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  1. You’re a bit old to be believing in fairy tales aren’t you Albert?
  2. They could always entertain themselves watching you getting yourself into a lather over everything and anything...
  3. You’ve more chance of nailing jelly to a wall than expecting plod to even look into this...
  4. He speaks highly of you too...
  5. Thanks for the update. That makes things a lot clearer...
  6. To be fair, I don’t think he’s dodging it at all, i think he is as pissed off as the rest of us. It would appear that untruths have been told relating to the construction/timings. I could be wrong
  7. What tough decisions is he dodging?
  8. You being the expert would know this wouldn’t you...
  9. Neil Down


    Agree, they should avail themselves of the opportunity to miss a meal or three
  10. Pissing you off is the main aim of cycle races...
  11. Neil Down


    That driver is responsible for the lives of numerous people whilst on that bus so no, £12 per hour is not enough
  12. Keep an eye on the prom renovations...
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