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  1. The "troll" accusation always shows up when the user doesn't have anything to back up some of there postings IMHO
  2. You need to go into a dark room and lie down for a while
  3. Neil Down


    Yet still they go on unhindered
  4. 104 pages and counting...
  5. Agree with what you say Quilp but he doesn’t help himself really. If ever there was a cry to “look at me” then this is it
  6. The bbc series was called Capture
  7. Normally just banned
  8. Are you forgetting the one rule for one, one rule for others...
  9. Good to see you don’t understand what a crisis is then...
  10. Well done, now follow John’s advice.
  11. Admit I’m wrong? That will happen when you prove beyond a shadow of a doubt. So far you’ve posted ifs and buts and maybe’s
  12. No time to consider, do it now...
  13. When it comes to throwing out “facts”, he’s worse than Woody2...
  14. Didn’t say he did, just getting clarification from RS re his statement
  15. You don’t half post some crappy “evidence” Manxy...
  16. Interesting, so how much profit do bus Vannin make per year on this super efficient service?
  17. Harmer asking the question. Luck doesn't get any better for Laxey does it?
  18. Hardly cost effective though is it? All of the bus routes need to be looked at properly. Not sure what was going through their heads when they came up with these routes.
  19. It's fantastic if you get stuck behind one whilst cycling...
  20. Don't think they intend to lower the bar that much...
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