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  1. It would never get off the ground. Fares getting off the island would bankrupt the Manx army...
  2. Bit harsh, Uhtred was only explaining the way he sees it...
  3. That's a hell of a tenuous link even for you...
  4. You should have paid the postage then...
  5. Always does following your postings
  6. The state pension should at least match the minimum wage
  7. You do realise you can keep to speed limits in a “Chelsea tractor”
  8. You are correct RS, my sister in law would agree with everything you say. I asked her why she continues and she said somebody has to. As you say, sadly the minority
  9. Amazing that no matter how low they set the bar, our elected clowns opt to keep digging
  10. In the world of uselessness, he truly is the king...
  11. Imagine not knowing about shipping on the Mersey eh...
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