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  1. What is the exact relationship between Duke and the Diamond Races? You can't help notice that they immediately publicised the event through their social media channels, email lists, and website to existing TT fans, and are already advertising travel packages. It seems that there has been a significant amount of collaboration between the parties involved. Duke were previously partners to the TT in providing the 'official' website and social media channels for the event, which were not relinquished at the end of the tenure. Duke then trademarked 'IOMTT' for their own use, potentially stifling the government's attempt to build its TT brand presence. It is staggering that the government didn't publicly object to this potential infringement of the TT brand, seeing that they have often taken issue with small island retailers and individuals for minor violations. Duke's extremely valuable social media audience was previously built on the back of government support and now is being used to promote an event that could be a potential competitor to the TT. What notice was given to the government about these plans and how can they continue to be a partner of the TT on this basis? How far did the £188,428 TT World Series feasibility study influence the development of the Diamond Races? It does not take a huge imagination to see the direction this could take in further deals with multiple smaller road racing events to create a 'world series'.
  2. In any normal jurisdiction, the 'virtual' TT initiative would have been fully costed and deemed unnecessary given the economic climate, despite the limited potential to expand the audience, of which we will no doubt hear how much of a success it has been in a couple of weeks, based on the limited data they provide. Mr Skelly talks about spending local, and there is a point in using local contractors (Greenlight) to produce the content, but at what cost? Of course, we will never know as they will trot out the same excuse of 'commercial confidentiality' but was this event necessary, or is this really about increasing a few social media followers/likes and for their preferred commercial partners to flog a few overpriced t-shirts and trinkets? It screams of civil servants desperately trying to justify their jobs, at the expense of the taxpayer. What else could this budget have been used for? Why has the media not been asking more questions.
  3. ShohSlaynt

    TT 2018

    Could anyone explain when and where was this tendering process publicised? Surely this must be an open bidding process? Same goes for all government contracts right, or am I missing something? Maybe the government might like to compile a list of all the current suppliers to the TT and the renewal dates for each contract so there is a level playing field for knowing when and how to submit a bid.
  4. Why does the government feel it has to have its finger in every pie? They should let private enterprise fund and develop this entirely on its economic merit, especially since most government projects are poorly conceived and take far longer than necessary to be implemented. Look at the time it required to set up the 'ICT' school; I thought the intention was for the Nunnery to be bought by the Manx Educational Foundation but was instead acquired by a private enterprise. The island should not be wasting vast sums on vanity projects like the dedicated IT school or technology parks; instead, they should focus on providing grants to renovate and repurpose office space as they have successfully done in Shoreditch to build a vibrant community or assist in expanding existing business parks with infrastructure already in place. In the IT world, things move quickly, and so far those involved in the islands IT community have done an excellent job at missing the next wave of innovation.
  5. https://jerseyeveningpost.com/news/2017/10/19/landmark-court-ruling-has-brexit-implications/ ‘Landmark’ court ruling has Brexit implications THE UK should not be able to place taxes, tariffs and other controls on money flowing between Jersey and itself following a ‘landmark’ English Court of Appeal ruling, legal experts have said. Questions were raised by the British tax authorities in an inheritance tax case – Routier and Anr vs Commissioners for HM Revenue, which involved the transfer of capital from a UK estate to a Jersey-based charity – over whether the European Union’s free movement of capital rules applied to fund flows between the UK and Jersey. HMRC argued that due to Jersey’s status as a Crown Dependency, with close ties to the UK, it should not be treated as ‘third country’ sitting outside the EU and should be subject to the UK’s internal controls on capital movements. Lady Justice Arden concluded, however, that Jersey was a ‘third country for the purposes of those rules’. A statement released by the Island’s Law Officers’ Department says that the ruling is a ‘landmark constitutional decision for Jersey’. It says: ‘This case has particular significance as to how the term “third country” is to be understood and applied and the judgment will prevent unnecessary uncertainty for Jersey as Brexit negotiations continue. ‘Free movement of capital is the only EU freedom which expressly benefits third countries as well as member states. ‘The Attorney General argued that Jersey’s status was that of a “third country”. ‘But HMRC argued that Jersey was not a third country and that the Island’s constitutional relationship with the United Kingdom meant that the relationship was a purely internal one for the purpose of capital movement. ‘This could have meant that Jersey might be denied the protections with respect to capital movements guaranteed to third countries.’ The statement adds that the ruling will mean that Jersey will have the same ‘fundamental rights’ to free movement of capital as many other international finance centres. If the ruling had gone in HMRC’s favour, capital restrictions could have been applied to cash movements and foreign currency exchanges with the Island by the UK. The statement says: ‘This judgment further safeguards Jersey’s ancient and independent privileges and reinforces the Island’s standing where its third-country status has already been recognised by EU bodies.’ The Attorney General, Robert MacRae QC, said: ‘This issue had not been considered by the UK Courts before and the Court of Appeal gave us permission to be heard because of the importance of the matter to the Island. ‘It is very helpful that Jersey’s status as a third country for the purpose of free movement of capital has been put beyond doubt.’
  6. Could always commercialise it in the future? http://www.renewableenergyworld.com/articles/2014/10/turning-humble-seaweed-to-biofuel.html http://www.novozymes.com/en/news/news-archive/2012/01/from-seaweed-to-biofuels http://www.sea6energy.com/
  7. Where do we think IOM would feature in this report? https://www.instituteforgovernment.org.uk/news/latest/new-index-ranks-best-performing-civil-services-world
  8. Bit confused as to why a commercial partner of the event has registered "IOMTT" as a trademark? Whilst Duke Marketing may operate the website, associated domain name (iomtt.com) and social media channels might this cause an obstruction to other commercial enterprises from being able to tender for this contract in the future? How does the tender process for TT contracts take place, where are they advertised? Surely after everything else that has happened the government might take issue with this too, after the cases against small enterprises it is all a bit strange. https://www.ipo.gov.uk/tmcase/Results/4/EU014978068 It would seem the government has once taken on a motorcycle manufacturer over the use of "Tourist Trophy" back in 2010. https://www.ipo.gov.uk/t-challenge-decision-results/o08210.pdf
  9. Any idea where to find the guidance document on using the TT brand on the government website?
  10. Great info everyone. I've noticed that the IOM operators still do not offer 4G roaming to many of the UK networks. I can only establish that Vodafone UK and EE have agreements with MT (https://www.manxtelecom.com/personal/mobile/roaming/4g-roaming-personal). Does anybody know if this will change to include more operators? What do Sure offer? Personally I find it staggering that visitors to the island are forced into using 3G, I thought the island was meant to have an international business sector? Why is the government not pushing the local operators to sign agreements with more operators to enable 4G for all visitors to the island? Did the government provide grants to local operators to install 4G on the island and was there a provision in their licence to operate a 4G network to offer 4G data roaming to visitors?
  11. To put this into perspective: I booked exactly the same return flights for TT 2016 and TT 2017 with Easyjet. In 2016 I booked nearly a month later than this year and yet the cost is £71.98 more expensive for 2017, not to mention that there is more capacity available this year. 2017 = £189.73 2016 = £117.78
  12. Some of the turkey's heard Christmas was coming and voted accordingly. The status quo is maintained. Last one out turn off the lights.
  13. What's wrong with a bit of self promotion?
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