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  1. You don't half come out with some tripe... Nobody who uses the foodbank does so in full view of the public.
  2. One night stay over £400. not sure what was missed at that rate
  3. having seen some of the invoices for the procedures I have had, It's very hard to understand why the private wing ran at a loss.
  4. When I say parties, I was referring to the original poster and also the person who asked DoI the questions. My first thought when I saw it was "what a load of shite" my second thought was "yes, it is a load of shite". looks like they had some faceless CS drafting the answers...
  5. without a shadow of a doubt. The whole system needs an urgent overhaul
  6. . Submitted with permission of both parties . No plans drawn up for services. Individual service plans are obtained from each service provider. This information is then collated onto a single service plan identifying all known underground infrastructure. This information is further supplemented and validated with site investigation information from trial pits and service trenches. 2. No interaction with Fire services re fire hydrants. Assumed an amount and after fire services got wind it's nowhere near enough. Placement of said Hydrants not planned properly. Manx Utilities liaised with IOM Fire and Rescue Service to determine the requirements for fire hydrant numbers and locations and this has been implemented with the scheme proposals. 3. Unable to install services due to lack of pre-planning and unable then to get to areas needed due to cross over and depths etc. All statutory authorities provided details of their requirements during the planning of the scheme. These requirements were considered both individually and as a whole with regard to their location. All existing services have to be maintained to ensure continuity of supply to customers whilst the new replacement service is installed. This restricts available space within the ground and often dictates the order in which services in particular locations can be replaced. In addition unknown and uncharted services greatly affect the designed location of proposed services and require additional design time and resource to reallocate available space. A significant number of trial holes and trenches were excavated during the planning stage to determine service locations, however not all services were located and as the promenades were built between 70 and 120 years ago the records are not adequate. 4. Apparently, Prom walkway in the region of Loch Prom has possibly now to be lifted to enable pipe installations. The Promenade walkway is outside the extent of the Promenade works and as such will not have its existing level changed to accommodate the works. 5. Plans not signed off or in some cases not produced. All contract drawings are provided in advance of work being undertaken in any particular location. All designs are checked and approved by the relevant design team prior to being issued to the contractor. 6. Daily winging it as to procedures hence the piecemeal work areas. The Promenade scheme has been designed in its entirety. When unexpected conditions arise during the construction, design proposals may need to be re-examined to meet the new requirements. This is not unusual for highway construction work. 7. Hold ups mainly due to no pre-planning and totally lacking skill set in DOI. The scheme underwent significant planning prior to construction works commencing. The DOI has a professionally qualified and extremely experienced team of highway design engineers. The internal design team has been supported by specialist externally appointed rail designers to provide the new tramway design, whilst a small element of the rail is to be contractor designed. 8. The rails laid after Palace are now having extra works and more fixings to them on all the fixing points. The small section of rail fixings referred to required remedial works due to a defect during installation. This defect was notified through the correct contract channels and remediated accordingly. It is right and proper that any defect is corrected should it arise and is accounted for through the Contract. 9. Cracking in concrete allegedly is a specification problem and failure in plans to address temp and expansion joints. Rail and concrete expansion and contraction and failure to protect the concrete from drying out to quickly which it did. A number of independently produced reports have identified areas within the design and installation of the concrete that can be improved to help prevent the amount of cracking that has presented to date. 10. Inter departmental lack of interaction big problem. Not really a labour issue as they would be only standing around if more were there The DOI are working closely with the DfE and Treasury to ensure the impact the Promenade works are having on stakeholders is minimised. Contractor resource is continually assessed to help maximise productivity and will be increased should this be deemed necessary. There is also good interaction with Manx Utilities who have a permanent presence on site to ensure service issues are dealt with in a timely manner. 11. The Minister instructed work to start before the design work was finished for the Broadway and Sefton areas and before anything other than speculative discussion with other service providers. Outline design work was complete throughout the entire scheme when construction work commenced. Detailed design work in certain areas was ongoing throughout the Stage 1 (Early Contractor Involvement) phase and continued on during the Stage 2 phase. During the design development phase regular statutory authority coordination meetings were held to define the service works required. These coordination meetings have continued throughout the ECI and construction phases. The service providers haven been involved in all discussions since the first phase was designed and constructed in 2013/14. 12. He was told the prom will take 3.5 years at least. However, it 'has' to be finished before the election The programme for the Promenade scheme formed part of the Tender process and each prospective contractor submitted a construction programme. No timescale was imposed. The target for completion of the promenade scheme is set in the Programme for Government 2016-21 approved by the Council of Ministers.
  7. There are problems and it's all down to mis-management of the housing stock.
  8. Go and put your name down on any of the Island’s housing lists. You’ll soon see the problem
  9. Just as I stated earlier. Clearly trolling to get a reaction...
  10. What about those who are too proud to claim benefits. How does that slot into your “analysis”
  11. You honestly believe we have a rubbish NHS?
  12. Yes but that doesn’t fit in with his “look how caring I am” rhetoric
  13. For “casual racism” read realistic outlook and views
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