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  1. fingers crossed, she's left to do the job without unnecessary interference
  2. I ditched the LFC forums ages ago as they seem to be occupied by non Liverpool fans and the fair weather fans who as you rightly say haven't a clue. I've supported Liverpool for nearly 60 years now so went through the great times. We are about to enter that phase again. The only difference this time around is the insane amount of money that some clubs throw at players instead of nurturing home grown talent. But that's a whole new thread...
  3. I don't think he saw us coming, I think he sent for us...
  4. Can't help yourself can you.. typo now corrected
  5. Maybe there's a bit of Scot in him and he likes to roll his r's - as opposed to him talking out of his arse
  6. Jeez woolley, don't turn this into Flat Earth II...
  7. an away goal for AM is not what Liverpool want
  8. Of course they will. Seriously hope that Simeone doesn’t have an 8 man defence...
  9. Hahahahahahahahaha did you use acceleration and work in a sentence about the prom
  10. are you and teastain taking it in turns to try and get a rise? Epic fail on your part
  11. Cretiney's parting gift - another feckin committee
  12. I on the other hand am happy to use "are"
  13. Neil Down


    Rumour has it that money has been paid - to a company that don't exist...
  14. Far better he comes and rants on here...
  15. You'd have thought they would not want that accolade...
  16. In the world of scuzzbuckets, he truly is the king...
  17. Did I? I don't see anywhere on here that I called somebody a moron. Now you try re-reading
  18. What you have actually managed to do is prove that you are incapable of being civil. Try playing the ball and not the man...
  19. Once again, it looks like you are intent on having an argument, so which game, Saturday or last night?
  20. Other than they weren't firing on all cylinders
  21. Following on from Saturday performance, it doesn't appear that the mid season break has achieved anything but upsetting the rhythm
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