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  1. No I couldn't be arsed
  2. I was kind of hoping the police officers who were WATCHING THEM DO IT may have made a note
  3. There's no need for anyone to park on a bus stop. Well not now the IoM bank cash machine in Onchan has moved to the petrol station anyway.
  4. I watched a couple of them vandalise a ticket machine in the bottleneck a while back. The police were watching them as well and doing fook all to stop them so I left them to it as well.
  5. So when are you going to being a proposal to the house that these pointless departmental roles are scrapped Rob?
  6. I was wondering that. Wasn't permission originally refused for part of the development (maybe the valeting part) I assume this is to get that allowed now as well.
  7. Everyone should save up a nice collection of fake UK pound coins to pay the charges with
  8. That facebook page is a great read. Somebody is on there trying to ban British Summer Time now.
  9. He's just saying that the government organised entertainment will be much the same as last year but also trying to claim it as his own original idea at the same time.
  10. 5 Summerland things 1. The octagonal pool table 2. Massive New Years Eve parties on the Piazza Level 3. The whole clothes basket/conveyor thing in the aquadrome 4. The Cave (and the cave thread on here) 5. The inflatable water slide in the aquadrome.
  11. There are two important questions that need answering here: 1 Can I get a job in the accounts department for PSM Commissioners 2 How much are Spanish villas going for nowadays.
  12. If I were an MHK resigning from the DHSC around the time of this taxi furore would be granny farming gold. But that's just me.
  13. Hmmmm http://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/callister-quits-health-department/
  14. Or it might mean a northern Hooded Ram pub. I'm not sure a pub with clean toilets and NOT selling Carling by the can would go down too well in Ramsey
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