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  1. What a total dildo. I've bookmarked this, ready for when he tries to jump on the gravy train again come the next by-election.
  2. Yep, I get that, just pointing out that it takes an assumption of 35 hours to bring the hourly rate out close to the £10.87 figure. Reductio ad absurdum.
  3. Try assuming a 35-hour week?
  4. "We don't need no education"
  5. It wouldn't be hard to make a better case than Heading's. As the old saying has it. I could eat a bowl of Alphabetti Spaghetti and shit out a better legal argument than that.
  6. Maybe we're missing an even simpler trick here? Slum Tourism "In London people used to visit slum areas such as Whitechapel or Shoreditch to observe the quality of life which the inhabitants were enjoying."
  7. I've found one! You'll never guess who...
  8. I fear the Dark Army may already have breached your defences. Think carefully - have you pissed off any Chinese people recently?
  9. +1 for Smart Life. The compatible plugs are much smaller and cheaper than Amazon plugs, although almost all are Chinese so they're probably (a) death traps and (b) beaming back your details to a Dark Army of hackers somewhere. They're a little bit fiddly to set up, especially if you're linking Smart Life into Alexa, which you aren't, but once they're connected they seem to last forever. Out of interest, what did Alexa do to you? She can be an uppity cow at times, granted, but I'd find it hard to live without her now. Much like Mrs Sheldon.
  10. I'm all for more pictures of cute little horsey-worseys, provided it means less pictures of the Cretney clan. As for "nobody else would" :- Isle of Man Post Office - Elegy to the War Horse
  11. I was in two minds earlier whether to post this, but the timely segue was too much to resist. Apologies in advance to those who might be offended by my hijacking of a hijacking. In a week when Harry and Meghan have been taken to task for publishing a load of pictures of themselves attending a Remembrance event in the US, and "making it all about them", I was happy to observe that nobody here had made that same mistake. Not even Josem. Then this popped up on my Facebook feed.
  12. I had ostrich once. It was all right, but I couldn't eat a whole one.
  13. I can't take seriously the thinking skills of anyone who voted for a representative who reckons this post was a good idea. But there you go.
  14. Sheldon

    A Plan

    That's SO last year.
  15. Sheldon

    A Plan

    "Justify Your Jobs" I'm really looking forward to reading some of the works of fiction that will be submitted in respect of this!
  16. It's an absolute hoot when the Karen brigade on Facebook @ in Ashford, and other ministers, in an entitled - but usually futile - attempt to involve them directly in whatever petty complaint they have that day. When that fails, they usually @ in Rob Callister instead, but even that approach is becoming less and less successful as time goes by.
  17. Corkish is not coming off at all well from some of those exchanges. You'd think he'd have the good sense to just keep his mouth shut, but that's obviously not his style.
  18. I was disappointed with her stereotypical gender-bashing too, Gladys, but I made allowances for it on the off chance she was just on the blob.
  19. Exactly this. All of this. Alf didn't suddenly receive a Damascene revelation two weeks ago, he knew this for years and said and did precisely nothing. Splitting the department in half will lead to increased cost and bureaucracy, and is more likely to swell the total number of inexperienced and incompetent managers than to reduce them. It's most unlikely that the new blood required is sitting around elsewhere on-Island just waiting to be head hunted, so we'll end up with more Charters-type appointments, and some Titantic deckchair reshuffling to complement them. That said, I'm not exactly bursting with alternative solutions myself, and I suppose it is progress that at least it's now up for discussion and analysis.
  20. It's not rocket science.
  21. I'm not sure there is one. "Pollyanna" comes close, but no cigar. I'll bet the Germans have a word for it, though - ask Frank.
  22. Very true, especially other people who write it the same way. However, there's a school of thought which says that if someone won't even take the time to run a spell checker, how far can any "facts" they present be trusted.
  23. Perhaps because they don't speak Latin?
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