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  1. When Dr Ranson tore him apart limb from limb, molecule from molecule in her evidence - backed by emails etc - in her Public Accounts hearing she noted that he got his health research from Google rather than the experts in his Department - So, who needs experts? It's only the economy,
  2. Until Ministers are appointed, Harmer, Boot, Baker and Cregeeeeeen are still in post. Still working their bollocks off for you. Still Ministers as of tonight, and probably tomorrow as well.
  3. Bee Manx, Manx Net Who can ever forget Those innocent times Of heroic couplet rhymes A time when posts were funny And often very punny A time when we raised Armies so bad And Vinnie K were nowt but a lad.
  4. Bee Manx, Manx Net Who can ever forget Those innocent times Of heroic couplet rhymes A time when posts were funny And often very punny A time when we raised Armies so bad And Vinnie K were nowt but a lad.
  5. Bee Manx, Manx Net Who can ever forget Those innocent times Of heroic couplet rhymes A time when posts were funny And often very punny A time when we raised Armies so bad And Vinnie K were nowt but a lad.
  6. I remember when this was all funny fields
  7. shouldn't these people be paying for their own transfers to and from the airport to the hospital if they have both the health and means to shop and sight-see? The vast majority of patients are elderly and many infirm. They only get sent away for the more serious and complex illnesses. My experience is that very few of them have the ability or health - or inclination - to 'sight-see" or shop. And there has been a real tightening of those allowed to accompany patients. Hard to tell who can afford it, but most are pensioners, not always the most affluent people.
  8. And when the Bridgewater staff spot a Manx patient at the airport not looking totally competent, they set off down the airport and get a wheelchair for them and wheel them across the road to their mini-buses - and on the return journey, go back into the airport, retrieve a wheelchair, bring it to the vehicle and then wheel them across the road to the airport. Seen it happen dozens of times - will the new drivers be doing that I wonder?
  9. He took a very active part in sorting out the mess at the MEA after it all went wrong, - and he took NO payment for years of work on that board. Unlike previous board members who paid themselves handsomely for being on all sorts of committees of the MEA.
  10. No extra money. A mealy mouthed sham. Should have given refuge to a couple of dozen over the next few years as having made the effort to get all this way they would no doubt have worked, paid taxes, and contributed to our society. That's what the vast majority of refugees who get off their arse to make the effort, do. They would have been a benefit. As it is Government has been scared to upset the winging masses who are scared of foreigners - and that includes several MHK's - who have no moral compass.
  11. Plenty of cycling families over here - it's a big community - who could offer some Homestay type accommodation. And this is a big event in cycling. If the Isle of Man can do it well - and past experience shows that we do organise sporting events well - people will want to come back here again and again. Cyclists, professional or amateur seek out hills. And we have plenty. Well worth the Government subsiding this event a bit more, even making a loss - and thereby investing in getting future events and visitors.
  12. Just reading his latest book, "When you Dead, You Dead" He earns £12 and hour as a truck mechanic, and there is no way he will be changing his lifestyle. He says he is not short of money but he doesn't need much if they way he lives is correct.
  13. Surely he should has signed off as "Biffo" Work it out....
  14. As above - and he should have said something like: "We look back with fondness on the great service Demesne Road and Tynwald Street Schools provided for over a century, and thank all those who worked there , not always in the best conditions, to give our children the best start in life. But now they have been replaced by this fabulous school - which has the 'Wow' factor - and which will hopefully be an inspiration to young children going here and make them happy in their time here. And I hope that will give them the enthusiam, to enjoy all their schooldays and help them to achieve the very best they can in the future" And so on. So it goes...
  15. As I said before, Ramsey had a buzz as a shopping destination in the 70s/80s, later replicated at Tynwald Mills. It could get it back, but it will need a bit of imagination, and needs to gain a reputation for specialist shops. There are still some market towns in England which have not got the multiple 'identikit' town centres and Ramsey is in that category. It just needs someone with vision to make it financially attractive to specialist shopkeepers and to market the whole town. That is your mission Mission.....
  16. I note that 'Ramsey' is top of the Twitter trends at the moment. The DED will be quids in tonight.
  17. To the committed TT regulars, Bushy's is synonymous with the TT. They come back year after year, lots of them with Bushy's as their focus point. The prominence of Bushy's and the fun it created in the 90's is largely the reason for the renewal in the popularity of the TT since the dog days of the eighties. I bet Martin has brought a lot more TT visitors to the Island than any UK Vision 9 type promoter or the DED will ever get near. Martin should pay them a peppercorn rent of a fiver a year to use TT on his badges and DED could save face and sort the whole stupid idea out in seconds.
  18. In the seventies and eighties, Ramsey was THE place to shop. It had T. H. Corkills and lots of other shops superior to those available in Douglas. It had the same attraction and buzz that Tynwald Mills had, until their prices became unrealistic. Even up to about 2000 Ramsey was the place to go on a night out - most pubs had a live band on a Saturday night and there was always the excitement (genuine) of how the night would finish with a visit to Nightlife. There are still some excellent shops, but like Castle Street in Douglas, you hardly see anyone in the shops. It must be soul destroying hoping against hope for some footfall, let alone an actual purchaser. When the internet is full, things will get back to normal.
  19. No he decided that she was not guilty. Evidence to convict has to be beyond reasonable doubt.
  20. When they played at the Palace in September 1976 - to eight thousand of us - they played some incredible music - not just the 12 bar three chord blues they were allegedly limited to. There was a ten minute progressive guitar piece which was up there with Floyd and Genesis. But they also rocked the place into near hysteria. Anyone remember that night? The stage was at the northern end of the Palace instead of the normal place.
  21. Whimsy

    Strang Road

    Strang Road is certainly used as a 'rat run' by some, me included - but it is very difficult to speed on. You would think the DOI would encourage imaginative use of roads -the Strang Road 'rat run' takes pressure away from junctions at Braddan Bridge, Quarterbridge, and ultimately St Ninians. Surely that can only be good?
  22. The problem is it seems to come round so regularly, usually during the winter, when the weather is at it's worst. It seems to have become almost an annual event. Whose idea was that?
  23. How much of it is fallout from the folly of some believing that we are an "independent, self governing" nation on the world stage? at least Mark Lewin has private sector experience There are lots of civil servants in senior posts who came from the private sector - including Chris Corlett, Malcolm Couch, Richard Lole, Yvette Mellor, and others - and that does not seem to have made much difference. The mantra that Private Good, Public Bad does not always hold water. Ask Southern Rail commuters. When we had long term local career civil servants, those at the top were people like Fred Kissack and Ken Tomlinson and most argue they did a much better job - because they did things properly, asked questions, and stuck to the rules. Some facts above may be wrong or made up, but there is probably a point somewhere in it.
  24. She gave us four + years of good service and has moved on. She always kept a low profile during the fund raising processes for the Breast Unit and preferred the publicity be given to the fund raisers. Her quiet departure without fuss is not unexpected.
  25. Whimsy

    Strang Road

    That's pretty much what I was thinking. That road has always had plenty of chicanes created by residents parked cars. This scheme is absurd. \that report of the speed recorder showing someone going through at 67mph must have been a real one-off. Probably at 4 in the morning or something. I defy anyone to be able to go over 25mph or so. It is too congested, and there is always something coming the other way This is a solution to a problem which does not exist, except in the mind of one or two people.
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