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  1. Good Point, they just need either a Chrystal ball so they know what it is before they go, or learn how to create a disturbance in the time space continuum and go back in time to stop the attendance, Simples!
  2. I haven't been in the Douglas post office or the Ramsey one for years, If they are losing money shouldn't they look at closing them and providing a more cost effective service ? Although the point made above that if a private company think they can make it work why can't government ?
  3. They currently pay 11% of their wages into the pension pot which is likely to increase to 14% soon if they mess with the pensions again which is probable a lot more than your average hill shepherd gets in benefits ! Although it probable not as dangerous as being a shepherd as you can get all sorts of diseases from sheep, and they never write or phone when they say they will :-( Reference back up i.e. Merseyside backing up Greater Manchester etc , well we live on an island so there is no back up, unless someone has a Hercules transporter in their back pocket ? and even if they did the UK brig
  4. Young people go around to each others houses now with some cheap booze from Tesco or Shoprite, then onto a nightclub later. Theme pubs or family pubs is the gap in the market as far as i see it. Jaks is almost one and its always packed. I was in Douglas today, and it is a depressing place to visit sober. The vibrancy of the nightlife reflects the location, the island is a depressed area with bad news coming out of government every week, so whats to feel good about, best stay in and save your money for the approaching apocalypse ? Great I've just depressed myself :-( (PS, I would get a boat in
  5. 4G has arrived ! great ! The fact it doesn't work on Apple or Samsung is bizarre and very MT. ironical a lot of the pictures the press have used to accompany the story are Iphones. Let's hope Sure have the support in place when they launch theirs. And thank god fore Sure because if it was just MT we would still be on 2G and paying £100 a month contractsl. You've got to love competition:-)
  6. At least these salaries are public now and being discussed. It wasn't to long ago this was all behind closed doors. Whilst we are public sector bashing don't lose site that it was the private sector that got us in the situation in the first place "Bankers!"
  7. Welcome to earth Albert, try harder to fit in x
  8. >There is also the Euro 6 regs that came out recently which regulate the emissions of trucks , and those are a lot more expensive to buy. And yet Bus Vannin justified the purchase of their new Mercedes fleet as being cost effective on the grounds of better fuel economy. So we're asked to believe that the fuel savings more than cover the cost of the purchase. Hence the sale of the older vehicles of the fleet to Blackpool Corpy. Yet a few hundred metres away at Fire Vannin, the new vehicles will be "a lot more expensive to buy" on account of having to meet the new Euro6 emission reg
  9. which isn't much to pay if they claim for 40 years...... Errrrr Euthanasia ?!
  10. Been doing some digging , It would appear the million quid is calculated on a fire death as far as I can make out. So it includes everything from the initial emergency services cost to insurance, hospital, funeral, rebuild/repair and the legal costs both criminal (depending on the circumstances) and then in the private courts (blame claim culture) and everything else associated with the incident (long term care) Firefighters pay 11% of their wages towards their pension the same as MHK’s !! (I jest obviously) so I would imagine someone asking you to pay more than that and get less back is
  11. I think you'll find theres more people leaving than coming. If they want to come here for the right reasons good for them !
  12. The TT will most likely go on for years, unfortunatly
  13. I think if someone is employed with an agreed pension, they are entitled to it. If your going to cap or change pensions then it should be for new people coming in. It doesn't work the other way round . Get a job then decide you still want paid but not actually do the work your employed to do. !
  14. The Fire and Rescue Service has unveiled a stringent package of measures geared toward saving money. The cut backs will see the management structure streamlined, a reduction of staff, a scaling down of community partnership work and a change to the response to unwanted automatic fire alarm activations. In 2012-13 the cost of responding to these call outs cost £144,000; Chief Fire Officer Kevin Groom has said people and businesses must now take responsibility for the safe management of their premises. Home Affairs Minister Juan Watterson says the cut backs are regrettable, but necessa
  15. If they want people to shop local they have to make it easier to park and somewhere nice to go. Retail in Douglas worked between the 50's to 80's because there were no other options, no internet and usually somewhere to park if you had a car. Now the easy and cheapest option is to buy online if you can wait a few days. Putting some new paving slabs down and a few bushes isn't going to change that. Apart from food and clothes I generally get everything else off the net, the exception is places like B&Q and Currys. Easy to park, prices generally competative and you can take it away today. I
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