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  1. It's always worth pointing out how much of an idiot you are...
  2. as opposed to you and your Buckfast...
  3. There are a considerable amount of homeowners with drives who park one or all of their fecking vehicles on the road
  4. Neil Down

    Gas Fires

    It's who we get ours from. Lovely guy and brilliant service
  5. what's funny about it?
  6. An alien concept to you then...
  7. Neil Down

    Gas Fires

    It would probably be cheaper for you if you just burn £5 notes
  8. They're wearing Utd kits because Sports Direct are giving them out with every purchase instead of those big mugs...
  9. Longworth suggested you fuck off that way and keep on fucking off
  10. Lessons being learned probably...
  11. Can't you read?
  12. Convert the Calf of Man into an open prison...
  13. Or people who have been jailed for breaking Covid regs...
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