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  1. Sheldon


    Was that Ans? The boy would’ve got the shock of his life if he’d actually turned up.
  2. It's been mentioned earlier, but that 'New Transparency Motion I moved is not a topic on here - is it "Man Forums"?' thread title is such a blatant example of "LOOK AT ME!" posting that even TJ would be ashamed of it. Still, eleven pages and counting, eh?
  3. You bastards, I was going to say that!
  4. Isle of Man News and Politics in absolute meltdown, although I suspect 99% of the contributors haven't even heard it. Nothing new there.
  5. What, you mean like if you're Jane Goodall?
  6. You silver-tongued cavalier, you!
  7. Yes, sorry, I should probably have added a smiley emoji, but I'm always wary that using too many of those makes the place look a bit Facebook-ey.
  8. ^ IOM super spreader patient zero found ^
  9. The best thing about the Telegraph in its good old broadsheet days was the cryptic crossword which was marginally easier than the Times, and much easier than the Guardian. (The less said about the Observer's Azed monstrosity, the better.) The best thing about the Guardian was - and presumably still is - the Steve Bell cartoons.
  10. Shows a lack of ambition, that. Why not get everyone standing on each other's shoulders until they reach low Earth orbit, reclaiming our space race credentials It would only need one million or so people to get involved, and they could all sing Ellan Vannin while they were doing it. Those of them with any air, at least.
  11. Yes, you can pretty much pick whatever numbers you like and the principle doesn't change. "Official" worldwide cases are just about to hit 2 million. Even if that's out by a factor of 100, there are still almost eight billion people who haven't had it yet.
  12. There's an extrapolation based on a 2% mortality assumption that says the UK must actually have more than 500,000 cases. The flip side of this is that even if the spread halted completely tomorrow that leaves more than 66 million people with no defence against the next wave.
  13. You missed the one he posted just prior to that, and quickly edited, then? Something about waiting ages for a good pandemic to come along and kill all the dead wood, and how it was just typical of the government to get in the way of it.
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