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  1. you could try putting a pair of tights over your head but I don't think they make them that big...
  2. Sometimes go to the boat or occasionally filled?
  3. Notwithstanding your unrequited love for the rotund one, how do you feel about the comments hurled at RC?
  4. apart from looking like complete twats, why is it illegal?
  5. They possibly would as long as you promise to write a coherent sentence...
  6. Does 3FM or Energy get any handouts?
  7. Neil Down

    TT 2021

    With advice like that, I can see why you would be living in a cardboard box within a fortnight...
  8. UK propping the IOM up... piebaps would go into meltdown
  9. No idea why so many get their panties in a bunch over MR. Government pull our pants down and spank us on a lot worse than this
  10. Total waste of time and money. We English will tell you what you can and can’t do...
  11. If you think MR is bad, listen to the S African bint on 3fm in the morning
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