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  1. Neil Down

    Free tarot card readings TODAY ONLY

    And you feel qualified to give card readings...
  2. Neil Down

    Manx Sport is Golden

    He was referring to himself...
  3. Neil Down

    2045 A New Era for Humanity?

    Why wait?
  4. Neil Down

    David Rockefeller has died

  5. Neil Down

    Suicide Squad

    You really are a despicable piece of shit.
  6. Neil Down


    Correct, today’s little darlings can’t have winners as it upsets the “losers”
  7. Correct but history seems to have shown that generation after generation don’t appear to have learned life’s lessons. Hence the continual wars/conflicts
  8. Neil Down

    Mallett's Mallet

  9. Neil Down

    How much more

    https://www.national-lottery.co.uk/games/set-for-life?icid=home:bd:1:hrp:sfl:sfl:pl:co this lot seem dead set on relieving people of as much money as they can. Six days a week...
  10. Neil Down

    Mallett's Mallet

  11. Neil Down

    How much more

    Be jaysus, has this turned into the FORUM RICH LIST???
  12. Neil Down

    Mallett's Mallet

  13. As much as I hate to disrupt your death rant dilli, this topic is about food...
  14. Neil Down

    MER tram goes hurtling down the mountain, AGAIN

    Although in real life over here paswt, those responsible will be protected from any consequences
  15. Neil Down

    MER tram goes hurtling down the mountain, AGAIN

    all of Castletown and Arbory did...
  16. Neil Down

    Bell (end) charged

    They should crush their cars as well
  17. Neil Down

    Chief Minister doesn't know the largest employers

    We didn’t fare that well in Onchan either...
  18. We’re all in it together remember...
  19. Neil Down

    R Plates

    Or “down my manor Barry”...
  20. Neil Down

    Guilty of GBH, consent irrelevant

    Short summary - stupid people go to stupid man to have stupid body alterations. Can’t see how he got prison time. They asked for the procedures
  21. Neil Down

    R Plates

    Why, what could possibly go wrong asking the “experts” on here...
  22. Neil Down

    Bell (end) charged

    Why, cars aren’t much use to prisoners...
  23. Neil Down

    Ballymurphy Massacre Inquest

    I didn't say I served in the Navy.
  24. Neil Down

    Ballymurphy Massacre Inquest

    I have no desire to share my service record with somebody like you who has an obvious delusional disorder.