to wind someone up. Pathetic.
  7. Why would someone post that they're going to put another person on ignore, even saying the other person will probably respond to the post but that they won't see it, other than to try to wind the other person up? Pathetic. On to the subject of drink driving, I'm curious if it's legal or not to drive a push bike while drunk?
  8. There was a man who came over from England for work back in the 1920s. He was a bit of a sceptic and scoffed at the people of Castletown who told him to say hello to the little people. For two days he drove past the Fairy Bridge on his way to Douglas without greeting the little people. For two days he would go to the pub each evening and laugh at the locals because nothing bad had happened to him. Then on the third day they found his car about 30 yards from the bridge. He was dead, his chest impaled by a heavy metal pipe he had been transporting in the back of his truck. Nobody was laughing in the pub that evening.
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