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  1. MANX MUSIC DAY 2018 As part of the 2018 Year of Our Island’s ‘culture month’, there will be the first ‘Manx Music Day’ (Laa Kiaull Manninagh) on Friday 27th July. Culture Vannin has joined forces with Manx Radio and the Manx Music Chart to celebrate the Isle of Man’s vibrant music community and introduce local singer-songwriters and bands to new ears. Manx Radio take the lead with a whole day devoted to the diverse range of original music produced in the Isle of Man. From breakfast to bedtime, listeners can tune in to hear contemporary Manx rock, pop, rap, blues, jazz and classical music, as well as Manx Gaelic language songs and traditional Celtic music. Joining the regular Manx Radio presenters will be a variety of people involved in the Manx music industry, from performers and composers to promoters and recording engineers. Emma Callin, Head of Villa Marina, Gaiety Theatre and the Arts will join Stu Peters on Talking Heads; Culture Vannin’s Manx Music Development Officer, Dr Chloe Woolley and her musician husband, Malcolm Stitt will chat to Christy DeHaven about their musical backgrounds on Conister Rocks; Gypo Buggane gives an audio tour of his recording studio, and there will be guest co-presenters and live performances throughout the day from singers and musicians. Also involved in this new initiative is Arron Clague, who runs the Manx Music Chart https://www.facebook.com/manxchart/ This weekly top of the pops is based on the listening trends on Spotify, where the ever-growing Manx playlist includes tracks by Davy Knowles, Voodoo Bandits, Mae Challis, Kate Dowman, Jules Verne Theory, The Bobbleheads, Alanna Lyes, Matt Creer, Truman Falls, Alex Harris and a’Nish. With the recent successes of Manx musicians, including Celtic harpist Mera Royle who won the BBC 2 Young Folk Musician of the Year, and Laxey girl Sam Barks’, who clinched the starring role in the new Broadway production of Pretty Woman, there is currently a lot of interest from around the world and a new-found confidence in the Island’s thriving music scene. It is hoped that ‘Manx music day’ will become an annual event, which could develop to incorporate live gigs around the Island and inspire new musical collaborations. To discover some new Manx music this Friday, tune into Manx Radio FM and AM or listen online at manxradio.com and smartphone apps. More information: https://www.manxradio.com/on-air/manx-music-day/manx-music-day/ Find out about Manx traditional music and performers: www.manxmusic.com
  2. Hi All : the chart is about music featuring manx artists : the Varrick Frost track is sung by Alanna Lyes of Peel, and Ivan Ivanovich is the track title of a Jules Verne Theory record, which Is me currently sunning it up in Onchan. The list is inclusive of all genres, traditional, dance, electronic, folk etc. I dont know that many of the tracks are sponsored by the Arts council : the majority of the are payed for commercial by the Record labels that released them. Id forgotten to check back on this until I was listening to all the local music on Manx radio today (Tynwald Day) : I'll check back and answer any questions Best : Arron
  3. Hi All : we are a couple of months of Publishing the Manx Music Charts ! The page is up on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/manxchart All the new Manx Music Releases are gathered at the following playlist : https://open.spotify.com/user/arroncx/playlist/4YZbE1uwDbCGpTd7N61nZX?si=wnShA58lQHuvvmx33o0fxw If Charts are you thing, and Manx Music is your thing, you'll love this :) Charts for this week here :
  4. HI All ! Since Heaven 17 we have been busy making our Debut Album, "Black Swan" which will be Released on Ninthwave Records on the 29th July 2016. You can preview / pre-order at : Apple Music : https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/black-swan/id1131700630 Amazon : https://www.amazon.com/Black-Swan-Jules-Verne-Theory/dp/B01I2DW9XW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1468341165&sr=8-1&keywords=jules%20verne%20theory%20black%20swan Or if streaming is you your thing, then you can follow JVT on Spotify, and you'll get a notification when it hits the service on release day : Spotify :https://play.spotify.com/artist/3eN9nbdL5lzgpVnPnShkTi?play=true&utm_source=open.spotify.com&utm_medium=open If you want to know more about what we are doing, then www.julesvernetheory.com is the place to go Cheer : Arron (JVT)
  5. Hi All, Just a quick heads up to say that Jules Verne Theory are supporting the legendary Heaven 17 at the Villa Marina tomorrow night. We've been working hard over the winter on some new songs that will get their first outing tomorrow evening ! Tickets for the show on 1st August are £23 and available here: http://bit.ly/Heaven17IOM Also, we released our new single "No Ghosts" on Ninthwave Records last week, video is here : and this is the Spotify streaming link : http://open.spotify.com/album/2TqEX7sMywg0UBWJhB9pLr Hope to see some of you there ! Cheers, JVT
