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  1. Without going into any details, this is a fact I can vouch for from first hand observational experience.
  2. Don't see where they said that...? ... but this is a phrase that I will be stealing for future use, cheers!
  3. In itself, absolutely, but Ms McGhee is no stranger to the Court and whatever her other issues she appears to be able to play the system like a fiddle. Teenager's offences during three-week crime spree
  4. As at 2017 they're just about identical, at 0.01% per annum, although the UK figures have increased over the last year or two. The rate of male suicides is more than three times that for females.
  5. For whatever reason. most of the bile appears to be directed at Meghan.
  6. ...if she was allowed to venture an opinion?
  7. Hey, would the Times of Israel lie? Revolutionary Guards commander: Ukrainian jet was mistaken for cruise missile
  8. It looked a bit like a Cruise missile, apparently. No, seriously.
  9. "Et ses mains ourdiraient les entrailles du prêtre, Au défaut d'un cordon pour étrangler les rois."
  10. Nah, crocodiles ate all the snakes.
  11. Looks like the avatars from IOM News and Politics.
  12. If this heading where I think it might be heading, that's almost Negobot-level entrapment.
  13. What sort of pleasure can it be anyway, riding slowly through a rubble-strewn landscape reminiscent of downtown Homs?
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