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  1. he's having a "fingers in his ears lalalalalalala" moment when it comes to facts
  2. Agree, there are that many doing feck all, there’s no need to recruit
  3. Neil Down

    TT 2021 ??

    Oh no... a City fan emerges
  4. Maybe the gullible believe you...
  5. Once again with the “Howie” accusation
  6. You do seem to edit an awful amount of our original posts
  7. The opposite really, sensible people will look at this and admire the way we enforced the law.
  8. Have you and Sultan got shares in confused emojis.com?
  9. So rather than reign in the numbers on Government payroll, they are once again increasing. From 7,890 to 8,161 at the end of March
  10. Seems to be the trend, anybody that disagrees with you is a friend of Howard Quayle, how bizarre...
  11. Neil Down

    TT 2021 ??

    Don’t bring me into this. Howie is a twat of the first order
  12. I'm not saying I agree with it for one minute but it is what it is. People know this but still feel the need to challenge it. One of the major downfalls in it is the way some get jailed and others don't
  13. That's actually how debates work, you say something I discount it. I say something, I'm immediately accused of being a troll. Sometime later, JW arrives and threatens suspensions... As for Guernsey, did you miss Roger's link above?
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