  6. Its an interesting subject for even classical music : so for example when playing Baroque period pieces, should you use contemporary instruments to correctly decode the bowing techniques included in the scores, or approximate them with modern violins ? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baroque_violin When you are doing computer recreations of orchestra's knowing the instruments is critical, as to swap French Horns for Chellos is not possible in real life due to the different ranges available on the world instruments (although the computer can simulate notes outside the natural ranges). You also have to use all the "assumed" info like the acoustics of a hall, how far away an instrument is from the listener, where player sites in the orchestra, (left or right), how many instruments are doubling the parts etc. It is consistently surprising how little information there is in a score, compared to the information in an audio recording : notation is designed to be as simple as possible so you can read it in real time, so its a massively compressed data stream.
  7. Reading/writing music is becoming less important as music becomes more focused on textures and less about conventional instruments : There are really two parts to written music : the notes, and the way you map them to an known instrument (along with additional written guidance). This only works if you have a known instrument at the reproduction side : for example a guitar or piano. If you have something more modern, like computers and synthesizers, The notes and direction don't allow you to reproduce the piece of music, as there is no way to notate texture, ambiance, overtones or internal and external waveform movement over time. The same if partially true of electric guitar where you are using effects to alter its harmonic spectrum. So in thee case of classical music : you have a known set instruments and tonality, so you can code and decode the music through the score. In Rock music, you can approximate the piece through musical notation, but not fully code and decode. In pure electronic music, the instrumentation is so abstracted, that presented with a score, the reconstruction would be so far from the original piece, it would likely be unrecognizable. Its probably not true that the best musicians cant read music : its probably true that the most interesting new music contains enough textural and ambient information as to lower the value of traditional notation to near zero.
  8. Im sure it was just a organisational glitch, rather than any mean-spirited intention on anyones behalf. Glitches aren't the end of the world
  9. Thanks for coming to see us : very much appreciated Things weren't as bleak as you make out, though. It was bright warm sunshine when we played, and there was no way to use the lighting rig inside , as it was way too bright inside the tent . People quickly worked out it was much more pleasant to sit in the sun outside the tent and listen, rather than come inside the tent in the cold and shade If it had been raining, there would have been a lot more people inside Also I think the atmosphere was a little dampened by the first three acts being no-shows : Niki Naden, Big Beat for Hospice, and Kytes didn't show up, so we effectively opened proceedings at 3.30 : I expect people might have turned up to see bands and were confused as to why the stage was abandoned instead of having the listed acts before then. None of this is the end of the world, and we enjoyed playing. We came back the next day to watch our friends' bands play, and as the weather started to deteriorate, the tent got more packed and there was a great atmosphere. The only downside is that its really is a long way south, and driving from Onchan on the Saturday, it took 1.30 Hours in each direction because of the road closures, and On Sunday I took the bus so I could have some beer, and that took 1.40 Hrs in both directions. Three and a half hours travel time just to get there and is a lot ! But anyway : thanks to the organisers : we had a blast
  10. Hi All : Jules Verne Theory will be opening the proceedings at 8pm before we all get to enjoy the might League : Our Debut EP "Exposure" is released today, and can be streamed for free on Spotify, and might be of interest to those making the classic decision of whether to watch the support band, or say in the bar Details, including the Spotify URI are here : http://www.julesvernetheory.com/news We have previously been described as "possibly the best Electro band in all of Onchan, certainly the Birch Hill area" Cheers !
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