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  1. Very true, especially other people who write it the same way. However, there's a school of thought which says that if someone won't even take the time to run a spell checker, how far can any "facts" they present be trusted.
  2. Perhaps because they don't speak Latin?
  3. The right thinking majority of such football fans don’t hate Protestants, they just hate Union Jack-draped Rangers fans who glorify battles that date back to 1690, and routinely sing songs about the Irish famine and being up to their knees in Fenian blood. They also don’t hate Catholics, they just hate Celtic fans who wave tricolours and sing songs glorifying the IRA’s indiscriminate murder of men, women and children. On the plus side, all that sectarianism keeps them too busy to be overly racist.
  4. Just seen some of that, and if that's his level of political and financial analysis then Douglas East definitely dodged a bullet there! Do you think he gets paid a bonus every time he shoehorns the word "blowout" into a reply?
  5. Really? This again? "White privilege" isn't any more inherently racist than "Black History Month". If you still can't understand this then you probably shouldn't have been elected, but it's too late now.
  6. Just had to double check there that it wasn't Stu who'd posted that!
  7. Maybe they were just using them as an opportunity to peer in your windows to check out your decor? A nearby neighbour had a poster in their window. Based solely on my opinion of that neighbour, I automatically ruled their candidate out as worthy of one of my votes. I quite appreciate that this could work the other way, too.
  8. If anything, they're more likely to cost votes. Not that I'm shallow or anything, but having skimmed a manifesto and thought to myself "Yes, I could probably vote for that", I have in the past actually changed my mind when presented with the gormless face of the manifesto's owner splattered across the constituency.
  9. I already did. Badly drawn, poorly composed, painfully unfunny - and that's his good points. I reckon Pollyanna herself would be ready to slit her wrists after five minutes scrolling down Phil's Facebook page. I know I am. Phil Woodford Cartoons - Facebook
  10. Humour is obviously subjective, but Phil Woodford cartoons are dismally unfunny at the best of times and this one is no exception.
  11. Did nobody ever listen to Unisol?
  12. Keiran certainly put in the hard yards, committed early, was all over social media 24x7, and poured his heart and soul into it from day one. Never for a billisecond, though, did I think he'd actually get elected.
  13. Do you think he’d pass the Tebbit “cricket test”?
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