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  1. These pair have a fair way to go...
  2. One of the problems used to be “managers” not picking youngsters and keeping the old players on
  3. Wasting your time Wrighty, he was looking for an argument. I'm certainly older than you but thankfully my parents taught us that being gay was never an issue.
  4. Nice story but how’s that helping the OP?
  5. Can’t believe they released you...
  6. Look a little deeper my friend. If each of those sections were to be closed off to traffic only, pedestrians can still get to the businesses
  7. good ideas are always worth repeating...
  8. According to Auto Express in 2018 the HS2 was going to cost in the region of £403m per mile. The cost of constructing a road for driveable and driverless cars would be in the region of £10m per mile. Even allowing for materials increasing in price, it is hard to believe it would now cost £15m per mile. I believe these figures based on starting from scratch. The prom is approximately 1.75 miles long. What were the latest figures bandied by the Dept of Idiots?
  9. Correct they could have done it in tranches. 1. close Victoria Street to just before Marina Road. Complete the section 2. close Marina Road to Broadway. Complete section 3. close Broadway to Castle Mona. Complete section 4. close Castle Mona to Summerland. Complete section traffic can still get to all parts of lower Douglas with any of those sections closed. Just needs a bit of planning (the point where it falls over) and proper administration (second point where it falls over)
  10. Maybe you are just stirring and looking for something that isn't there. After all, it is your modus operandi on this forum...
  11. I have no idea, but given my mother's brother was gay, I would imagine very tolerant. Sorry to shatter any theories you may be harbouring
  12. small children rarely have the prejudices you state. My granddaughter (8) loves nothing better to knock around with some of the boys in her school. It has already been "expressed" to her mother that maybe she identifies as being a boy. What a crock of shit. When we were at school, we called them tomboys but have grown into some of the loveliest women around. Bullies however, tend to go for the weakest regardless of sex or gender. High school is the ideal place to start informing them as they will be better equipped to understand what is being explained to them
  13. Blissful in your own ignorance
  14. And who would know more about talking rubbish than you eh...
  15. Mainly because between the ages of 5 and 10 they are too young. I know of several parents who are not happy starting off at that age. Not just LGBTQ but also sex education. Let children be children for heavens sake.
  16. You really need to ask that?
  17. Surely that is exactly why he should ask the questions that hurt. The horse trams are a minor part of tourism and if the bulk of it (hotels and shops) are suffering then he needs to step up
  18. Not just me though is it. I would be more comfortable with the whole process if they left the informing until secondary school at the earliest
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