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  1. Only during an eclipse, as Woolley says. The dark sections as the Moon waxes and wanes monthly are just the areas that the sunlight doesn't fall on directly. (In the crescent phase there is a faint illumination visible, earthshine, caused by secondary reflection from the Earth.)
  2. If it was an actual “appeal to admin” it would be “@” someone, or even a formal report – but it wasn’t. It was a follow up to @Bobbie Bobster's earlier question about when a series of null content posts becomes spam, albeit made in the form of a lame joke. With hindsight, it was obviously even lamer than I realised. People post a lot of shit I don’t agree with on here, but that’s just fine by me.
  3. اللعنة قبالة (No real offence meant, but Arabic is such an expressive language.)
  4. Three words I never expected to see in the same sentence, let alone consecutively!
  5. I'll pay you £45 an hour NOT to go naked.
  6. To be fair, Goldie's the very person you'd want on your team if there was shit to be eaten in a jungle challenge.
  7. As I recall, Findus have some experience in the field of frozen horses. The microwave instructions for re-animation were on the packet.
  8. It's bring your own nipple clamps, though.
  9. @DirkGently Yes, what's happened to protocol these days? Tits first, surely.
  10. I wonder if a moderator might consider deleting this pointless shit? And after that, delete all of his or her spam posts too while they're at it.
  11. Here's something for manxy's burn
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