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  1. The Sick Moon

    Great Advice

    I don't know, is that just family households? The number must be much larger if that's the case.
  2. The Sick Moon

    Child Obesity

    A lot of slim kids fit that description. Do you need a consultant to point out why that is?
  3. The Sick Moon

    Child Obesity

    Yeah, I don't believe that. Unless they never go out.
  4. The Sick Moon

    Electric Harley Davidson

    This story needs looking into by a proper journalist. Perhaps a German one.
  5. The Sick Moon

    Electric Harley Davidson

    God only knows! This is a strange one. Manx Radio are plugging this as a five day supercar festival, which suggests it's for everyone to be able to enjoy. So what form will that take? Will I be able to drive a supercar? Or get a ride in one? Sounds great! "Five day festival launched A new high profile Supercar event will take place on the Island this summer. The organisers of Supertour Isle of Man are promising five days of high quality driving and dining activities. It will roar into action at the end of TT fortnight on June the 10th. The team behind it, retired police officer Derek Flint and chief executive Peter Adamson, say they want to promote all that is great about the Isle of Man - its roads, people, hospitality, scenery and opportunities. More information is available via the website: supertour.im, by calling 242002 or following @supertouriom on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Derek says the prevalence of supercars seen around the Island last summer sparked the idea for the event."
  6. The Sick Moon


    Stephen Fry has prostate cancer. Aggressive little bugger.
  7. The Sick Moon

    Electric Harley Davidson

  8. The Sick Moon

    Electric Harley Davidson

    Strange one that. Check the website. Is this a government thing or a private enterprise?
  9. The Sick Moon

    Child Obesity

    And a tad hypocritical.
  10. The Sick Moon

    Great Advice

    Are they? Where did you source that from?
  11. The Sick Moon

    Child Obesity

    There aren't that many obese kids around, nowhere near as many as kids with normal looking weights. But I suppose it gives underemployed MHKs something to do.
  12. The Sick Moon

    WTF. Insensitive or what ?

    Hmm. Pretty light Williams fare, probably needs the associated imagery for any effect. I prefer this! Suits my skating style more...
  13. The Sick Moon

    Child Obesity

    Mmm, bacon double cheeseburger.
  14. The Sick Moon

    Electric Harley Davidson

    They need a Superdiningcar.
  15. The Sick Moon

    Great Advice

    You don't speak for me or as I suspect, several other users. Barrie Stevens is a top poster and brings much more value to this board than, dare I say it, err, you.