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  1. Just because I am against abortion, does not mean that I am religious. I have never presumed to inflict religious views on anyone. In an earlier post John Wright referred to the "struggle between ethical viewpoints and popular viewpoints". John's comment gets to the crux of the problem. The popular view point seems to be that if a girl gets pregnant, and doesn't want the baby, then she can have an abortion. The ethical viewpoint is that having sex is liable to lead to pregnancy. If you don't want a baby, then don't have sex. If you do have sex, and become pregnant, then you should give birth to the child, rather than have it killed. That is what the debate is about. I support the ethical viewpoint. Most people on here seem to support the popular viewpoint.
  2. Not a rant paswt. Just plain common sense. This is another wonderful example of feckless individuals not wishing to accept their responsibilities. Mind you, as we live in a society where the Nanny State and an army of Do Gooders want to do everything for them, why should they bother?
  3. I really do not see that a woman having an abortion, is facing up to her responsibilities. Far from it. Rather than facing up to her responsibilities, she is running away from them.
  4. It's not very often that I disagree with you Roger, but on this occasion I do. There is the world of difference between punishing a woman for getting pregnant, and expecting her to face up to her responsibilities. I expect people to face up to their responsibilities. At no point have I ever suggested that anyone should be punished.
  5. Gee Cee


    This forum may contain nuts.
  6. So having got themselves into "very difficult circumstances". These people then expect Joe Public to foot the bill for sorting the mess out. Absolutely unbelievable.
  7. "We as a society tolerate lawful killing" "We pick and chose" These must rank as some of the saddest comments ever posted on MF.
  8. You can wrap it up however you like. But murder is still murder.
  9. Biology is just applied chemistry. Chemistry is just applied physics. Physics is just applied mathematics. Mathematics is just applied philosophy.
  10. It is not that difficult to Google this topic ... If you use search with 'isle of man fatal road accidents', then you will get a lot of TT related hits. If you search with '-tt isle of man fatal road accidents', then Google will ignore pages with 'tt' on them. You can use '-' to get rid of all sorts of rubbish.
  11. Reading through this topic I get the general feeling that motorists think that the horse trams are in their way, and should be moved out of their way. MF regulars will be aware that I have from time to time, been rather critical of motorsport on the Island. The response to these criticisms is sometimes abusive. But more often than not, I am told that the TT races have been here longer than I have. Posters then usually go on to offer me advice regarding the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company's morning departures from Douglas. This all seems rather illogical to me. If we apply the "been here longer than you" argument to the horse trams, then it is the cars that should be banished from Douglas Promenade, not the Gee Gee's.
  12. As regards speed limits - well the faster you are going, the more it is going to hurt when you hit something. If the driver is the only one involved in an incident, then someone is bound to say "he knew the risks he was taking". The problem is that all too often, innocent people become involved. Some people drive like idiots. The government has a duty to protect the innocent from the idiots by imposing speed limits.
  13. The TT fraternity are very fond of putting forward their 'heros' as role models for the youngsters on the Island. Guy Martin has now appeared in court, charged with using a fake driving licence. It is so good to see that the 'TT role models' set such a wonderful example.
  14. That's all very well Doc, but where are these generators, wind turbines and solar panels going to come from? My guess is that there will not be any available on Sark. So they will all have to be shipped over on their tiny ferry. I suspect that many people will have some difficulty for quite a while. Just what you need at the onset of winter! A few days ago, the Guernsey news sites were reporting that Guernsey might step in, and take over the supply.
  15. So what is the story behind the headline - "Noble's Chief Goes"?
  16. Thank God it's all over.
  17. I cannot bring myself to support hanging. How many of us would really wish to take part in killing another human being? That having been said, I think that it is truly awful, that convicted murderers can live a very cushy life in prison. For minor offences, I can understand that prison is meant to rehabilitate and train. For very serious offences, it should be a very serious punishment.
  18. Over the last few months, I have seen almost every thread derailed by idiots who post complete tripe. This has prompted me to ask - what would be the most suitable aphorism to describe Manx Forums? My own suggestion is … Empty vessels make most noise
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