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  1. Did you even read the link?
  2. Correct, they manage to fuck it up at both ends of the spectrum...
  3. if it had been Hermes, it would have been in some feckers hedge...
  4. Enough about your wife, what did you think of the video?
  5. They’ll be fine once they get an egg and bacon bap inside them
  6. They were here to put Piebaps in his place. Check out the photos for the raiding party...
  7. Neil Down


    a four year old optimist - how cute...
  8. I would imagine for it to increase the total amount, the recipients would have to live longer. Is that not so?
  9. Did he? I thought he saw his arse and did one.
  10. Hells bells, over $180 billion in the pot
  11. Lump sums should disappear immediately
  12. Just searched for our usual weekend break and it is showing up £20 cheaper than same time last year
  13. Yet still no sign of the missing TT contract...
  14. fingers crossed, she's left to do the job without unnecessary interference
  15. I ditched the LFC forums ages ago as they seem to be occupied by non Liverpool fans and the fair weather fans who as you rightly say haven't a clue. I've supported Liverpool for nearly 60 years now so went through the great times. We are about to enter that phase again. The only difference this time around is the insane amount of money that some clubs throw at players instead of nurturing home grown talent. But that's a whole new thread...
  16. I don't think he saw us coming, I think he sent for us...
  17. Can't help yourself can you.. typo now corrected
  18. Maybe there's a bit of Scot in him and he likes to roll his r's - as opposed to him talking out of his arse
  19. Jeez woolley, don't turn this into Flat Earth II...
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