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  1. What do you expect? We live on an island that endorses the killing of babies, and sends motorcyclists off to their death in the name of sport.
  2. Yes - she does have a nice pair.
  3. As the Island is so small, you have to wonder why we need local authorities, in addition to central government. Getting rid of the local authorities would solve the problem. It would also solve the housing waiting list problem, the sacking of the town clerks problem, and a great many other problems as well.
  4. I have just been reading an article about the British Racing Drivers Club. They describe themselves as "the most exclusive club in motor racing". They also "own and operate the Silverstone Circuit". Now I have no problem whatsoever, with a bunch of enthusiasts who form a club, buy some land, and build a racing circuit. Good luck to them. It is their circuit, and they can do what they like with it. I do have a problem with half-witted politicians closing roads, causing immense inconvenience, almost certain deaths, and all in the name of the public who elected them. The TT course is owned by the public. If people wish to race motor bikes, then they should follow the example of the BRDC, and form a club to build their own circuit. They could then call themselves 'the most exclusive club in motor cycle racing'. The TT circuit is ours, to use whenever we wish. Merry Christmas
  5. I see that the culprits were cyclists. This is just the sort of thing that we should expect from Lycra Louts.
  6. Almost every thread on MF gets derailed by the congenitally stupid. So I thought that I would start them a thread all of their own. Here they can abuse each other as much as they like. There are no rules. They can be as vulgar and as obnoxious as they like. I do hope that those who appear to have sufficient fingers to be able to count their brain cells, enjoy this thread.
  7. There are several references to Gatwick in this thread. Having seen how easily Gatwick was brought to a complete halt for many hours, by an idiot with a drone; it really does make you wonder how prepared Ronaldsway are, to deal with such an incident.
  8. The important words in Rob Callister's post are "the … profit goes straight back into the event - therefore reducing the Manx taxpayers contribution". So please don't start telling us that the TT makes a profit. It clearly doesn't. The Manx taxpayers have to subsidise it. The TT is a barbaric anachronism in this day and age. The time has come for the government to stop spending taxpayers money on promoting the annual Festival of Death.
  9. Fascinating as this is, what on earth does it have to do with either the Cathedral or CCTV.
  10. Now that we all know what they are worth, do you think they will still be there in the morning?
  11. What a sad indictment of the times that we live in - The Cathedral has had to install CCTV to try and combat the frequent attacks by vandals. It never used to be like this in the days of the birch.
  12. Bugger all qualifications maybe. But an excellent stepping stone to becoming an MHK.
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