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  1. No, they call it the “Teapot After Work”
  2. 75 and they can’t draw a penny pension until they reach that age
  3. To be fair PK, I wouldn’t give anybody consent to rob me...
  4. Bit rich coming from somebody who spat his dummy out when called out on military career... Just saying
  5. He wasn’t the only one blamed was he?
  6. To be fair, you weren’t exactly the innocent party in that...
  7. Not sure what the whole email contained. Overheard him in the office talking about it. The crux of it revolved around the standard or lack of direction.
  8. Yes you do, but only when you think you have thought through a clever answer...
  9. Think having Morter on board is great. You are not fit to clean his boots...
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