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  1. Given the calibre of some of the clowns on here, their abuse means nothing to me. I tend to feel sorry for them
  2. He would certainly know about things not being true wouldn't he
  3. Listen in spunktrumpet, the fact that the number of people seeking treatment doubled does not mean it was a good idea. Once you come down from your illegal high have a think with what drug addled brain you have left and work it out
  4. Try Arkwrights sorry Fentons in Ramsey. They have stuff you don't realise you need
  5. "in the five years after personal possession was decriminalized, illegal drug use among teens in Portugal declined and rates of new HIV infections caused by sharing of dirty needles dropped, while the number of people seeking treatment for drug addiction more than doubled" an extract from Time magazine. Hardly an advertisement for decriminalisation is it?
  6. She didn't steal mine . Had she stolen the money to feed her starving kids, she may have got a bit of sympathy. To steal it to fund her hobby was despicable and she deserves all she got
  7. Carters numerous sock puppets don't count
  8. I was with you right up until the point you started typing Barrie
  9. He can and he did. Unfortunately it was to a thief
  10. Between you and that plank JackCarter hboy, you seem to have sewn up the "we hate Rob Callister" quite nicely. That's not counting the number of accounts JC has
  11. The quicker you dump that toxic pair the better Rob
  12. She was entrusted to do a job and her uncle had an expectation that she would be honest and not steal from him. Hope the appeal gets thrown out
  13. The council seem quite intent on enforcing their rules on individual home owners but seem to be pretty much useless against the so called bigger players (and themselves)
  14. Coming from an internet troll such as JackCarter sounds rather ironic. Get one of your sockpuppets to vote a supporting comment you loon
  15. You are beginning to sound a lot like that class clown JC in Onchan. Did you want to become an MHK but were too stupid to qualify?
  16. No, just by you and a few on here. Hardly a yardstick to measure by. Quite a few Onchan constituants are happy with what he's doing
  17. It's obvious you have an axe to grind where RC is concerned. I'm guessing you are extremely jealous that he is bettering himself (and hopefully us) and you can only sit here on this forum bitching
  18. Given this has not cost the Manx taxpayer, I really can't see what all the drama is about
  19. It has and continues to do well in certain markets Notty, and I agree it will never go back to the heydays of tourism. Our tourist gurus should concentrate on niche markets and build on those
  20. Having a different outlook is hardly trashing. So how does that make RB a troll?
  21. Over a mile away from sanity your balloon knot
  22. James - Onchans finest. Wannabe MHK - failed at the first hurdle. Wannabe Onchan Commissioner - nobody wanted him
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