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  1. Well done Mr Callister for showing his hand so early on. But.... It seems the default position of manxforums and indeed the electorate of the Isle of Man, is to give hopeful election candidates a good kicking right from sthe start. We have become cynical and uninterested. We need good politicians. We need representation. At the last general election I gave something very precious of mine to a politician. I gave him my vote. He seemed a decent honest chap who would do a lot of good for the people of the Isle of Man. Once elected it took just a few short weeks for him to cosy in
  2. Health Minister Quayle sounded good on Manx Radio Mandate this morning. It just made me realise what an utterly useless kanacker the last Minister was, who I just thought was a smiling airhead who couldn't be arsed replying to letters and just palming people off onto the hospital mamgers, when it appears to me they were the very people who are the problem. Keep it up Mr Quayle. Oh, and people of Glenfaba, is there any chance you can manage to find some useful candidates for the 2016 general election. You get the politicians you elect but when the best you can manage to muster is imposed on
  3. It is perhaps a bizarre coincidence, but I wonder if this reported incident a few weeks before the Summerland fire was in any way connected:
  4. Ooops, sorry. (in my case I think it must be a hangover from my programming days)
  5. Sorry, but that is one of the biggest worthless none statements I have read on these forums.
  6. Hmmm, I fnd myself 'liking' a censorship post. I believe JW is just the type of guy the establishment want as Home Affairs Minister. A young, impressionable, manipulable, ambitious young man. His job was always safe.
  7. Anyway, it was great stuff and raised the profile of the sport (and erm, the Isle of Man) no end.
  8. I've been a fan of Okells Beer ever since Castletown Brewery closed. Hobson's choice maybe (although I do drink Bushy's and any beer really) but I enjoy it and it is pretty stable these days and not too pub specific. Anyway, it was pish when I had a pint in the Mines Tavern in Laxey last week. Nice firm frothy head though, which made me wonder if it was pipe cleaning liquid we was drinking. But the manager chap said the barrel was "on the way out" so that theory was kicked in to touch. As I said, pish it was. He didn't apologise or anything so I won't be touching that place again.
  9. Are you saying that once he broke away and no one went with him, he couldn't change his mind, ie committed? Yes he would have put himself at a disadvantage but when you consider the winner had two mechanical failures and had to stop completely, twice, for a coupl eo fminutes or so, I hardly think that breaking away and returning to the pack would have been much loss in comparison. ps, I don't mean to be churlish, I'm wondering why once he realised he was on his todd, he couldn't have allowed the peleton thingy to catch him up and he could rethink. Was Cav suggesting that from the ca
  10. Ah. But he's a senior manager don't you know, so it doesn't matter. A chap who had just been appointed CEO of a division of a UK plc once said to me proudly: "I don't know a thing about this business or what it does. I see that as an advantage." This is the 21st century. Keep up at the back. A I see. It's a bit like Seb Coe being touted as chairman of the BBC Trust. Actually, erm...,no. Not at all.
  11. I don't think any of us expect our politicians to be squeaky clean. When I were a lad an MHK gave someone a good thumping (a Douglas councillor as it happens) for messing about with his wife. The case went to court and the MHK was done for assault and paid the fine there and then He told a reporter "This will make no difference to my political career. The people of my constituency are right behind me." They were too. He got in unnopposed at the next general election and topped the poll in the one after that (then topped the poll to get in to the Legislatve Council) But that particu
  12. I think there has to be an understanding with the nature of these things. People making offbeat comments or even downright nasty comments at least give the pages some interest. If the comments were disabled then fewer people would bother to read and become aware of the headline story.
  13. Right, I thought I dreamt this but I checked the last time it was discussed on the forum and it happened: Boney M played a Seaside Special. Late 1970s. It was in a big marquee tent thing in the grounds of Castle Rushen High School. I was there because a friend had contacts who could get tickets for these sort of things. I could really take the piss here, but it actually came out ok on the TV, after all the editing and sunset shots behind Bradda.
  14. I have an opinion. From my point of view the management and executive echelons of the Hospital appear to me to be full of highly paid but nonetheess rather incompetet smug types who are lthere in no small role to fight the shit storms that arise when something goes wrong. They are spin doctors and flannellers and are largely there keeping themselves in highly paid jobs.Fobbing people off. They are occasionally paid off and provided financial luxury until the day they die. For them it is win-win-win come what may. Howard Quayle as the political head of the Health Services.has ye
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