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  1. Thanks. We have kids so the pizza place sounds cool.
  2. So, we're thinking of having an overnight stay in Ramsey Park Hotel. I have no idea regarding Ramsey restaurants. doe anyone have any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks
  3. Mattrblue


    I'll have another look, but I don't think so.
  4. Mattrblue


    Does anyone know if the latest oil prices for home heating are listed somewhere?
  5. The clue is in the title I guess... where is a nice place to have breakfast?
  6. Hi Manxman, thank you for your reply. I have noticed that there isn't much of an outside space at either school (although the infants look like they have at least got a bit of grass). Does the school have access to a playing field for PE etc.? Also, can you give me an idea of class sizes? many thanks in advance.
  7. Does anyone have any knowledge of Scoill yn Jubilee (infants and juniors) ? It looks like this will be our catchment school for our 2 boys.
  8. Yes, thank you, I have printed the prospectus from here, but there is no mention of a report? I'm sure it's a great school, it's just that we didn't get time to visit it and there is a rental property we are interested in which is in the Laxey catchment. Does anyone have any idea of the currect class sizes?
  9. No, I am afraid I haven't.
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