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  1. Our lot are bound to follow suit
  2. who's insulting who apart from you insulting everybody's intelligence...
  3. should have studied harder at school dilli lad...
  4. Bet she's delighted at the prospect... ETA, I tried that with Mrs D but she's sticking to the strict social distancing...
  5. not forgetting to give Liverpool a 25 point start...
  6. Sense of humour gone has it. Or only applicable when you try...
  7. How so? less idiot car drivers on the roads makes it safer for cyclists
  8. New Guy Ritchie film The Gentlemen. Well worth watching
  9. The bit that some people just don't understand...
  10. As somebody who likes cycling, it is more to do with the fact that rules have been put into place and at every turn, idiots are looking for loopholes
  11. You'd think there was an election around the corner...
  12. Just watched episode 1 series one - could be a long night
  13. Just for your information you whelk, I have a wife and own my own house. I managed this because I bought what I could afford. No credit cards. You on the other hand are just another Whiney little no mark who thinks he is owed a living. Wake up time for you and all the other pampered shits
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