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  1. The police tell us that "despite numerous reports of bad driving and errant spectators on the course … this year's TT is no worse than any other".

    The Clerk of the Course tells us that this year "an increase in the number of people breaking the law around the TT course … has been particularly bad".

    So which is it ?


  2. The real difficulty that I have with the TT is the government sponsorship. 

    If people wish to organise races, then fine. Let them buy land, build tracks, and do just that.

    What we have is a situation where many Islanders object to the TT for a variety of reasons. Some dislike the road closures. Some dislike the inevitable deaths. Some dislike the cost. 

    As the TT is to all intents and purposes run by the Island's government, we currently have no option but to put up with this.

    This will change at some point in the future. Sadly it will probably take an 'accident' of epic proportions to bring this about.


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  3. Two people have died at a pop festival in Portsmouth. The organisers have cancelled the event.

    Congratulations to the festival organisers in Portsmouth, for showing some decency and compassion.


    If two people die at the TT, our organisers will crack open the champagne, and brag about what a success it has been.

    Shame on the government for allowing this to take place.

    Shame on the organisers for staging the event.

    Shame on every singe TT enthusiast. Without your support, the organisers wouldn't bother. Neither would the government turn a blind eye to the annual blood bath.

  4. One dead already.

    I look forward to listening to the great and the good, telling us what a fantastic event this has been.

    Maybe they should be interviewed and photographed in front of the pile of body bags?


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  5. Not long now and the Island's annual festival of diversity will be well under way.

    I think that it is wonderful that the mentally inadequate are given this opportunity to kill both themselves and others.

    Where else in the world could this happen?

    We should be proud.


  6. Max Power - you are making a couple of very big assumptions.

    Is having  "a vibrant tourism industry with attractions and events throughout the year" really the only way to fill hotels?

    You only have to look at the many advertisements for hotels that offer the chance to "get away from it all", to realise that you are wrong.

    I grant you that some people want attractions and events. However, you must concede that there are a great many who do not.

    Port St Mary is very popular with many of our visitors. Can you think of a single attraction at PSM, or even an event that is run there?

    The PSM commissioners have been banging their drum for a long time, saying that they want an attraction. If they were to get it, yes - it would attract some visitors. It would also drive away many people who like PSM just the way it is.

    Tourists are people. People like different things. Currently the Island only offers motorsports. Motorsports are as effective in turning away many potential visitors as are open sewers, street fights, and muggings. It is pointless to argue that the motorsports are only running for a few weeks of the year. You know that, I know that, but the potential tourists do not!

    There are huge numbers of people in the UK who spend a great deal of money trying to escape from the hectic pace of this world. Given good accommodation, and an end to motorsports, they would come to the Island in large numbers.


  7. Neil

    Far from being "tosh", I think my analysis is absolutely spot on.

    You are right to ask you will build hotels. The plain fact of the matter is, that with things the way they are, no one will. Why build a hotel that will only be busy for a few weeks of the year?

    This will all sort itself out gradually. Once the Island has rid itself of its 'Motorcycle Hell' reputation, the tourists will start to come back slowly. Initially, they will have to make do with the accommodation that we already have. In the fullness of time, the demand will be there, to attract investors to build more hotels.

    All this is going to take time. Politicians just seem to want a quick fix. So we cannot rely on them. They will simply give us more of the same.

    Those of us who long for the return of peace and quiet will have to be patient. But we will win in the end.


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  8. Next time you go across paswt, try talking to some strangers. If you say "I'm from the Isle of Man", I guarantee that their reply will be along the lines of ... "so you like motorbikes then". You can rest assured that I find this sort of thing particularly irksome!

    People in the UK seem to be quite convinced that we have motorbikes hurtling around for 24 hours of the day, and 365 days of the year.

    I wonder how long it will be before someone from Foxdale says that they think that would be a good idea?


  9. I can only think of one situation in which terminating a pregnancy could be justified.

    If a pregnant woman would almost certainly lose her life if her pregnancy were to continue, then I can see that a decision has to be made. It is not a decision that I would like to have to make myself. In such a situation, I think that the views of the woman, her family, and the medical team looking after her, all need to be taken into account.

    Every other 'justification' for abortion that has been put forward, is little more than an excuse to duck responsibility.


  10. So WTF subscribes to the view that killing babies is OK if it would be inconvenient for them to be born.

    Let me try and unite MF in a way that it has never been united before. Let me make a statement that I hope everyone (yes - even manxb&b) will agree with ...

    Killing newborn babies is utterly wrong, and should not be condoned in any circumstances.

    I hope that you all agree with that statement.

    So how can it be OK to kill babies before they are born?


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  11. Paswt

    It is my view that all abortions/terminations are unacceptable. I do not accept that being the victim of rape gives a woman the right to choose between life or death for her unborn child.

    I am not a member of any "religious" organisation. You seem to think that only religious people are entitled to be anti-abortion.

    It is my view that killing a living foetus is utterly wrong. The fact that the mother may be in unfortunate circumstances does not make it right. All abortion is carried out for the 'convenience' of someone. Normally the mother. We should not be killing unborn children for the sake of convenience.

    Both you and I should be glad that our mothers did not find their pregnancies inconvenient.


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