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  1. Neil Down

    TT 2021 ??

    Don’t bring me into this. Howie is a twat of the first order
  2. I'm not saying I agree with it for one minute but it is what it is. People know this but still feel the need to challenge it. One of the major downfalls in it is the way some get jailed and others don't
  3. That's actually how debates work, you say something I discount it. I say something, I'm immediately accused of being a troll. Sometime later, JW arrives and threatens suspensions... As for Guernsey, did you miss Roger's link above?
  4. You're gonna love it on here then...
  5. Isn't that the problem? you have systematically failed to produce any evidence of a better system.
  6. Not true is it? Most employers would probably show a bit of sympathy.
  7. why are you so engrossed in what other countries do or don't do. The Island has it's own rules so just follow them. Not that difficult is it?
  8. I just cut and pasted the clip. For once, it worked
  9. I'll second that, sad day when she left, I believe everybody got transferred to Woodbourne Road practice
  10. It is a serious question. Forget Covid for the time being as an excuse, once they have their degrees, how many actually return to the Island?
  11. But what do you get for your dental plan payment
  12. Have a word with yourself will you?
  13. Pack it in dilli, he’s baiting you again hoping that JW steps in and bans you
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