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  1. Well, if we're playing "Inappropriate Suggestions Top Trumps", perhaps they should be neutered?
  2. Yes, that's just wank, Pure, unadulterated, 24-carat wank.
  3. It's all quite simple really: 1) The Police are all condescending fascists who abused their power during lockdowns 2) Nurses are all too busy filming TikTok videos to give a shit about patients 3) Teachers are all lazy oenophiles who earn £200 for every hour they actually work If you want to continue arguing with the MF intelligentsia in the face of these stark facts, knock yourself out 😉
  4. Oh no, now you have to go and wash your eyes out with carbolic soap, or watch The Care Bears Movie, which has pretty much the same effect.
  5. Wait, have I got this right? She's going apoplectic because people aren't pulling out of a festival this weekend to show "respect", but she ran a pop up shop last weekend just two days afterwards? Stupid hypocritical **** (fill in your own word here.)
  6. They missed a trick here...
  7. Charles I presided over the Caroline era. Hmm...
  8. "Spaniel" is not the word that pops into my head. Propriety prevents me from clarifying further, but it starts with a "c" and has an "n" and a "t" too.
  9. @Kat Ellen I REALLY want that picture with the ears now. Can you title it "Mickey Mouse MBE" please?
  10. After this utter shocker of a report, I wonder if anyone still thinks that many of the senior management team can fulfil their roles effectively without ever even setting foot on Island?
  11. If you’ve got a picture of him on the “Dumbo” ride, please post it. I can’t begin to tell you how well that would go down on here 🤣
  12. Indeed. I remember him as a novice auditor, sneeringly trying to tell vastly more experienced people what they should be doing. Nothing much has changed since then, apparently.
  13. Ah, this is glorious. Next week's proceedings just got twice as interesting.
  14. Sheldon

    TT 2022 ??

    Am I missing a subtext here?
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