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  1. Neil Down

    TT 2018

    I think it means he’s posting from the Rovers
  2. Neil Down

    TT 2018

    Not me mate, follow your own advice
  3. A general election is probably the last thing anybody needs at the moment. You are correct though, it is a bloody mess
  4. Marty Paoletta did a fantastic Georgia on My Mind. I'll try and find it
  5. Absolutely fantastic... thanks De nada...
  6. Neil Down


    I would suggest a lot of a ****
  7. On the IOM, it failed in those four words
  8. Neil Down


    That will be a governmental £6k. It differs greatly from our £6k
  9. How long have you suffered with your paranoia?
  10. Neil Down


    Crime appears to be increasing in general. The toe rags know full well that they will be handed a limp wristed sentence and off they go again
  11. You do understand how forums work don’t you? There are no restrictions on who can post on whatever comment they wish.
  12. Are you saying that you are happy with the original workmanship?
  13. Neil Down

    TT 2018

    It’s worked then. Seems to have impressed you...
  14. My IPad appears to be missing several posts. Could you post the ones you consider to be bullying please?
  15. Pandering to the TT on this. Once the TT is over, just watch how quickly it's removed...
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