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  1. I took the tram from Douglas to Laxey yesterday. Whilst waiting to depart I got chatting to a group from London. As we set off, we went past the Summerland site. What was that - asked one of the group - an old cement works? Hmmm!
  2. You're being a little unfair doc. The chap did stand, and presumably expected an election to take place. The fact that one was not necessary was more a case of apathy than anything else.
  3. You could buy a few cages and buckets for a lot less than £2.8 million.
  4. Well I have never had any dealings with this gentleman. From what I have read over the last few days, I now hope that I never do!
  5. JessTickle - that may be because eventing does not cause the same disruption to the public that the TT causes. I suspect that many of the people who call for the end of the TT because it is inhumane, really want to see it stopped because it causes them some inconvenience.
  6. Maybe the TT will be looking for a new sponsor.
  7. Please enjoy offending each other here ... ... rather than in the thread regarding Karl Harris.
  8. This was supposed to be a thread about someone who died. Other than the original post, only one subsequent post makes any reference to this fact. There are those who would consider all this talk of trolls and sock puppets very inappropriate - me for one. May I suggest that any further posts to this thread should be restricted to the original topic. Those who wish to have an online slanging match should go somewhere else to do it. RIP Mr Harris.
  9. The one-way derestricted race-track seems to attract a lot of complete idiots. If there were a blanket 50mph speed limit on the island during the TT, and if it were enforced, the idiots simply wouldn't come over. I feel sure that many 'real' TT enthusiasts would agree with this idea, and would welcome the chance to enjoy the racing, and go home in one piece.
  10. Whenever anything related to tourism gets a mention here, we get the usual suspects wanting to see the government do something to increase tourist numbers. May I ask why? Once upon a time the Island was very dependent upon tourists, but times have changed. Even if we attracted them to the island, what is there left for them to do? Where would they stay? The island is no longer geared up to deal with a large influx of visitors, as the TT demonstrates each year. The 'good old days' have been and gone. Surely it is time to move on, and come up with some more imaginative ways of keeping the Manx economy afloat.
  11. Lonan3 - I agree with you that the result is not a surprise. What is a surprise, is that a magazine aimed at 'motorbike-worshipping people' even asked the question. There was also that chap who declined to come across for a parade lap because he thought the TT too dangerous. Maybe there are some people in the motorbike world who are not as daft as many seem to think.? Maybe the tide is about to change?
  12. The Clerk of the Course seems to have found a crafty way around this. All he had to do was to postpone any event due to take place on a race day due to weather, and he could then claim the whole of the next day. Nice one sir. It's just a pity that you have alienated so many people in the process.
  13. I buy a lot of stuff online. Doing this gives me far greater choice. It is usually much quicker to buy online, rather than have a local business order stuff for you. It is of course cheaper. No doubt there will be those who wish to castigate me for not supporting local businesses. I would argue that I am. Maybe I am not supporting the local shopkeepers, but I am keeping my postman and several delivery companies in work.
  14. Getting back on topic ... I have just driven past the war memorial in Douglas, and I was delighted to see that it has now been restored to its former glory. The funfair seems to have vanished in record time this year. I wonder if the new Steam Packet ship was used to shift it. Guzzi makes a valid point, and we need to be wary of both business people and politicians. They are both prone to see any situation from a viewpoint that benefits themselves. Let's just hope that lessons have been learned, and that the funfair will not need quite so much room next year.
  15. Or even 'D-Day (Isle of Man)'. Thank you to whoever changed it for me.
  16. So says Mr Cretney on Manx Radio's website. I wonder if the bereaved families would agree with him?
  17. Sadly quilp they were not. A fairground ride had been built within a couple of feet of the memorial. The memorial itself was fenced off with the usual type of temporary fence that you see around a building site. To make matters even worse, banners had been fixed to the fencing so that you couldn't even see the base of the memorial, let alone lay floral-tributes. The only concession that seems to have been made, is the fact that the banners were advertising the British Legion. The whole thing was a sad looking mess, which rather than showing respect for those who died, seemed to show utter contempt. As I said in my first post, Douglas should be thoroughly ashamed of itself for allowing this to happen. As regards as those who are claiming that this is a duplicate thread, I suggest that you read the posts rather than just the title of the thread. Maybe I should have chosen a more apt title. Something along the lines of - Douglas Shows Utter Contempt For The War Dead.
  18. There is indeed. But my issue is with Douglas, and they are local rather than international.
  19. This week saw the 70th anniversary of D-Day. The rest of the world celebrated this important event by sending leaders to France, and by holding solemn services of remembrance. How did Douglas celebrate this anniversary? It built a funfair right next to the war memorial. It then fenced off the war memorial, presumably to stop drunken yobs clambering all over it. Shame on you Douglas !
  20. I see that the police are advising us to drive carefully. It would seem that they intend to carry on booking motorists for bad driving, now that the TT is over. It would certainly be nice to see some regular speed enforcement on the Island's roads.
  21. None of us like parting with our cash. That having been said, I do have some sympathy with Douglas rate payers. I live out in the sticks, but I often visit Douglas and use the various facilities provided by the Council. If things are left the way they are, then the Douglas ratepayers are going to grumble. If an all island rate system is introduced, then everyone who sees an increase in their rates bill (probably most people outside Douglas) will grumble.
  22. Yes Slim they will. But they will not show if there is a rise or fall in how busy the Island is.
  23. What is a little frustrating is the fact that the Steam Packet must have the information. Most folk coming across for the TT will have booked a return ticket, and the Steam Packet will know their dates of travel. OK, a few will have changed dates, but they are probably a very small minority. So come on Steam Packet - how long did these visitors stay for, and how does that compare with previous years?
  24. It seems a little unwise to jump to any conclusions from the figures released by the Steam Packet ... If 1000 bikes came across for 8 nights, we would have 8000 bike/nights spent on the Island. If 2000 bikes came across for 2 nights, we would have 4000 bike/nights spent on the Island. So the number of bikes coming across could double, and we could see the number of bike/nights halve. I.e. there would be half as much business for the Island. The Steam Packet simply haven't reported sufficient information for any sensible conclusions to be drawn.
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