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  1. Indeed, how could that have possibly failed
  2. Mrs D said the same about the Fun Barn...
  3. Neil Down


    or relieved...
  4. Don't panic - Facebook is all over this one...
  5. To paraphrase yourself - who gives a monkeys what you think...
  6. One day it will be something of yours that gets damaged. Guess you'll feel this way then...
  7. If that is all you want then phone the Fire Station.
  8. They don’t do themselves any favours do they?
  9. Not really Max, just scroll back through the archives and you will see various requests for info weeks later. Since plodland can use FB to boast about what they do, it’s strange that they don’t appeal for information a lot sooner
  10. This kind of “news” happens week in, week out. What’s pitiful is your post about it
  11. if it was you could report them to the council that's all.
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